Monday, October 17, 2011

AMW Reviews: Charm Pocket Brush Set

I can still remember my first ever brush set that I purchased when I wasn't even a make-up artist.  Mind you, it wasn't that long ago!  As you can see, I love applying makeup on other people rather than myself!  I guess I grew up in a more conservative family when it comes to beauty.  My mom has always been a plain powder and lipstick user (until now).  Seeing me in full-faced makeup will probably shock the hell of my family members so I'm always leaning on the natural look!

So I understand pretty well when readers email me for an advise on a pocket brush set that's simple, inexpensive and they can use all the brushes instead of paying for more but using just 3-5 out of the 12 pieces.  I understand, and I'm glad Charm does too!

Before I left for Singapore, Charm came up with a Charm Pocket Brush Set perfect for simple makeup users or makeup beginners (even make up professionals as I like using this set for touch ups when I attend events)!  I was lucky I was able to give this brush set a try before I've decided to purchase more of these as gifts! 

You'll know why they are perfect for gift-giving....

The Charm Pocket Brush Set is housed in a "Crackle Polish" design
(sorry, I'm into nail art, so that explains the comparison) :P

The set includes 5 pieces of mini version of the Charm Travel Pro brushes

Charm Pocket Brush Set says ---
The very cute Charm Pocket Brush Set gives you five very basic travel brushes, in a very very cute small bag, that promises to let you function and do your basic makeup when you only have a small, small bag. It is also very helpful for emergency makeup situations, and retouches when you have limited bag space. You will never ever be short of makeup brushes ever again, with our Charm Pocket Brush Set!

Featuring five basic brushes that has dual functions :
  1. Powder Brush
  2. Big Eyeshadow Brush
  3. Angled Eyeliner Brush
  4. Lip Brush
  5. Brow Comb 

AMW says ---
  • The set is protected with clear plastic upon purchase.
  • The packaging is gorgeous and unique.
  • Slim brush holder that can fit in any tiny purse.
  • The small bag can be cleaned.  (kindly read tip on how to remove makeup stains on the inside)
  • All the brushes are multi-functional.
  • Does not shed or bleed upon first, second, third or future washes.
  • Bristles are soft and non-scratchy.
  • Inexpensive for a good quality brush set with the added super cute and unique pouch!
  • If you are apply makeup the "hardcore" way, the brushes on Pocket Brush Set may not be enough for you.
All the 5 brushes included in this set is multi-functional and useful which leads to getting your money's worth!

  • Always wash your brushes upon purchase.
  • Make sure the brushes are completely dry before you use them.
  • To help remove oil-based products, swirl your brush on Olive oil then cleanse with baby shampoo + gentle dish washing liquid.
  • For makeup stains on the inner clothing, use a makeup remover wipes or use a cotton pad with makeup remover and gently wipe the stain.
  • For hardcore stains, use a toothbrush and mild soap and gently brush the stained area and let dry.
  • Since this is a multi-functional pocket brush set, you need to have a makeup remover sheets or makeup cleaner in between application before you use this for different functions. (ex. Big eyeshadow brush can be used as concealer and eyeshadow brush, you have to clean the brush again before you proceed to the next function.)
Will I repurchase?
I did! I repurchase more than 10 sets of these as gifts!

Where to purchase and how much?
Php500 (approx $12.00) free shipping nationwide at Beauty & Minerals website.  If you want to see the brushes up close and personal, you can check them out at PurBeauty, Serendra and The Ramp, Crossings at Shangri-La Plaza Branch Ground Floor.

I believe Charm brushes will be available in Singapore soon?  I will update here if I get more details! :)

Powder Brush
Can be used as powder brush, and blush brush
I also like using this to remove fall outs after eyeshadow application.  Because of the firmness of the brush, I also use this to apply my favorite powdered contouring powders and  highlighters.

To apply highlight on the brow bone area, I use my fingers in pressing the brush, with just the tip dab on highlighters on the brow bone area.  It works!

Big Eyeshadow Brush
Can be used as eyeshadow applicator or concealer brush for undereyes
This is a perfect concealer brush especially for the under eye area.  For spot correcting, I can use just the tip of the brush with a dabbing motion and it works.
To be used as an eyeshadow applicator, I like using the flat surface and gently press the eyeshadow powders on the lid.  It helps to prime your eyes so eyeshadow will stick easily.  If you prefer to apply eyeshadow on the outer-v, it helps to use just the tip and gently brush with wiper motion.

This brush has the most function I would say, adding to the 2 functions above, I like using the same brush to apply my cream highlighters especially on my cheekbones.  I also like using this brush to apply cream based eyeshadow or even eyeshadow primers.

And that's not all, would you believe I like using this brush to apply my lipstick?  Yes, for dry lips like mine, I use the flat surface of the brush to apply my lipstick in just ONE swipe.  Going back and forth with a brush can cause flaking, with just one swipe, lipstick appears smooth and even! 

Angled Eyeliner Brush
Can be used to shade and shape the eyebrows and apply eyeliner
This help creates medium to thick eyeliner for gel liner users.  You can also use this brush to apply liner with dark eyeshadow powders for a more natural look.

I prefer not to use this to apply my brow powders.  I am still depending on my Charm Dream Brow Duo Brush!

Lip brush
Can be used to apply lipstick or be used to spot conceal blemishes 
Aside from lipstick application and concealing blemishes.  This brush can also double up as eyeshadow brush.  For monolids out there who wants to draw a fake crease, this is the best brush to go as it has the right stiffness and shape.

 Brow Comb
Allows you to sweep your brows in one, 
uniform direction as you need to have neat brows all of the time!
It also lets you blend your eyebrow color.
The comb portion can also be used to separate mascara clumps after mascara application, you can also use the comb to brush your bangs, for women and beard for men *lol*  Just joking, I'm just making sure you're still reading this and not falling asleep! :P

Monday!  Monday!  I hope you're easy and quick today!  
Have a wonderful week everyone and cheers for positivity!
Before I end this post, I want to know...
"Do you take with you a brush set on a daily basis?"

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I am loving the carrying case. So pretty and girly!

  2. have tried the powder brush, and it's really decent for its size! and and i love the flat pouch ;) makes it easy to be slipped into any bags

  3. nice review sis! and wow, lucky gift recipients! (^_^)

    i love Charm face brushes too and their brow brush! <3

  4. nikki darling! thank you for the generous gift :D *hugs*

  5. oh em!i need this!lol
    gotta buy one soon!
    thanks nikki!

  6. Thanks for the review. The pouch is so cute!

  7. am loving the one I got! thanks again babe ;)

  8. The case is so cute and girly, I love it :) I agree that it looks like a crackle nail polish :)

  9. @B Agree! The case itself is the bomb!

  10. @MereMakeupManiac hehehe :) Agree! :) I love their face brushes too and don't get me started with the eyebrow brushes!

  11. @plue ooh you got it!!! You're welcome!!!

  12. @jen Perfect to gift yourself this "ber" months! :)

  13. @beetrice Yay! i'm glad you liked it! :) I know you girls liked to travel and this is a perfect way stay gorgeous minus the heavy load

  14. yes, I bring makeup brushes everyday, LOL! but the big ones.... i wish Santa Claus will give me this, hahaha..... cute nung case! love it!

  15. @Issa Kaya pala ang laki ng bag mo sis!!! hahahaha :) Sige, sabihan ko si Santa, dumaan sa bahay mo :D :D :D


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