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Travel Food Tripping at: Singapore

Part 2 of Singapore Food Tripping! Keep in mind that this post is LOADED with photos!

Before I flew to Singapore, I asked Sophie to help me out on the "must eat" dishes and she gave me quite a list! It was unfortunate that I wasn't able to try most of her suggestions as we have this thing of eating at the nearest restaurant once we're hungry and most of the time, when that happens, we're not even close to the area of her suggestions! Oh well, I'm sure they'll be next time!

I'm quite proud of ourselves as we tried quite a number of food and most of them did not disappoint us!

First Stop --- Chinatown
It was a long stretch of street selling different merchandise! It was hot, humid and we were starting to get hungry after our last stop at a Camera Store! Quite funny how we ended up going to a camera store, of all places --- Chinatown!

There was a strip of restaurants on the right hand side and we've decided just to go on and choose whichever restaurant that shows photos of food we fancy! *laughs* Not a good idea as photos can be deceiving!

We stopped by Wan Tang Eating House Tai Pei Seafood because we checked out the menu and food seems to be interesting!

Of course, we must order our drinks first! I went for Sugarcane Juice while Mr. AMW (obviously) went for his trustee Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola SGD1.5
Sugarcane juice SGD2.00

Fried Rice
Oh my! This fried rice is THE BOMB! I can eat this on its own and it has a good serving of shrimps!

Mixed Satay with Peanut Sauce
10 small sticks of Satay and we requested for combination of chicken, pork, beef and mutton. The sticky rice that you see on photo is actually nice! The peanut sauce is perfect for both the Satay and my "spring rolls". Out of all the kinds of meat I've tried, my favorite would be the chicken meat! I've always been a chicken meat lover! :) One small complaint, the meat are just too tiny (to be seen by naked eye) *just joking*!

Nice for a couple of pieces but it gets to be boring once you eat more than 2! (personal opinion) For local readers, imagine Lumpiang Ubod with just the "ubod" inside. I was hoping for mixed vegetables. But yeah, no complaints.. I'm not in the Philippines! :P

I like the fact that its super crunchy when served!

Second Stop: Little India
Who would've thought that after a filling lunch, we would go and sit inside another restaurant for another food trip? Well, Mr. AMW is a fan of Kebabs or Kababs or whatever meat on sticks! As we passed by an Indian restaurant, he saw a guy making his red hot chicken kabab and he wanted to give it a try!

He makes a wish, I grant his wish! We actually went in Blue Diamond Restaurant (Indian Muslim Food) and sat inside for 1 order of Chicken Kabab and Naan. We didn't ask for spoons and forks as we want the ultimate experience. Ultimate because it was literally smokin' hot! But we managed to help feed each other! *sweet* LOL!

The order came and we were both staring at the "neon green" sauce!
We washed our hands and we're GAME!
Naan Bread

Chicken Kabab
The chicken, as you can see on photo is orange-y red in color and in taste, its super spicy! Thank God for the lemon as the lemon helped ease the spiciness and it was really good! Together with Naan bread and the green neon sauce? It's even better than what we had back home!

Third Stop: ION Orchard Mall's Food Court
Just take a look how classy the food court looks at the ION Orchard Mall! This turned out to be our favorite stopover for dinners as we had our dinner here twice for the trip. It's always busy with friends meeting up after work to enjoy relaxation and a bit of chit chat!

Here goes the famous Laksa from Singapore! I've seen a lot of people ordering this so I gave it a go too! The bowl is huge and it looks like this....

What I like about ordering noodles in Singapore is the fact that you can choose the "type" of noodles you want! I asked the lady which one's the best for her and she gave me these. Good amount of noodles + huge shrimps + tofu = super full Nikki!

I may not be a coconut lover but Laksa was okay for me. It's an acquired taste. The soup is actually good and tasty but I can only enjoy half of the bowl as the noodles absorbed the soup and I was ended up with super fat noodles!

Kway Teow Soup
Because Mr. AMW is not a fan of coconut based dishes, he ordered a chicken stock soup called Kway Teow Soup. For this soup, you can choose small, medium or large orders and he got the medium size and it filled his tummy!

The soup is very tasty and the fish balls are actually good, quite smooth to bite and not the "rubbery" kind.

Same as my Laksa, he got to choose his favorite type of noodles and he went for the flat rice noodles (his favorite).

Fourth Stop: Universal Studios Singapore
I strongly suggest anyone visiting Sentosa Island to have a quick stopover at any bread shop and stock on breads just in case you get hungry while you're lining up for rides! It really helps and we survived to have lunch at 4:00pm!

Because of our hunger, I didn't get the breakdown of the meal but the total would be SGD18.30 for the lasagna and pizza.

Beef Lasagna
Quite good and can fill in any hungry stomach but I missed Sbarro back home!

Pepperoni Pizza
Huge thin crust pizza that's soft on the outside and chewy on the inside.
So-so pizza to fill in an empty stomach too!

The place is really nice and the positive thing of eating late is we have the restaurant "almost" to ourselves!

Commercial Break - SNACKS
In between subway stations, we do stop over at various malls (which we can't seem to keep track on their names anymore). On every mall's food court, we seem to have seen similar names of food stalls and one of them is DDM (Dong Dae Mum). Because of my love for Korean snacks, we went on to give their street food a try!

Korean food in Singapore! I like that! :P

Bulgogi Assorted Sticks
We ordered Bulgogi Pork, Bulgogi Chicken and Bulgogi Beef
All of them tastes yummy!!! The man beside me (photo below) actually ordered a couple of sticks with rice and he's solved for dinner!

Fifth Stop - Plaza Singapura
Plaza Singapura is just a few minutes walk from Innotel Hotel. When I saw MOS Burger, I actually asked Mr. AMW to give it a try as I've had MOS Burger years ago in Taipei Taiwan and its quite famous there! To local readers, MOS Burger is like the equivalent of Jollibee in Taiwan!

Yakiniku Rice Burger
Similar to Sango's Yakiniku Burger but I like Sango's version better. I do like this when I was on the middle portion as that's were most of the sauce are!

MOS Cheese Burger
Ahh, never fails! I can still remember the first bite of MOS Cheeseburger more than 8 years ago in Taiwan and it brought back memories! *sentimental mode* :P

The burger is just regular burger but what makes MOS burger unique is the "chili meaty sauce" that comes between the burger, cheese and bread!

Commercial Break - McDonald's Singapore
We never missed McDonald's when we travel. It's probably because Mr. AMW likes seeing what McDonald's of different countries has to offer!

In Singapore, it's the Chicken McGrill Burger. Macau or Hong Kong I think offers this? We used to have this way back in Manila but I don't know why it's gone! McDonald's Philippines, if you're reading, please bring this back! This is a healthier choice to all health-conscious out there!

Chicken McGrill Burger
SGD4.85 A La Carte
Really, really...mouth-watering good!

Meiji Milk and Coffee Flavoured Milk
2 for SGD4.15
Can be bought at convenient stores. Really good quality milk!

Sixth Stop - Lau Pa Sat
Finally, we tried a hawker place in Singapore! Lau Pa Sat is one of the many famous hawker places and I'm super happy to have found one! This one you can visit by going out of the Raffles Place Station.

We took a quick walk to all the stalls to see which ones caught our interest. Mr. AMW just can't get enough of the Fishball Noodle so we stopped by Fishball Noodle Stall!

The guy makes it in front of you and again, you get the choose your favorite type of noodles!

Fishball Noodles
I like this better than the first one we tried at ION Orchard Mall's food court. The fish balls tastes really good!

Hainanese Chicken Rice
What's the point of going to Singapore and not give their Hainanese Chicken a try? I finally did and it was really good! From the sauce, to the tasty chicken, to the green veggies and egg? It was a perfect meal!

No, I wasn't THAT hungry! hahaha

After a good meal, we walked around to enjoy looking at what Lau Pa Sat Hawker place has to offer and I randomly saw Pig's Organ Soup. Whoever wants to give it a know where it is! Street 1 at the Lau Pa Sat! :)

Then right at the center of the food place, there's Shanghai Xiao Long Bao stall! Old time reader of my blog would know that I'm with the Xiao Long Bao Master --- Mr. AMW! He has to give this a try no matter how full we are!

I watched how the man carefully makes his Xiao Long Bao! It was perfectly done and very hygienic!

Pork Xiao Long Bao

The pork meat tastes just right, not too salty nor bland. The soup was still inside and it tastes just like the ones we had in Shanghai!

Seventh Stop: Back to ION Orchard Mall
There are so many stalls needed to be discovered at the mall's food court so we had to go back! We saw a nice Hong Kong Roast place called Guan Chee.

Roasted Pork with Rice
They also give you a choice of Small, Medium and Large order and we chose the medium one! It was the best Roasted Pork I've tried to date! Really tasty and the meat is juicy! The sauce was also drizzled over the rice!

A closer look...I'm in love!

Char Kway Teow
I won't forgive myself if I never tried Char Kway Teow in Singapore. The fried, flat rice noodle dish is prepared right in front of me using dark soy sauce, egg, Chinese sausages and a whole lot more! This was a "small" order but its good to share for me!

Commercial Break - Good Luck BBQ Chicken Wings
Did some take out for BBQ Chicken Wings and more Satay sticks!
Because we're pigs that way! :P

Another quick commercial
Found myself a banner for Ask Me Whats!
*lol* Ben & Jerry's, Please do not sue me!

Eighth Stop - Kopitiam at Plaza Singaura
The number 8 is lucky for Chinese and our 8th stop is a meet-up with fellow Filipina blogger based in Singapore, Mhean! Mhean is a blogger friend whom I got to chat online but never get to meet! It was fun to finally meet her AND in Singapore! I really appreciate this as she took a half day leave just to be able to meet up with me as the place she works is really far from where we were!

I really appreciate the effort and the lunch! Oh my, we had one of the best meals before we left Singapore!

Indonesian BBQ Fish

Indonesian Chicken BBQ
Rice drizzled with Curry

Keith and I enjoyed the Indonesian BBQ dishes and I'm glad we have someone to guide us to a good place to fill our tummy before we left for airport! It was a short, yet, super memorable meet-up as I remembered yakking away with Mhean like we were friends for life!

As if the meal wasn't enough, Mhean went ahead and introduced us to....
Chendol is like their local version of our halo-halo. For Chendol, the dessert's ingredients consists of Coconut Milk, a worm-like jelly made from rice flour, shaved ice, palm sugar, red beans, etc...The dessert is perfect for the sweet tooth but I felt bad I wasn't able to finish this as I'm super full!

Mhean, thank you so much for lunch! I am hoping to meet you again when you visit Manila! :)

Now, my Singapore food tripping post is finally over! Thank you so much for reaching the bottom part! I hope you enjoy looking at the photos as much as I enjoyed eating them! *laughs* I know, life is unfair! :P

I wish to go back to Singapore someday for more food tripping!
What's your favorite Singaporean dish?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. How do you eat like that and still stay slim?! *envious* But I like that you love food (I find girls who are "always on a diet" and "watching their figure" silly) and your food reviews are every bit as thorough and informative as your product reviews!

  2. i applaud you sis for being able to taste a lot of local foods and getting adventurous! my local food faves include chicken rice, prawn mee and char kway teow.

    it was my pleasure, don't mention it! thanks for the sweet writeup! yes, indeed it was a great meetup and felt like we've met a long time ago and just reuniting! lol

    stay sweet dear! hope to see you again here hihi or in Manila! (^_^)

  3. Wow! Ang dami niyong kinainan! *slurp* =)) Now I'm hungry....

  4. foodtrippin in singapore is always a must! :) try the muffins at Cedele Bakery Depot and don;t miss Garrett's popcorn!

  5. I LOVE IT ALL! I would leave Singapore a total blimp!!

  6. hi,
    thanks for posting the food trip...
    Na missed ko tuloy ang singapore... We went there for the food thing.....

  7. wh0a!i can't believe you ate all those in just a span of 3(?) days..:D

  8. so they have what the cebuano's call "puso?" that rice wooked inside woven coconut leaves.


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