Thursday, September 22, 2011

Eureka Moment: Charm Dream Brow Duo Brush

*trying to raise my brows* 
You know what?  I can't seem to be blessed with the "raising of the eyebrows" talent!  Oh well, all I can do for now is prettify it!

I've been an eyebrow pencil user for a year now but do you still remember the first "Drawing Your Own Brows" Tutorial? No?  Click HERE for the super oldie but goodie post!   I used my favorite MAC e/s in Coquette as brow powder back then and I'm missing it! Are you wondering why I stopped?  


Well, I lost my favorite eyebrow brush from G-Lish!  You also can't remember this brush?  Well, I loved it so much I created a special post just for the tiny baby! (Click HERE).  

Don't get me wrong, I do have at least 3 professional brush sets for my client and I have a brow brush there but I just don't want to take it away from its "family"!  (Weird reason I know!  But that's just me! lol)

During the GlamBox  Airbrush Workshop last month, my dearest teaching partner Sophie gave me the Charm Brow Duo and I've been using this a lot!

Fast forward, I messaged her to request her to sell this separately because I want purchase as "gift" (Christmas is near!) also,  for back-up! (Just in case !)

They are sold separately for Php300.00 (approx $7.14)!!!
Charm Dream Brow Duo is a dual-ended brush with two powerful brushes that would help you achieve those perfect eyebrows :
* Our special angled eyebrow brush is designed to pick up even the most hard to pick up eyebrow powder pigments, and apply them effectively on your brows! The precise ends also help you draw or shade your brows with precision, but still looking really natural
* Our brow spoolie is your ultimate ally in grooming your brow hair - use this as a brush to keep your eyebrow hairs in one direction , as you can also use this to apply your eyebrow mascara!
A closer look on the natural bristled eyebrow brush
firm with the right kind of stiffness, easy to control.

Brow Spoolie
Not as harsh as other spoolie brush I've tried.

You can purchase this online.
Or visit Purbeauty in Serendra and Shangri-la Crossings.
Have you found your Dream Brow Brush?

P.S. Please do not forget to join the GSL Gives: Smooth Skin In Seconds Giveaway!  This contest is only from September 22-25, 2011! Goodluck!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. so true, i love the natural bristled eyebrow brush ♥☺

  2. What a cute brush! And so inexpensive too.

  3. i love that dream brow brush. I super need to go back to shang and get more charm brushes. i am feeling their flat top :)

  4. What a nice and handy brush! And it's pink, yay! so cute! I can't live without my spooly brush too LOL~

  5. i don't have this brush but i also use a brow brush included in the Charm Pro Set that i just love as well! apir sis! hehe.

  6. ^Mhean, it's almost the same as that! :)

  7. @Marge And most of my travel brush sets do not have that so this is perfect :D

  8. @Kumiko Mae Ahh I'm in love with their Kabuki brush too, been using it for years :)

  9. @Anastacia I know, my eyebrows tend to grow long so I need to brush it!

  10. @Issa Di ba? ang cute ng pagka metallic pink niya!

  11. @Sophie actually almost can't tell the difference with the one kasama sa set :D


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