Monday, September 12, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Falling Dots

Happy Monday and Happy Moon Cake Festival!  As you all know, being Chinese, dots are always lucky as they represent coins!  I've decided to create a simple nail art that focuses on luck and I won't go overboard because of the wedding party I need to attend and I wouldn't like to go wearing formal dress with loud nails!  I do not plan to steal the bride's thunder!  *laughs*

Almost 4 years ago, I had a lady do my nails for my wedding day and I strongly remember the base was a very simple matte white polish which is striking enough on its own!  

Here's an easy tutorial anyone can try! :)

Step 1:
Applied 2 coats of The Face Shop Nail Color WH002 polish and let dry.  Once the base polish is completely dry, I chose a light, glittery peach polish from BW (Best friend bought this in Hong Kong) with a gradient style of application as shown on photo below.
Step 2:
You can opt to use the same polish shade or different polish shade to apply another "gradient effect" polish 1/8 of the nails.  I used a bit darker polish that's similar to the shade on step 1.  

Step 3:
With a glittery clear polish, I applied a coat of this starting from the bottom part going upwards meeting the peach colored polish.

Step 4:
With a nail art dotting tool or toothpick, I used Revlon's Polish in 440 Siren.  Tip:  Choose a dark version of the polish shade you used for the gradient effect. 

Random and unevenly shaped dots will be much better!

Step 5:
Use a second color to create another random dots.  I've decided to use the exact polish shade I used as base, which was matte white.

Step 6:
Once the dots are dry, apply top coat or protective base to make the nail art last longer.  I am using ZOYA's Armor.

Lucky dots... Check!
Simple and easy ... Check! Check!
Makes me happy ... SUPER CHECK! :)
Have a great start of the week?
Do you celebrate Moon Cake Festival? 
We do, by eating moon cakes! :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I love the design easy and quick nail art...thank you for sharing nikki! ^_^

  2. We are don't celebrte Moon Cake Festival but these nails looks so cute and girly!
    I have those BW nail polishes kits and I still can't use them coz they are not dries well. How do U work with them?

  3. another easy nail art... i like the colors... :)

  4. enjoy the moon tonite sis! ;) sky is looking gloomy and hazy in msia..i wonder if there is moon tonight :(

  5. Oh that is sooo cute!! It gives out a cheery vibe. Nope, we don't but I'm really intrigued on how a moon cake would test hehe.

  6. Galing mo talag sa nail art. I love the gradient effect.

  7. simple but has a lot of impact and chic to it!

    sis how do you do the gradient effect, is there a technique? kasi if i just apply won't it look cutoff (if you get what i mean)?

  8. Wow, this eminds me of strawberry shortcake. Okay, gutom na ko! Hahaha! :-D

  9. @eyerin Glad you liked the quick and easy design :)

  10. @Anastacia Really? yours dry up? I still keep them in the box that comes with it!

  11. @Issa Ikaw ba sis na try nang mag nail art? :D

  12. @gio Thanks Gio for always putting a huge smile on my face!

  13. @xin I did enjoy the moon for 2 nights in a row!

  14. @Joana Ahh..mooncakes..hmm..its an acquired taste! hehehehe but once you liked it, you'll like it!

  15. @Sweethestia Thanks sis for saying so! I'm sure there are a lot more talented out there!

  16. @MereMakeupManiac Sis, yes, there is a technique, to be able to do the technique similar to this post, you have to use a light colored polish that has a "shimmery" effect to it para the lines/cutout won't show up!

  17. @Roanne Isa ka pa! parang ako, puro pagkain ang iniisip! LOL!

  18. @Askmewhats yup, I tried na pero hindi talaga ako creative sa nail art tsaka tamad ako, wahahaha...


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