Tuesday, September 20, 2011

AMW Reviews: Avon Extra Lasting Eyeliner (Metallic Black)

Will you kill me if I blog another eyeliner?  If yes... can I make a request?  Don't make it too painful ok? *crossing my fingers*

On a little bit more serious note, this is a different eyeliner review mind you, it was a gel liner a week ago and now I'm on liquid liner!

Do you still remember the last liquid eyeliner I reviewed from Revlon?  I actually "hit the pan" and finished it because I love the applicator so much I tend to use it more often than gel liners, its easier to bring when you travel too!

It was a lovely surprise when I saw Avon came up with a similarly "packaged" liquid liner and I'm game to give it a try!  This time, its not going to be the regular matte black but in "shimmering black".  In Avon's version, it looks a bit "grayish" which makes it even more exciting!   

(I hope you forgot to kill me at this stage! :P)

Avon Extra Lasting Eyeliner says ---
Intense liquid color glies over lids without smudging or fading.

Ingredients: (Click to enlarge)

AMW says ---
  • My favorite liquid eyeliner packaging to date!  (same as the Revlon).
  • Very sharp tip, easy to manipulate the brush.
  • Short and semi-stiff applicator, it can move a bit as compared to other "felt-tip" applicator.

  • The shade Metallic black looks quite natural, you won't see big sparkles.
  • The liner can withstand heat and humidity.
  • Lasts approximately more than 8 hours on me without fading.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Very tricky to apply.
  • Not readily available everywhere.  
  • Can irritate sensitive eyes especially if you applied on the lower lash line.
The shade Metallic Black gives a very natural look for a liquid liner.  On a normal work day you want to have long-lasting eyeliner minus the smudging or fading, this is the perfect liquid liner to use!

I tested this product on extreme condition.  I actually wore this when I did some jogging for an hour.  I may note perspire as much as other people, I like the fact that I came back without the panda eyes.  The Avon Extra Lasting Eyeliner is indeed...lasting! And I don't see any transferring to the lower eye area or smudging!

  • Shake well before use.
  • Never apply liquid liner on the waterline.  
  • Feel free to apply a thin stroke on the upper and lower lashline.
  • Using a liquid liner for the first time?  Draw your preferred eyeliner "look" or "thickness" with an eyeliner pencil and draw the liquid eyeliner on top.  Or..you can draw tiny dots and connect them.
  • Feel free to tightline with your favorite eyeliner pencil after application.
  • Give a couple of seconds before you completely open your eyes to make sure the liner is completely dry.
  • Allergic reactions occur? Stop usage IMMEDIATELY.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who enjoys the benefits and are comfortable enough to use liquid eyeliners.  

Where to purchase and how much?
Call your Avon ladies for Php250.00 (approx $5.95).

Various lines created with Avon's Extra lasting Eyeliner
in Metallic Black

Applied on the upper lash line 
using very light and thin strokes

The effect of Metallic Black shade on upper lashline
Not as dramatic as matte colored liquid eyeliners
Using the same liner, applied thickly on upper and lower lash line 
to define my eyes and make it look a bit bigger!

Have you tried Avon's new extra lasting eyeliner?
What are your thoughts?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i have this and i was quite disappointed. it's more gray than black and it doesn't last long; i won't recommend this for people with oily lids.

  2. it looks quite handy though. I kind of want to try it now. thanks for the review. btw. do you have any recommendation for good face mist? thank you =D

  3. HeLLo Nikki! I love ur eye liner reviews, coz searching for a new one for me LOL~

    I don't have Avon eye liners, but I've tried a metallic one and it don't works for my korean eyes LOL~ But it looks pretty nice on U :)

  4. Avon is one of my early teens makeup in my beauty arsenal and sometimes there are gems to be discovered from their line! i'm not really comfy with liquid liners as my hands are wobbly but am very glad that you like this product. it says a lot, i know you review products meticulously and coming from you am sure this is a "sulit" product. maybe if i get to come back i'll pick this up and try - after all, i like anything shimmery! ^_^

  5. for me avon is having a good quality in makeups.. i tried there one product eyes liner also and i really love it because its more easy to use than the other and it haves a thin brush in it... its avon-simply pretty metallic liquid eyeliner... akala ko din hindi maganda eh pero ok pala.. at matagal maubos kasi matagl syang matanggal..

  6. That's a very pretty shade and I like the sleek packaging. But if it's tricky to apply then I'll pass. Thanks for the review.

  7. I've actually tried liquid liners but not avon, not a fan of it because my hand tends to shake a lot :( but great review miss nikki! ^_^

  8. love your last pic! your eye really popped!

  9. @Lina Kim ♥ Face Mist? What are you looking for? Just refreshing or moisturizing? If you just like the refreshing feel, I think Watson's carry those face mist with different scents for "relaxation" :) If you have more budget, MAC is a good brand too

  10. @Anastacia Oh, other metallic liners are just to difficult to use, this one is way easier, just do not forget to shake this before use!

  11. @MereMakeupManiac I know! I used to order via "avon lady" inside the office hahahah love their lippies too!

  12. @Sasa Valencia Yes, gusto ko yung fact na hindi siya natatanggal and sa gabi, its still easy to remove with regular makeup remover :)

  13. @gio hehehe well if you have gorgeous eye to start with (YOU of course), you don't need much eyelining, me I have to depend on it like my life is at risk! LOL

  14. @Photoescape Ah talaga? Do you use gel liners? or just pencils?

  15. @xin do you love my pix or do you love ME??? *bats lashes* LOL

  16. ate nikki, have you tried Fashion21's waterproof Liqiud Eyeliner? it's easy to use and is honestly waterproof, sweatproof aand oily-skin-proof! the best eyeliner i have used ever.


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