Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tip for the Day: How To - Sponge for Nail Art

I know the demands for lovely nails nowadays.  I've seen women sporting lovely shades of polish as part of their fashion statement.  Paying for nail art is quite pricey but doing it on your own is a bit challenging.  I've heard all your woes!  So here's a semi-good news for Nail Art Design lovers out there who want to create Posh looking nails minus the Posh Price!

As seen on my First Sponge Nail Art Tutorial early this week, you can definitely see that I've used a super non-professional looking sponge to dab the polish with.  I'll share you my DIY technique.

Its the simplest to purchase dish washing sponge that's porous in texture.  Meaning, the sponge is not too firm!  First things first, before you go grab on your dish washing sponge, take a look around you, have you purchase any pouch? Laptop bags or bags that has sponges inside?  I've found one that I got from a Phone pouch!  Thanks to hubby for not throwing this away!

On the outside, it's obvious that it's not porous enough, there aren't enough holes, what I did is to cut the sponge in 1/8 to save up the remaining.  It'll look like the photo below.

Cut the edge of the foam and you 'll know why I did that on the next step.

You can see the center of the foam to be more porous.  Unsure if it works or not?  You will never know unless you give it a try!

Dab on your preferred polish directly onto the sponge/foam just like photo below.

Dab excess on a sheet of paper until you are left with a tiny amount of polish.  You will know if the polish color gets lighter as you continue to dab on the white paper.

With a light, patting motion, just like the way you do on "bouncing method" with makeup, pat on the upper portion of your nails.

Repeat until you get the desired "Gradient" look as shown on photo below.  It may get a bit messy, so do not forget to wipe excess with an acetone-soaked cotton bud.

Hope this helps to DIY lovers out there!
It costs absolutely nothing for me to have my own Sponge for Nail Art Designs!
Expect to see more gradient nails from me using Sponge Method.  I am totally enjoying this!
I hope you will too!
Till next "How To"!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. omg i lovee this idea!! thanks for posting it up :D your nails look amazing and it seems so much easier to create that gradient look! thanks :D

  2. i love the tip!!! hahaha i wish i have somewhere to go so I would do nail art too! too bad I am just home these days! Very eco friendly tip I must say keep it up sis!!! more to come!

  3. it is definitely fun to do a sponge gradient, but i found that the sponges i tried using soaked up way too much polish :( so i ended up passing on this. I recently found out that some girls use papertowels or plastic wrap scrunched up, so I might try those :)

    but ahhh i have that ELF polish, and haven't put it to use yet!! lol maybe its about time :P

  4. awesome tip! but my nails are pretty short now, so usually i just go with 1 layer of colour, if i ever paint my nails! haha! but may try it for my toes! :P

  5. Thank you for your tutorial. I once try to follow the video tutorial in youtube but it didn't turn out as nice as you did. I guess I need more practice :)

  6. thank you for showing us! unfortunately, i don't have any of those sponge thingies lying around, i'll have to buy some :P

  7. wow this is amazing! i like the gradient finish of the polish. that sure was a creative way of doing it.

  8. OMG!!..Thank you so much for the tip..Cheap and easy..^_^..

  9. Fantastic idea!! Must try this out!

  10. Cool! I've turned into a nail art junkie.. I'll be trying this technique.. Thanks for the tips, Nikki! :)

  11. thats cool. I dunno if I would do it but it's funny to think that something you would never think of turns out so pretty. thanks for sharing your tip!

  12. xAgnes, aww I am glad you like this, I've been thinking hard if I should post this or not, coz I have a feeling I'm too late with this. Thanks to my dear blogger friend Xin whom I saw this from :)

    Ems, soon Ems! Soon!!! YOu can do this, and if you want, I can help you !

    Rasilla, so far, this type did not soak any of the polish at all! I didn't use a lot, that's why I used the "porous" type :) I think the ones that are for makeup absorbs the polish quite easily! Plastic wrap is a cool idea!

  13. Plue, wow, if you've done it on your toes, I'd love to see it :)

    Mim, try it again! I've done this once and I am quite surprised with the outcome, I think the basic trick is to dab it on a sheet of paper first so that a "blob" of polish won't come out!

    Crystal, ohhh no need to buy, just wait na lang if you have some, kahit makeup sponge, hmm..what elase, dishwashing foam..etc..

  14. Lootwagon, thanks dear

    AnGiEpInK, so true..if you can find sponge or foam lying around, you don't have to pay for anything! Well except the polish! :P

    Lisa, goodluck!!

  15. Mia, yay, let me know how yours turn out, a photo would be great!

    Maricela, I thought I'll end up with ugly blotches, I'm glad it turns out ok, first timer's luck ?

  16. Iba ka talaga, Mare! How innovative! Might work for a nail art virgin like me :)

  17. That's a great tip, thanks for sharing.

  18. Thanks for this DIY tip. haven't been doing my nails lately.

  19. I love the color you chose: it goes very well with your skin tone.

  20. I'll try this on the weekend... time to pamper myself... =)

  21. cool DIY tips there! (don't mind the unintended pun there lol) :D

  22. great tip, nikki! I'm gonna try it! just gotta look for a sponge...

  23. i tried this with some round sponges,and it works great!!! i've had the sponges for quite some time now but only got to know its purpose after reading your post. i'm loving my gradient nails!

  24. HI there

    Hey really unique way to paint nails.........i have seen for first time.



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