Monday, October 10, 2011

Multiply Gives: Biggest Shopping Party on October 18, 2011 --- CLOSED!

Update: Congratulations to...

You won Php1,000 worth of shopping GC!

To the 10 joiners, you all won yourself 2 tickets (each) invitation to join the Multiply Shopping Party!

  1. Charice Anne Chua
  2. Bec San Diego
  3. Marge
  4. Roxanne Perez
  5. Amera hassana
  6. April Escamillan
  7. J Allyssa
  8. Katherine Rose Rivera
  9. Jhoanne Luna
  10. Jerica Chingcuangco
Thanks for joining!

The year 2011 saw the evolution of Multiply from a social networking site to the Philippines' biggest online shopping destination with over 100,000 on-line shops across 16 categories such as fashion, gadgets and mom and baby products, to name a few.  Aside from opening its virtual doors to digital shoppers, Multiply has also become a choice of platform for technopreneurs looking at starting their businesses.  With the enormous amount of support it has been receiving in the country, Multiply also opened its first office in the Philippines ealiers this year as a testament of its commitment to the market.

Because of the tidbits above, multiply went up to AMW for a partnership to give AMW readers a chance to win invites to the Philippines' biggest shopping party.

I said "yes"!  Because I know most of my readers love to shop!  Not just regular shopping but "bargain shopping"! :D

Multiply is giving 20 invitations.  I will choose 10 winners and each winner can bring a friend!  (There's no point in shopping alone right?).

How to win?
  • Comment in this blog post with your name and email address.
  • Let me know the link of your favorite Multiply Store and tell me why it's your favorite place to shop.
  • 10 winners will be chosen via "Fruit Machine" 
  • Winners will be announced on this blog post on October 14, 2011.

There's more!
Out of all the comments, there will be 1 winner of Php1,000 worth of shopping GC's which can be used at the party!  The first name that will be seen on the "Fruit Machine" will get this lucky prize!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Author is in no way affiliated with the company, AMW is just the bearer of good news! :D)


  1. i love to shop at digital traincase coz they sell my fave product NYX!
    charice anne p. chua

  2. Name: Bec San Diego
    email: purplewhyt(at)yahoo(dot)com

    Fave shop:

    I love how through that multiply shop, i can get hold of fabulous brands that are not available here in our country.

  3. Marge
    i started with her when i began going nuts on korean cosmetics. never had a problem with her. to me she's reliable

  4. wow inggit ako di ako makasali hehe best wishes to whoever will win! ^_^ happy shopping!

  5. name: roxanne perez

    fave shop:

    i love her shop -- famous european cosmetics at reasonable prices. and the seller is so nice and accomodating. never had a problem with her.

  6. name: amera hassana

    fave shop:

    I love this shop because she sells makeup like nyx in reasonable price.. not to mention she also sell products for babies.Armie is so accomodating and nice!

  7. Name: Fran Postor
    Fave multiply store:

    I love fievre because it has a lot of cute and unique pieces at reasonable prices! :)

  8. April Escamillan
    my fave is

    i love house of flair because i can order almost everything :)

  9. I love Therapy Bags (, my favorite Multiply store ever! What I love Therapy Bags: (1) They can produce seemingly everything - from the casual, the functional , the corporate and the formal purses and bags; (2) They do it in LIMITED quantities. I find some of their bags perfect for you since they've master the art of making fashionable yet perfect-for-work-looking bags. Anyway, they also have the Cambridge satchel-inspired bag available at the moment priced at P999.All in all, these bags have very good quality, very far from those pre-order bags which are priced even higher. And lastly, they are proudly Pinoy-made. Therapy Bags also offers Longchamps in a pre-order basis.

    J Allyssa

  10. Name: Katherine Rose Rivera
    Fave Multiply Store:

    i love this store because they sell a wide range of Korean and Japanese beauty products with reasonable prices. The owner of the store is the most reliable and considerate of all the multiply store owner that I had transactions with

  11. name: jhoanne luna
    fave multiply shop:

    i love this store because the seller is very accomodating and she sells a wide range of products.

  12. name: Jerica Chingcuangco
    fave multiply shop:

    I love The Only Ukay Queen's store for a variety of reasons. The first one is that she resells clothes for a reasonable price. Another is that she is very accommodating. The third and biggest reason is that TheOnlyUkayQueen is a definite inspiration. She started this business as somethings she liked to do (thrift shop) to earn a little extra cash, and now she's the most famous online ukay re-seller--she's even been featured in TV shows and magazines! This shop proves that you can do what you love and still earn from it.

  13. Camille Rentoy

    i can say that is one of the best accessories online-store ! they have the cutest tassel necklaces and also the vintage ones at a very affordable pieces !! i mean .. as in AFFORDABLE :))
    even known bloggers in manila wears them too ! they are exquisitely crafted and proudly made by a pinoy :)
    sheek ,trendy, affordable . in style and proudly pinoy !


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