Saturday, August 21, 2010

Create Your Own I Believe Badge and Win Php1,000 Gift Certificates (Contest Closed!)

Last July, I've reported a lovely event hosted by our friends from Levi's called "Loving My Curves With Levi's" .  I've shown to you my "mood board" and I've shared to you what I believe in to get me through life everyday!  A big part on my AMW Mood Board is "Helping Other People" to achieve true happiness. 

Helping out?  Through Beauty Blogging?  At first, I started this blog to help other people on the superficial side of the problems.  "What's the best hair treatment for  dry scalp?", "What's the best lip balm for dry, chapped lips?", "What's the best sunscreen for oily skinned?"...etc...

The above questions turned into: "I want to feel good on my wedding day, can you advise me what's a good skincare regimen?""I want to start putting on makeup because I just gave birth and I feel so ugly.", "I am afraid my husband will start looking at pretty girls because I don't take care of myself anymore, can you help me?".  

The questions turned into more personal and I am starting to see myself giving out advises to readers out there!  I have to admit, I am no expert, but it does help to be an "ear" for someone who just needed a  "cyber shoulder" to cry on.  

A Beauty Blog?  Is that all you can offer?  Well..NO!  I can definitely offer more, helping does not have its LIMITS.  Because of this blog, I was able to do my first Makeup Workshop for a Cause, for a friend's sister who suffered Cancer.  When Typhoon Ondoy struck our motherland, our dearest blogging friends donated cash via Paypal and send it to me to be the "middle person" to purchase food and water for the people who lost their homes.  Are they Beauty Bloggers?  Yes!  Where they able to help out people?  YES!  As I said, helping knows No Boundaries, No Nationalities, No Distance -- Helping is TRULY Beautiful!

Now, it's your turn.
What Do You Believe In?
Speak Up then Flaunt It!

Our dearest friends from Levi's who support us on what we believe in, will be giving away 3 Php1,000 GCs from Levi's.  Here's what you need to do to join!
  1. Go to I Believe Badge Creator on Facebook and make your own I BELIEVE badge using the application on the fan page.
  2. Upload a picture and input a short statement declaring what you believe in. (You must be included in the photo)
  3. Badge must be shared on the wall of  your Facebook profile.  There's a share option on the application once the badge has been generated.
  4. Badge must be used as your FB Profile Picture for the duration of the contest for the entry to be valid.  
  5. Comment back on the Link of the Badge you've created.
  6. The 3 most creative pictures and statements will win the GCs.
 Contest run from today until September 4, 2010!

I'd love to see your badge!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I did it!!! I love the badge and the statement thing! Not to mention the contest... wishful thinking na yung mag win ka from all the entries... lucky me if that happens. But then I love it! Thanks for sharing sis it made my morning!

  2. Here's my badge!!/album.php?profile=1&id=1404840460

    cool contest nikki!


  3. seems like you attend lots of nice activity parties there in the Philippines! YAY!! :) Hope to meet you next year when I go back and visit! You look gorgeous btw! :D

  4. Tried the badge app! Here's my badge.

    I believe in commitment - to family and to principles. And fighting for them....

    I value palabra de honor and that words embody our commitment. In the light of family and principles, I will stand by them, and defend them fiercely. Commitment embodies selflessness, always a choice of the other over one self. For my other half, my family and my principles, I will dig my heels in and fight for them - tooth, nails and all.

  5. i did it

    here's mine:!/camilla.monique

    i love your contest,
    i hope i will win, ^^

  6. hi nikki! =)

    have a nice day! =)

  7. hello thanks for this kind of contest you post
    here my badge..!/profile.php?id=100000073604164

  8. I have been thinking of getting a pair for myself. With this Levi's GC giveaway, I just might add a little something for my mom too! A top maybe, as she loves Levi's as well.

    Here is my badge Nikki.

    daeaSR gmail com

  9. hi! here's my entry:

    profile pic:

    shared it here:

    and here:

    hope you liked it!


  10. FB profile torque15, FB badge here

    finding a great pair of jeans is an OMG-moment :) and they're the next best thing right next to our skin :)

  11. Here’s my entry:!/photo.php?pid=5053228&id=590571266&ref=fbx_album

    Love isn’t about gender. It is as the biblical passage says: love is kind, love is patient.

    Hope I win.

  12. I posted it on my WALL

    I made it as my profile pic HERE

    It may not really be original but i always believe that Knowledge is indeed power.

    My mum taught me long before that educations leads to the door of opportunity. It can whisk a person away from the dreary world of poverty. Education is the best weapon that a man can use to battle out the life's harshness.

    At first i didn't plan to enter but changed my mind when i tried out the application. It's great. I had made a couple of pics using it..hehe

    Well, much of luck to everybody!

  13. I didn't plan on joining but here's my last minute submission. :)!/photo.php?pid=5072978&id=689808346&ref=fbx_album

    My facebook ID is skysenshi. :)