Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thank you....thank you... Angels

**video taken from Go Shorty,
thank you for making such wonderful video
that touches our hearts

Dear Friends:

Let me tell you a story. A non-beauty related one.

Everyone probably knew about the Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) that hit our country hard last September 26th. I took action by helping out our dear friends who weren't as lucky as I am, people who lost their homes or worst, even loved ones. My help was small --- old clothes, water, food ...

When I told this story to my dear friend online (a friend whom I met because of blogging), and shared some a video via twitter on what really happened on that fateful day... it was just my way of sharing what's happening on our side of the world and it's just a way for me to relieve the stress that's going on in my life too....

The dear angel said: "We will help, I'll get back to you next week".

I forgot about it... went on with my usual stressful day...
When I opened my mail, I got a message saying:

"Please check your paypal account"

Seriously, I've got the help from people whom I haven't met personally, but only through blogging. Now, who says beauty blogging is superficial? I am seriously touched... and with the generous says....

"Hope it comes useful to help your community"

I am seriously in tears. These are the group of people who took the effort to come together, to collect donations just to help other people, yes, not even their own countrymen...they are seriously angels...

On behalf of the victims from the Typhoon, I want to say THANK YOU so much from the bottom of our hearts, for the food, the water, the blankets that I can purchase with the amount received.

To the Group of Angels, I know all of you would like to keep this confidential and I respect the request, but I've said it before and I'll say it again...THANK YOU for answering the prayers of my countrymen. I will be purchasing more necessities for the victims. I assure you, the amount I received will be going to the rightful places! I will keep you girls informed!

GOD BLESS your kind hearts!
You girls know who you are!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Stay positive!


  1. wow...please extend my thanks to them as well. they are indeed heaven-sent. :)

  2. u just made me cry.. im really touched how tragedies bring people together unexpectedly..

    thanks to ur friends.. they are indeed ANGELS.. :)

  3. Ooh! I wished I could've donated but I don't have a credit card or anything like that. But I really hope from the bottom of my heart that the Philippines will be alright! && I've been praying! ^.^ It's the least I can do..=[

  4. nikki i hope your family, friends and countrymen would be safe from harm and safe from all natural disasters. i am seriously consider myself fortunate as we are quite safe from natural disaster. there is only a little that we can do to help and to pray for the safety. :(

  5. Hi Nikki, that's a very touching post. Wish you and your countrymen all the best.

  6. Wow! Bless all the kind souls who helped and shared.

  7. Thank you for this. Unfortunately I'm one of those people who was hit by Ondoy. I never felt more scared when I was standing on the roof and watching the house go under the flood.

    But I'm still thankful that we were together when it happened, and we still have a roof over our heads to clean up.

    I'm also thankful for the all the people, who without hesitation helped and prayed for all of us affected. :)

    And because of that, I am actually doing a giveaway in my blog. Just something of a thanksgiving thing. :)

  8. gosh they are so kindhearted *tears* Sept 26,2009 left a big mark in my heart ..our city was also one of devastated place,the video touches our heart it flashback again the fears we felt at that time.. lots of what if " sabi ko nun pano kung tataas pa to baha edi papasok na to sa bahay ano nang mangyayri sa atin :C i feel so scared at that time ..wala pa naman husband ko :C :the scariest thing i've ever felt ...I am so thankful Pepeng doesnt hit MEtro Manila if so Pasig and Marikina will washed out totally ..thank you for those people help you out they are really angel indeed :)

  9. nagka-goosebumps ako sa post mo.. they are angels indeed (Thank you!) .. very touching story!

  10. This is a very touching post. Your friends are very kind, they're really angels, bless them.

  11. Bless these people. Whoever you are, know that your kindness will return to you a hundredfold.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  12. that's wonderful, and thank you. i know Aubrey (Fafinettex3) had a youtube appeal as well.

    i've turned off a few of my "friends" when i started beauty blogging but i've gained new ones both at work and online. everything evens out in the end i guess.

    I am just happy that we are all chipping in some way, big or small.

    thank you for this post.

  13. Awww... I think this happened because you seem to be such a nice girl.

  14. Sis Jheng, I know you've been affected with the typhoon too but aren't we glad we are all safe??

    Kay, so true, I am touched too that somewhere out there, there are people who cares for us eventhough they don't know us! :)

    Lisa, no worries, prayers are helpful too :)

  15. Anastacia, thanks dear, thanks to the one who made the video...I watched it so many times.

    Prettybeautiful, thank you! You're right, we are lucky to be safe and alive so all we need to do is reach out and help others, THANK YOU SISTER!

    Deborah, thank you!

  16. Joanne, yes, they are indeed good hearted, I can't believe I am such a lucky person to be an instrument of "HELP" to our countrymen!

    Gingerbee, so sorry , I am really sorry with what happened to you and your family! I'm glad you are ok, god bless sis!

    Louie, oh , sis, thanks for sharing, I am praying soo hard for Pepeng not to arrive too as everyone's still coping up for their lives...I pray that you stay safe and thanks for sharing such heart wrenching story!

    Khymm, :)

    Gio, I'm glad I was able to touch other people's heart with this simple post...God bless everyone for wishing our world well!

    Marge, really? You turned off a few friends due to blogging? Well they are not true friends then, so true..blogging gain us more friends!

    Anonymous, hey, thanks for saying so!!! :)

  17. thanks, Nikki, yeah, i've had a couple of encounters of "friends" giving me snide comments i.e. "kung ano ano mga post mo" or flat out loud was told by someone that they won't bother to read my blog if it's about makeup...and am like, er ok, at least i know where i stand.

    but like you, i've met people online and we blogtv, we're on first name basis, so yeah i get to find out who's who and that's the silver lining ^_^

    you're blog was one of the first i followed when i started my blog, and now am like up to my eyeballs in bb creams hahaha, thanks so much ^_^


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