Thursday, September 9, 2010

AMW Revisits: Myra VitaGlow Tinted Moisturizer

I have been using Myra VitaGlow Tinted Moisturizer for the past 3 weeks, I've put this product to test and I want to give this a revisit for readers to know how I am doing with the said product!  (Click HERE to read the review)

My skin condition:
  • normal/dry combination - normal on the T-zone area and dry on the cheeks and chin area
  • sensitive, tends to get rashes easily if a product does not work for me
  • breaks out at least once or twice a month on the chin and forehead area
To those who knew me personally would know that I'm not the type who would take more than 30 minutes to dress up!  Time is so important for me that I move around pretty fast and spending long time in front of the mirror is never an option for me!  That's why I use products that have additional benefits rolled into one!

With Myra VitaGlow
AMW says ---
  • My skincare routine was cut in half.  I can skip on sun block on days I know I won't be under the sun for too long.
  • My skin has a lovely glow that does not look "oily".
  • On a good skin day, I can skip foundation application and set the tinted moisturizer with a translucent powder.
  • I can also skip concealer as this product has some light to medium coverage
  • I use Myra VitaGlow as a highlighter.  Apply extra on areas like the bridge of my nose, under the eye, and chin area for that instant glow. 
Recently, I was really busy with a shoot!  Getting ready for the shoot isn't as easy as you think.  Waking up at 3:30am for a 5:00am call time was challenging!  After taking a quick shower, I did not have enough time to apply on the usual skincare and makeup routine so I just applied on Myra VitaGlow Tinted Moisturizer and my trustee lip balm and I was off for the busy day!  The rest of the day, I was on the move!  Changing makeup for each scene,  plus helping the wardrobe staffs with the costumes left me no time to even think about how I look!  It was going in and out of the air conditioned room and not to forget, the touch-ups I had to do for the models outdoor!  

After the grueling "almost 24 hours" shoot, I had a picture taken with Abby (wardrobe assistant) at around 1:30am.  I've had one touch-up after lunch for the rest of this day and so far, I don't look like trash at all!  

AMW Tips ---
  • You can always apply moisturizer on drier areas of your face!  In my case, I apply extra moisturizer on the cheeks and chin where it usually gets dry.
  • Myra VitaGlow Tinted Moisturizer is applied after your skincare routine.
  • After application, I suggest letting it sit for a minute or two before you apply your favorite powder foundation or mineral foundation.  Having the Tinted Moisturizer settled down looks way better.
  • Always apply with your clean hands.
I'm glad to share discoveries like this that's inexpensive and worth the price we pay!
Let me know if you have further queries!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(This is a sponsored post.)


  1. sis Nikki i saw this last night sa supermarket..nagdalawang isip ako bilhin kasi major major ang pagka oily ko... is this recommended for oily skin type and may iba pa bang shade kasi one shade lang availables sa market?


  2. i have a neglected tube of this! i should revisit it one of these days. hahaha.

  3. Wow! you have such a busy schedule!
    Glad this stuff works for you so nice!

  4. Works for me too! =) you're so lucky di oily skin mo hehe

  5. You never looked tired naman eh hehe always photo ready :)

  6. Elsa, hahaha funny with Major Major :) Give it a try, its not that pricey :) Buti na lang

    Mina, yes, let me know how you like it

    Anastacia, yes, my schedule is just funnily busy! How's yours?

    Khymm, oo, and I'm glad its not as dry as before as I've done my part on moiturizing it daily!

    Kim, hahaha akala mo lang! I have a lot of "down the moment" shots! hehehehe

  7. Actually ok nga tong Myra Vitaglow...naka-try me nyan kc bumili ang kapatid ko...

    Hmmm...makabili nga nyan...

  8. Im using myra vita glow.,una ayaw ko un pla wrong shade pala na bili ko hehe anyway love d glittery nakkaglow ng face... for a busy mmom like me always on d go..kya love this prod tpos cheaper pa..

  9. Hello Ms. Nikki. I've been using this product since late last year, and it's really nice. I haven't used face powder and foundation ever since I discovered this tinted moisturizer through your blog. Thanks for sharing, Ms. Nikki. :)

  10. @karen So what shade are you using now? Much better na ba? :D

  11. @Michelle Yay! glad this product worked for you and I'm so happy you discovered this through my blog! The best part? This is inexpensive! :) Yay!! Thanks for giving me feedback!


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