Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tip for the Day: Faking soft, dewy skin!

I have been requested so many times to do a tutorial on creating a fake "glowy", "bright" or "dewy" skin.  I know its easy for me to do such as I have dry skin to start with.  What about our oily gal friends out there?  I've thought of ways and finally done a very simple one that anybody of any age can do!

Keep in mind that practice makes perfect, it helps to try out different products and see which works best for you!  In this tutorial, I am using the simplest and most effective way to date!  Believe it or not, I'm still on trial and error and will definitely share again if I've found a better way.  For now, lets settle for this...shall we begin?

Sorry but there's no other better model than myself!  I can't seem put myself out there and randomly ask for people willing to be my model! *hahaha*  So please do not get tired of my face okay?  If you do...hmm...come here..want cookies? :P

Step 1:
  • I moisturized my skin with a light moisturizer.  Oily-skinned individuals can go for oil-free moisturizer.
  • Once the moisturizer sets in.  I used a brightening face primer from Benefit's That Gal(Other alternatives to try: your choice of sparkly BB cream, tinted moisturizer like Myra Vitaglow Tinted Moisturizer)
  • With my Charm stippling brush, I applied a light liquid foundation (like that from Revlon's Photoready Foundation or Paul & Joe Cream Foundation) applying only on areas that needed coverage).
Step 2:
Oily-skinned individuals complain about their face oiling up in no time.  Pick up your favorite oil-control setting powder.  In my case, I am using the Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Cover  picking up a bit of the product with a K-brush or any powder brush, pat ONLY on areas that oil up (ex. t-zone, sides of the nose) and leave the rest as it is!  Oh, it helps to keep on "pressing" the brush with a bit of the powder on those oily areas and it'll help absorb excess moisture and oil.

Do not forget to bring your favorite oil control films.

Step 3:
Look inside your makeup kit for highlighting powders.  They usually come together with a contouring powder.  If you don't have any, no need to purchase.  Look into your eyeshadow collection and search for a semi-sparkly eyeshadow (can be pressed or loose) that works on your inner corner of the eyes or on the browbone.  If the shade works on those areas, you can use this to highlight your face!

In this tutorial, I am using Bourjois Pastel Lumiere Pearl Eyeshadow in Beige Rose.  The name has rose to it but it is not pinkish at all!

I do own a couple of highlighting powders like the one from Paul & Joe or another white eyeshadow shade from my Eyeko Pretty Eyes Palette.  Be creative and experimental!  What's the worse that could happen?  If all else fails, you can wash your face!
Step 4:
To make your "highlighted" and "dewy"-looking face more obvious, its best to use a bronzer as a blush!  This gives out a super natural, healthy glow!  At the same time, the "glow" from the bronzer can help make your face looks "fresh" and "dewy" at the same time!

Added tips:
  • Other people would use Petroleum jelly and apply it on parts of the face to create that "dewy-ness".  In my opinion,  I'd rather have you skip it the tip stated is applicable for countries with winter season!
  • If you over applied your powder, fret not, have your moisturizing facial mist ready and spritz all over your face and leave it to dry on its own!  It does not only help set your makeup but it makes your skin look and feel fresh!
  • I forgot to take a shot of it, but to add up the "dewy" look, skip heavy lipstick and moisturize your lips with your preferred lip balm and top with a super wet-looking gloss!  (local readers would know this brand but Fashion 21 makes super nice fruity scented clear gloss for less than Php100 and it tastes so good!)
Any other tips you would like to share to our readers?
Feel free to share by clicking the COMMENT section!

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  1. hi nikki I gave you a blog award here! :)

  2. I used vitalizer cream and face mist to obtain dewy look. thanks for sharing the tips =D

  3. i'd model for you! ^_^
    hehehe i would not apply petroleum jelly except on my skin.
    the photoready is a nice foundation that brightens my skin and makes me look healthy LOL

  4. i really stay away from dewy looks as i'm uber oily skinned. (T_T) i skip highlighting maybe that's what i'm missing to have that dewy but not mamantika look hehe. thanks for the comprehensive steps and tips sis!

  5. nice tutorial Nikki! that reminds me, i need to check out Majo's Pressed pore cover! haha

  6. nice tutorial!!!

  7. pwede rin ba ako mag-model sayo? hehe .... i haven't tried dewy look kasi feeling ko ang oily ko talaga e or maybe I just don't know how to do it, hihihi...

  8. Thanks for the helpful tutorial and tips, Nikki. And no, I'm not tired of seeing you as a model. :P

  9. Thanks for the helpful tutorial. I love the dewy skin look.

  10. Thanks for all the good reminders! That, and skipping the PJ, lol!

  11. I have an oily type of skin and I agree with all the tips and tricks U mentioned! Great post!!!

  12. awesome post, thanks for sharing. :D

  13. @Lina Kim ♥ Thanks for more info!!! I appreciate it :)

  14. @MereMakeupManiac Natural dewy-ness ka na ata sis with oily skin :) (joke)

    yup, try the powdered highlighters, they really make the world of difference!

  15. @Miss Shopcoholic (Khymm Lam) I don't use the Majo pressed pore cover as much but it helps when I do the Dewy look!

  16. @Issa hahahah TINATAMAD ka lang sis! hahahah I'm sure you can do it!

  17. @Pammy *woot* *woot* thanks! LOVE YOU Baby! LOL

  18. @Askmewhats maybe I should try the Majolica pressed pore cover... promise, ang bilis mag-oily ng T zone ko e :( But thanks for your tips! :)

  19. @Issa sis, nag prprimer ka ba? Pero you know what? If you are super oily, try not to "fight" it but work around it, use blotting sheets, and try not to do so much to stop it from secreting oil! Baka mag breakout ka pa, and its just a phase, there will come a time it'll lessen :)

  20. @Askmewhats yup, but not everyday kasi mala-late naman ako sa office and I still want my skin to breathe... yup, i also use blotting sheets (actually, sayo ko natutunan ito, hehehe) ... thanks for your tips. I know, try lang ng try, hehehe, mag-lessen din ito....


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