Sunday, October 9, 2011

Travel Food Tripping at: Watami Singapore + Meetup with the #evurl Girls

This weekend food tripping post is dedicated not only for my Singapore travel but also for my dearest friends online --- PB, Xin, Connie, Bee and Rinnah.
Most of the girls have been my online friends since the year I started blogging, we email each other or chat with each other not only about beauty but we do check how each of us were on random days!  The girls are so sweet to include me in the monthly Beauty Roundup !  Though adopted, I felt I belong.

The day has finally arrived, we've been talking about the meetup for quite some time and mind you, some of these girls have to fly all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the weekend just to make this "dinner" happen!  *super touched*

The place was easy to find, the girls gave me a very clear instructions!  I actually got there late not because the place was hard to find, I got there a bit late because of the funny MRT story!  

We were greeted with a huge menu!  *stomach grumbles* 
By the way, thanks girls for ordering in advance and the food came in right when I was getting hungry! :P

Kari Kari Pasta
Crispy Capellini
Very unique appetizer.  Deep-fried pasta sticks with flavoring and I found myself munching this a lot!  If only I can make this at home? 

Crispy Potato
In simple term, we just call this French Fries.  The Watami version of Crispy Potato has a bit of sour cream powder which gives a nice hint of flavoring on the very crispy fries.

Assorted Sashimi
The 2 shrimps were staring right at me so I got intimidated and did not even try this dish!  *lol*

Watami Salad
Special Watami Salad with Tuna Mayo
Really nice salad to start a meal!  I like the very fresh vegetables with nice tuna mayonnaise that's not overpowering.  All the ingredients mixed together gave a nice burst of flavors inside the mouth.

Kushi Moriawase
Assorted Skewer
I love skewers and this gave me a huge satisfaction.  'Nuff said!

Watami Tonkotsu Ramen
Marinated pork slices and noodles in special pork broth
I did not try much of this but Mr. AMW finished this up and told me the soup was super tasty and flavorful!  I agree!  I love soup and I was able to give this a try and it wasn't oily at all like other soups served in other restaurants.

Ika Maru Yaki
Grilled Squid
Reminded me of Gerry's Grilled Squid.  Soft and easy to chew and the flavor is just right.

Kimchee Nabe
Spicy kimchee pot with pork in pork broth

Anything with kimchee gives me the excitement!  The soup may turn out quite red but its not as spicy as it looks!  I'm glad the girls also love soup so we always ask for "soup refills"! 

Atsuage Okaka Itame
Bite sized Tofu on Hot Pan
Tofu, I love thee? 
I love the crispy thing on top of the tofu.  I don't know how to call them but it adds to the texture of the soft tofu.

Tori Karaage & Negi Pirikara Sauce-gake
Crispy fried chicken with spicy sauce
I'm glad I popped in an anti-histamine pill before this dinner!  I'm glad to have tasted this crispy chicken in a sauce so unique I haven't tried it back home! :)

On to the dessert!  These girls know how to enjoy food and I'm glad I'm with this bunch as food is as important as makeup!  *laughs* What a comparison!  Don't mind me, I'm just hungry as I'm typing this post!

Creme Brulee
Cream pudding
Reminded me of the various Panna Cotta I've tried back home.  This has got to be my favorite among the rest of the dessert!  What's important for me is the fact that the Creme Brulee is not that sweet!  I know desserts should be sweet but when the sweetness overcame the taste of creme, it's a huge no-no for me!

Maccha Tiramisu
Green tea flavored Tiramisu
The Tiramisu melts into the mouth with a hint of bitterness from the Maccha powder.  It's unique and flavorful!

Sumiyaki Coffee Jelly
Coffee flavored jelly
I'm a fan of coffee but this coffee jelly has a strong coffee taste!  Definitely not for the faint-hearted :)

Hot Choco Brownie
Chocolate brownie with ice cream and hot choco sauce
It wasn't that hot when we get to have a bite as we all took turns taking photo of this lovely creation!  The mix of vanilla ice cream + choco brownies + choco syrup melts perfectly into the mouth! 

Chocolate Fondant Cake
with Vanilla Ice cream
Quite similar to the Chocolate Brownie we had on photo above but the difference is the texture of the cake.  The fondant cake..obviously is softer on the inside and has a unique crunch on the outside.  Perfect with a blend of Vanilla ice cream!  You just can't go wrong combining anything chocolate with vanilla!

After dinner, we took crazy, fun shots with each other!  I had fun meeting the girls and I wish we could stay and bond longer!!!!

We vouched to each other that this won't be the last meetup!  Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines aren't that far and thanks to budget airlines, meetups can be possible! :)

We had a nice, quiet walk at Clark Quay area as Bee explained to me the "must visit" places and the "must try" food!  Thanks for the tips and thanks again girls for the wonderful time!

Mr. AMW took this shot of us posing on random human shaped rocks!  *lol*

I have another meet up with a lovely Filipina blogger based in Singapore --- Mhean!  I will post about it soon together with the food that drove me crazy! :P

Thanks to blogging for giving me the opportunity to meet more people who share the same passion as myself!  Thanks to YOU for always reading my posts and hearing what I have to say!

Love you guys!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Seems like you had a great time with all the lovely girls! Yay for blogger meetups!

    The food looks so mouth-watering yummy!! :p

  2. After reading your post, I read Paris B's post. That kind of friendship that was formed through blogging truly inspire other bloggers, including me. Thank you. =))

  3. Oh Nikki! You finally met these people... you're so sweet talaga.

  4. :D :D glad that we finally met up!!! and the real hugs :D :D

    the flakes are called bonito flakes, made from dried bonito fish. usually we will steam tofu at home, then dress with fried shallot oil, then finally top it with bonito flakes. simple and delicious!

  5. You really all took the time to meet each other, that's really sweet. And the friendship is really there among you pretty ladies. :)

  6. the deserts are mouthwatering! sis alam mo ba where to find exotic food in singapore? hehe

  7. Awww that's nice! And the food is making me really hungry! I should make a trip to Watami soon!

  8. aw Nikki glad to know you have enjoyed your trip & the meetup with the evurl girls :D

    i hope to see you in person next time! *hugs*

  9. it was AWESOME finally meeting up with you Nikki, and finally we have some photo memories! (yes we're bad bloggers, always forgetting to take group pics when we go out...eeps!)

    next project - international bloggie trip to Manila? :P

  10. whoa, so much food! i feel a little guilty i only treated you with one hehe. but buti na lang you liked it lol. saya talaga meetups, what could go wrong with good friends and good food??? ^_^

  11. awesome food ^_^ a must try when theBenj and i go back to SG ;-)

  12. Nikki! What a coincidence we both posted about the meetup on the same day :D It was awesome meeting up with you and we're NOT waiting another 4 years ok? :) *hugs*

  13. @Jess I did! and it was an honor for me to be included in their friends list :D

  14. @Ria Thanks Ria :) I'm glad you read Paris' post too, I was surprised we post it on the same day! :)

  15. @herroyalbleakness And I'm glad to have finally met you kahit na shy shy ka pa at first :P

  16. @xin OOOHhh thanks for the info! Bonito flakes! MUST have on tofu, sooo yummy! :)

    I'm glad to have received and given the real hugs to all of you!!! I miss you girls already! let's meet up again..hmm..I wonder where? LOL

  17. @Pammy I know! and we talked not only about beauty stuff..I think we talk a lot about food too! hahahaha

  18. @dustbunny Dear! try mo sa Hawker place, may mga exotic food din like "ORGANS" pa nga ang pangalan ng hawker place! punta ka sa LAU PA SAT! ok dun!!!

  19. @Bun Bun Makeup Tips aww..lucky you,you can visit there anytime :D

  20. @plueYES! definitely! When I visit KL, you have to meet up with me ok???

  21. @beetrice You girls are welcome here! I'll take you girls around! don't worry ! * winks*

  22. @MereMakeupManiac SIS! ano ka ba? nahiya nga ako di ko na naubos ang dessert sa busog! super thanks talaga..hay super laway pa din ako sa BBQ chicken! thank you talaga for introducing me to good food before we hop back to Manila!

  23. @Marge Girl! dami pang food na ishshare ko sa inyo! wait for Sunday!!!

  24. @Paris B I know PB! I was surprised to read Ria's comment above, then I went to your blog then there's your post about the meet up too!!!! Love you girls, thank you for doing this!


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