Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Eureka Moment: Armband for iPhone

I love to walk!  I even love it more if I could jog!  I used to be an exercise fanatic!  Imagine my workout schedule --- five times a week of intense cardio workout for 1.5 hours plus another 1.5 hours worth weight lifting!  No, I wasn't sexy then (not even now), I was quite bulky almost manly muscles *lol* Those were the days I was addicted to working out.

Over the years, age got the good and bad side of me.  Whatever "hyper Nikki" you've seen today is nothing compared to the Nikki 8 to 10 years ago.  I've slowed down and I call myself a weakling! *covers face in shame*.

After a month of on/off sickness, I've vouched to take care of my body by at least doing a bit of cardio early morning or night time when I'm too lazy to wake up early!  

That's when music comes in!  The better the music, the better my workout!  A good music is equivalent to a good workout!  I used to exercise with an mp3 player but my Iphone is more updated with songs!  I've been looking everywhere for an inexpensive Armband for Iphone of course, inexpensive should always go hand-in-hand with quality to fit in the Eureka Moment category.

i.LINK Armband for iPhone made for
iPhone 3gs, iPod Touch4 and iPhone 4g
Whether you're working out or hanging out, you want to bring your iPhone/iPod for a ride, the Armband is the all-in-one solution.  With padded neoprene and adjustable armband.  i.LINK Armband is the case that's as versatile as you are.
The brand i.LINK is unknown to everyone (including me) but, the good news is...the Armband fits perfectly  my arm perfectly and it does not budge while I do brisk-walking or even jogging.  The velcro design makes it versatile for anyone with different arm sizes!  

Adjustable, fits almost any arm size

Once my iPhone was inserted inside, its safely tucked inside and does not budge at all!  I've ran with this and  my phone did not went M.I.A. *whew*.  The clear plastic cover is thick enough at the same time, I can still use the touch screen function without any problems!  (let's say, changing of music).

Best of all (and the main reason why this got into Eureka Moment), the product is inexpensive and costs only Php249.75 (approx $5.80) at Landmark near the entrance going to Glorietta!

I've searched high and low and there are a lot of good ones out there but this one's the most inexpensive so far!
As you can see, quality is really good.
Passed AMW's QC (Quality Check)

Start playing the music: "Let's Get Physical...Physical" *lol*
Accckk, I don't have that on my playlist ok!  Promise...wala (none)!  :P  

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. wow! hubs and I have been looking for something like this in diff sports house but have always failed. now we know where to look! thanks Nikki! really love your Eureka posts! :)

  2. wow, hubs and I have been looking for something like this in diff sports house but have always failed. we use to join fun runs kasi. but now I know where to look! thanks Nikki, really love your Eureka posts! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this cheap trick to encourage exercise, Nikki! Will scout for this ASAP :D

  4. :O sis! I can't believe you were an exercise freak!!! i am the totally opposite..jogging is an absolute hate..and no music helped. LOL

  5. great find! very affordable.. :)

  6. @beautylilsecrets Glad I was able to help you out on this! :) I hope you were able to find and purchase one! there's still a couple left when we bought this

  7. @xin Yes sister, I used to be a freak but I've changed! LOL I'm one lazy bum now ! :)


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