Friday, August 20, 2010

AMW Reviews: Myra VitaGlow

Tinted moisturizers are slowly getting its fame because of the "no make-up" look that everyone's been sporting nowadays. Gone are the days of heavy foundation,with the "El Nino" phenomenon, it is but practical to apply lesser products especially on your face!

What's a Tinted Moisturizer?

A tinted moisturizer in simpler term is a combination of foundation and  moisturizer.  Unlike foundation, they come in smaller range of shades as they generally are sheer and build-able!

Unlike the simpler formulations of tinted moisturizers made in the past (in which I thought the products are only for immortals), companies nowadays are listening to the  needs of the consumers thus improving formulations made for our needs!

Remember my post on Vitamin E a couple of days ago?  I had fun reading comments from my readers and a lot of you commented on how great Myra VitaGlow tinted moisturizer is.  I got intrigued and I did not hesitate to give this product its well deserved road test!

Myra VitaGlow says ---
Myra VitaGlow Tinted Facial Moisturizer is the latest addition to the Myra cosmetics line.  This amazing product rolls 6 beauty benefits in one tube: it can serve as your moisturizer, make-up base/foundation, concealer, sunscreen, contains minerals for that glowing finish and has Vitamin E to nourish skin.

AMW says ---

  • I can skip on moisturizer as this product is moisturizing enough for my dry/combination skin.
  • Has added  benefits of sun protection, Vitamin E and minerals.
  • Works as good makeup base, my powder foundation stays longer and the number of times I retouch throughout the day is lessened.
  • No allergies or skin irritations occur once I started using this product.
  • Scent is not overpowering.
  • Does not feels sticky or heavy on skin
  • Has a nice glowing finish that doesn't look shiny or oily
  • Has SPF 15 for that extra sun protection
  • If applied alone: Gives a light coverage.
  • If applied together with liquid/powder foundation: Gives a medium to heavy coverage
  • Can minimize the darkness of my under eye circles and redness at the sides of the nose.
  • Packaging is great, easy to tote along. 

  • The "tint" does not create a white cast on photos.
  • Comes in 2 shades (Ivory and Beige) - most tinted moisturizers come in one shade only. Color blended well on my skin.
  • Very affordable (Php135.00 only!)
  • not all skin types would work well with having an "extra step" on your routine
  • some who are used to higher SPF may find SPF15 not enough for them, I was told though that SPF15 is enough for daily use, the higher the SPF may cause product to feel sticky on skin.
It's a bit difficult to purchase a good tinted moisturizer that does not break the bank!  I am glad Myra was able to come up with such product with a lot of added benefits!  I found myself reaching out to this daily and dusting off with my favorite setting powder!  Prep time in the morning is cut in half!!!

  • Start to apply sparingly, applying too much may feel heavy on skin
  • If you have super sensitive skin: test on the product below the ear and leave it overnight to see if skin irritations or reactions occur
  • Application technique: can be applied with fingers, sponge or foundation brush (whichever you're most comfortable with)
  • Make sure to apply with sanitized tools and fingers!
  • If you find Ivory or Beige is a bit too light on you and you are on a darker skin tone, dust with a loose or pressed powder that's a shade darker than your skin (Perfect if you purchase a wrong shade in the past, time to bring it out!)
  • Ivory suits people with lighter skin tone and Beige suits those with yellow undertone

Will I repurchase?
Give me some more time, I'll be doing a revisit a couple of weeks after and I'll let you know if there are any changes after longer usage.

Where to purchase and how much?
At leading groceries, department stores and drugstores for Php135.00 (approx $3.00) for 35ml tube

Photo Time!
Myra VitaGlow Tinted Facial Moisturizer
in Ivory

Applied on hand and absorbed on skin

Before and after shot 
The shade absorbs onto the skin naturally after several minutes

To those who plan to purchase, I hope you find this review helpful!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Happy Friday!

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  1. You can't stop amazing me with your nice and beautiful skin! So great!

  2. Been waiting for this since your last post about Myra Vit E. Thank you! Your skin brightened up! Will purchase, so cheap!

  3. nikki, i have to try this! sana it can't cause naman sobrang whiteheads.. pagod nako sa bb creams eh, haha!

    thanks for the review, what shade did you get pala? :)

  4. nikki, i bought one of these a long time ago, i stopped using it right away coz it was too glittery.

  5. My problem with this are the glitters.Aside from that,its a good tinted moisturizer without going over the budget. ^_^

  6. hi nikki :) this is def'ly a must-try. thanks for the recommendation!:)

  7. $3? Seriously!? Wow..I'm shocked >_< I want to try it! =)

  8. oooh! I'm tempted to try that.. have you tried maybelline's BB cream? :)

  9. oohhhh parang i want to try this ! i hope i don't break out from it :D

  10. i've had this for more than a month. i love the coverage of this product and also the packaging but im disappointed with the glitter/shimmer. it's not as subtle as the photoready. other than that, it's amazing! and, a little goes a long way! :)

  11. Looks promising, I've used a tinted mositurizer from nivea before, and it's really nice to moisturize and have some coverage at the same time. Just dust with powder and off we go. =) When I ran out of what I use, I might give this a try, very affordable! Happy friday Nikki! =)

  12. I love tinted moisturizers! i can only wear it when I have pretty decent skin tho :P This product sounds nice and very effective. You already have great skin!

  13. I only see the Beige shade in Watson's and it's a tad dark on me. I only hope it wasn't shimmery.

  14. I had never heard of this brand before but the product sounds interesting. Your skin looks great and glowing.

  15. Hi Nikki!

    The glittery effect can be tempered down by using a moisturizer first before applying Vitaglow.

    I just noticed that when I use it with my other moisturizer with SPF 30 (Nivea Refeshing Fluid)it becomes darker, about 2 shades darker. Would you know why? I'm really interested to know.


  16. Anastacia, awww thanks !

    Mandy Cruz, I'm glad you've checked back and were able to read the post! Thank you!

    dianneregina, so far, I don't have issues with white heads, maybe you can purchase it and start by applying sparingly! :) Goodluck! I got Ivory!

  17. Anonymous, have you tried setting this with a matte powder? I don't have issues with the "shimmer" as its minimal on me!

    Liz, yes, so true, the price is not an issue no?

    Sushiflower, no worries, glad you find this review helpful! :)

  18. Lisa, yup, its the most inexpensive tinted moisturizer I've tried to date :)

    Rachaelah, I have the Maybelline BB cream and I haven't given it a road test yet. By the way, this Myra Vitaglow is not a bb cream ha? This is more of the tinted moisturizer side with the added Vitamin E :)

    Mimi, goodluck! At least, you don't have to spend too much to give this a try! :)

  19. Mia.e, I like the coverage of this too, I think you really have to pat this with your matte powder to lessen the "shimmer"

    Dang, the price is not bad at all to give it a try no? :) Happy Friday to you too!

    NicNic, thanks for the compliment on my skin.

  20. Pammy, really? Probably the Ivory is out of stock because of its price! You find it too shimmery too? Maybe we can do what the reader suggestion, use a moisturizer first before application then set with a matte powder :) It settles down right after :)

    Gio, this is a local brand, thanks for the compliment!

    Maja, thanks for the suggestion I do use my favorite moisturizer prior to VitaGlow application, that's probably one reason I don't have issues with the glitter.

    With regards to your skin getting darker, you may probably have acidic skin? Are your foundation turning dark on you?

  21. this product available in malaysia?? i want to try it too...uhuuu

  22. Missa Fifa, I think this is available only in Manila. There are quite a number of Filipinos there, so there could be some Filipino stores, but I'm not holding my breathe to it !

  23. Hi Nikki!

    Nope, I'm not acidic. In fact, when I use my other moisturizer, Pond's Anti-aging Day Cream, nothing out of the ordinary happens.

    Maybe there's some ingredient in the other brand that somehow causes Vitaglow to darken on me.

    Maybe I need to investigate further.


  24. hope i live at philipine..ahaha..there's lot of produk i can try..hehehh

  25. Maja, yes, you have to check the ingredients, I hope you can find what the cause of it!

    Miss fifa, true :)

  26. im using vmv armada as my sunblock, i actually apply that first before foundation...if i use myra's tinted moisturizer, is there a need for me to apply armada? it has spf 60 kasi. =)

    or am i wrong on my routine---is it moisturizer first before sunblock, the other way around or i could have applied sunblock alone or moisturizer alone? thanks!

  27. Hi Anonymous, its moisturizer first before sunblock, you make sure to let the moisturizer sink in your skin before you apply tinted moisturizer, treat it as semi-foundation. But you have to make sure to have it tested once or twice as it is quite difficult for other people's skint to adapt quite a number of products !

  28. Cool I wanna try this one!

  29. This product is kinda cool.. But it makes my face oily as hell! >:/

    and I kinda feels "Mainit" to my face.. maybe the thick consistency


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