Wednesday, November 9, 2011

AMW Reviews: L'Oreal White Perfect Pearl Duo Powder Foundation

I am almost done with my Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover and I'm ready to repurchase a refill.  Just when I was going to do so, I received the new L'Oreal White Perfect Pearl Duo Powder Foundation recently for review and I was amazed on its' cute packaging and I like the "Pearl Duo" part!  

After weeks of usage, here are my thoughts....

L'Oreal White Perfect Pearl Duo Powder Foundation says ---

L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Pearl Duo Powder Foundation is perfect for those who want to extend the whitening benefits of their skin care routine to their make up products. Enriched with Melanin-Block and Tourmaline Gemstone, this 2-step foundation hides spots, evens out skin tone, finishes off with a rosy glow. With added SPF19/PA+++, White Perfect Pearl foundation also protects your skin from external damage from UVA/UVB rays. Available in 5 shades.

AMW says ---
  • Packaging is simple yet very cute to look at.
  • Mirror is big enough to do your make up.
  • Has a pearlescent powder side which gives a nice subtle "glow".  You can specifically use it to "highlight" some parts/areas of your face.
  • Powder is easy to apply on skin with both the sponge and brush and it's smooth.
  • The sponge that comes with this compact is made with quality.
  • Refillable!  I like it that this help saves the environment.  I feel bad throwing out powder foundation compacts at times.  Manufacturing date also printed for reference.
  • Comes in 5 shades so you get to choose the right shade for you.
  • Gives light to medium coverage.
  • Has added benefits aside from just being a powder foundation.
  • The powder has 2 different tones, it is ok not to use the lighter tone and use it only to highlight the face.
  • Multi-purpose!  Can also be used to highlight to arch of the brows.
  • Mixing both will give you a nice radiant glow without the chunks or glitters.
  • Concealing is needed if you have spots or acne marks.  
  • Applying too much may dry skin even more (this pertains to users who have very dry skin)
  • -For oily skinned individuals, retouching is very much needed.
For someone who likes "brightening", this is a  very unique and nice powder foundation to use once in awhile especially if I need highlighting!  I can't say the coverage is to die for as it can only minimize redness and darkness but won't conceal them completely.

  • Oily skinned individuals can use oil blotters in the middle of the day prior to retouching.
  • Dry skinned individuals need to moisturize your skin well prior to powder foundation application.
  • Conceal areas that needed coverage before you apply this powder foundation with a "patting" motion.
  • If you plan to repurchase, please purchase the refill to help save environment!
  • Though this promises to lighten up the skin and block melanin, I still strongly suggest everyone to use Sunblock prior to powder foundation application.
Will I repurchase?
Yes!  For personal use just for the fact that I'm a highlighter addict!  (also addicted to STABILOS lol!)

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who likes the "extra" glow in just one product.  I think this product will go well with individuals who have normal/combination skin.

Where to purchase and how much?
At L'Oreal counters for Php995.00 (approx $23.00)  Refills available for Php795.00 (approx $18.50)

L'Oreal White Perfect Pearl Duo Powder Foundation 
in  Golden Ivory

The top portion is the highlighter which has a hint of pink shade which gives "glow"
The Golden Ivory foundation has indeed golden undertone
This matched my skin perfectly with a brush!

This is how I use the "highlight" part with my fingers]
Applied on different areas of my face that needs highlighting
  • Cheekbones
  • Under the eye area
  • Nose bridge
  • Above the center of upper lips
(sorry no lipstick or anything but the powder foundation on the lower right side of the photo,
I look like a dead fish!  LOL  Love me still?   Pretty Please?)

Have you tried the L'Oreal White Perfect Pearl Duo Powder Foundation?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. This is a great idea for combo-oily Asian skin! I have dry skin, so I don't wear powder foundation except in hot and humid climates!

  2. great review sis! i want to try their pearl series too but the brush-on liquid foundation naman. you look pretty kaya, anong dead fish ka dyan??? :p

  3. @Jamilla Camel AGREE! I'm sure my skin won't agree with this if I'm living in a country with winter season :)

  4. @MereMakeupManiac Ahh yeah! i saw the brush-on liquid foundation, sounds interesting!!!

    hahaha oo kc namumuti yung lips ko from the powder and I don't have lipstick on! Kaya oo! Beautiful Dead Fish! ayan! :P

  5. I have used this back in 2008 -. 2011. I still consider this as one of the best things ever for my face to look gorgeous in minutes. I want to buy it again. Can anyone suggest to me how to get it as I did not see it in market now a days


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