Monday, September 5, 2011

My Fragrance Collection Gets Bigger...

... and I'm Loving It!!!
My love for fragrance was evident when I started to save my allowance from school just to purchase my first expensive Eau De Toilette from Aspen!  I even remember choosing the Aspen scent for men rather than the women because the latter exceeds my budget.

When I was working in Shenzhen, China, I would spend 360rmb (approx Php2,300+) ferry fee from Shenzhen to Hong Kong just so (you guessed it right) I can visit Bonjour shops to purchase sample fragrances!  I'm that addicted to fragrance!

This year, 2 wonderfully packaged scents were added into my collection!  Thanks Jenny and Theya for the scents of love! :)

Aura by Swarovski
Aura by Swarovski is a fragrance that has fruity floral scent centered on a fusion of amber and white musk.  Top notes of juicy lychee and powdery rose are both included to add up to a feminine touch with a spunk!

 The top of the cap has a huge Swarovski clear crystal embedded onto it!  If only I can pry this out and use this as a ring!  I'll get kidnapped adultnapped in broad daylight for sure!

Aura by Swarovski, the tantalizing new fragrance created by acclaimed perfumers Jean-Pierre Bethouart and Fabrice Pellegrin, is inspired by the same radiance and light evoked by these world famous crystals. It is inspired by the same way the crystals are cut and faceted with Swarovski’s exclusive know-how, capturing the light, diffracting it and then finally releasing it in a thousand brilliant rays. It is this phenomenon that has moved the perfumers to fashion this unique scent.
Aura by Swarovski EDT is available in 30 ml., 50 ml. and 75 ml. bottles and retails at Php2,900, Php3,600, and Php4,800 respectively. Aura by Swarovski is available at all Premium Department Stores Nationwide and Art of Scent, Luxury Fragrance Boutique Resorts World Manila, and Fresh Fragrance Bar Eastwood Mall and Abreeza
Next is an Apple, apple is really a temptation not only to Adam and Eve but also to me!  I have given in to this temptation several times!

DKNY Golden Delicious Eau De Parfum

The newest, most regal apple of the DKNY DELICIOUS collection is finally here!  I've owned a couple of scents from the DKNY DELICIOUS line and I use them  mostly on casual events as the scent are usually on the sweet and fruity side.

DKNY GOLDEN DELICIOUS Eau De Parfum is a luxe scent that radiates lavish seduction.  The newest, most regal apple of the DKNY DELICIOUS collection, DKNY GOLDEN DELICIOUS has an elegance that is reserved for the most discriminating taste.  It's tempting, sensual and warm.

For this newest collection, the scent embraces a radiant modern spirit with the contrast of glistneing florals and delicious heat!  The top is Orange Flower Water, Sparkling Mirabelle and Signature Golden Delicious Apple. The body of the scent is bouquet of White Rose, Casablanca Lily, Vanilla Orchid and Muget.  The bottom or the warmth of the fragrance is a sensual blend of Musk, Sandalwood and Taekwood.  With all of these  combined together,  creates a very sultry and sophisticated scent. 

The DKNY GOLDEN DELICIOUS EDP will be available in 50ml and 100ml sizes, retails for Php3,100 for 50ml and Php4,200 for 100ml at Rustan's Department Store starting this month!

And just for fun, can you imagine how a pretty bottle can even get prettier?  The first ever Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle!


DKNY partnered with celebrity jeweler, Martin Katz, who used the new DKNY Golden Delicious EDP as an inspiration behind his, one-of-a-kind design.
"I began the design process by handpicking unique stones from around the world to create the NYC skyline.  The finished result was the most exquisit fragrance bottle in existence." said Martin Katz.

The Million Dollar DKNY bottle will go on a world tour making stops at various events and fragrance retailers including the USA, Asia and Europe.

I wonder, will I be able to take a glimpse of this super pricey bottle?  I'll keep you updated for sure if I get some news on its whereabouts!

Don't ask me the price!  The name says it all!  *lol*

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. youre like my mom, spends so much money on fragrance :D she just got jimmy choo fragrance, smells nice :D

  2. i love dkny red delicious can't wait to catch a whiff of golden delicious!

  3. I love Be Delicious and Red Delicious. I'm curious to know how this smells like. :)

    The packaging looks awesome too.

  4. @Kumiko Mae Sis, in fairness to me! *defensive mode* LOL most of my scents were purchased in Hong Kong (duty free) and either locally when they're on sale! ok ok, I spend a lot on fragrances! *surrenders* :P Intrigued ako sa Jimmy Choo Fragrance

  5. @dustbunny Sis! Spell SOSYAL , that's the scent of Golden Delicious

  6. @Pammy Sis, it goes straight to the High end smell category! hahahaa I love how you can use this on special occasions!

  7. hi! i wonder... do you know any online store in the Philippines that directly sells angel's breath cologne? i've been trying to find one for a wk already. tnx


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