Tuesday, November 8, 2011

AMW Makeover: 3 Different Prenup Pictorial looks

I enjoy doing makeup for couples!  This segment of AMW makeover is no exception!

Prior to the wedding day is the prenup shoot that a lot of couples have been waiting for!  These days, prenup shoots are getting more and more creative!

Carmela, beautiful girl even without makeup has this "inner glow" and it wasn't difficult for me to do her makeup for her first look....

Though Carmela has normal skin to start with, I did not stop myself from prepping her skin with a primer because her first shoot is done in the pool area of EDSA Shangri-la Hotel.

Seriously, this gorgeous girl has nothing much to hide so I just applied a thin layer of cream foundation and set with MAC's Mineralized Skin Finish powder.  She just had her hair dyed a week ago so I dyed her eyebrows with an eyebrow gel of course, prior to that, I drew her brows a bit thicker than her natural brows for her eyes to pop on photos.
The gorgeous bride-to-be has very sensitive eyes and tears welled up a bit when I applied her falsies but she got used to it and it defined her eyes even more!

I finished the look with pink blush and pink lipstick for that very sweet, innocent look!

I also did the groom's makeup, but I wasn't able to take a before and after shot of him.  Here's a stolen shot of them during a shoot on the hotel pool area.

Next set, we head off to Chateau 1771, there it started to rain so they were quite lucky to have done all the outdoor shots in the morning.  I added a bit more contouring for the groom-to-be while Kim styled his hair!

Carmela changed into this gorgeous navy blue outfit that Kim and I were both inspired to create a "Glamorous Look".  Nice wild curls for her while I darkened her eye makeup and added a bit of darker liner creating a thicker line.  I changed her blush color to a bright peachy shade and used a bright orange tone lipstick to create a nice contrast against her outfit.  Color blocking was my inspiration!
They seem to have realized we were trying to get shots of them so they finally smiled and waved at the "unofficial" camera! :)

For the third look, Carmela changed into a really sexy dress with eye-catching pieces of jewelries as styled by Sydney Yap.  Kim fixed the curls and clipped one side of her hair as I went on and created a smokey eye makeup and fixed her falsies to make sure its perfectly in place.

I went back and applied a shimmery pink blush and contoured her face making her beautiful features pop even more!  Last but not the least, to create a nice impact against the earth-toned colored dress, I applied a bright red lipstick from MAC's Red She Said.

For someone who's not comfortable wearing heavy makeup, I am glad Carmela is quite adventurous and told me to do whatever I want just for the shots to come out nice!

Well, I want to tell her that she looks good in all types of makeup! 

Congratulations to the lovely couple!
Can't wait to see both of you tie the knot!

What's your favorite look out of the three?
My bet would be the last one, I've never seen here in this type of makeup! :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I like the one with the red lipstick (last look).

  2. hi beautiful sis!!! the last pic is phenomenal!! they all look gorg, but the last look is my fave!

  3. i love love love the last look! love the dress and the red lippie :D so glam! it reminds me of marilyn monroe somemore

  4. the first one is really nice but along with the clothes, the third one seals the deal :D

  5. oh my, I love the last look! she looks gorgeous! I love the hair, makeup and the dress! everything in that look is perfect! bagay sa kanya! :) galing niyo ni Kim! :)

  6. oo nga bet ko rin yung last picture! her skin is effortlessly flawless that's why ang ganda lalo ng outcome!

  7. All the looks are gorgeous! I really like the bright pink lip in the first look. But my favorite would have to be the last look. It's so glam and elegant! GREAT JOB!

  8. Love the last look, so classy and glamorous!

  9. all looks are very pretty but i liked the second because she looked naturally but elegantly gorgeous. my fave dress was the last though haha! you're a superb MUA sis, i salute you!!! pa hug nga! lol

  10. Very cool blog, different.


  11. @BEAUTIFUL CANVAS Yay! glad you do! and that's the look that she isn't even comfortable sporting :)

  12. @charmaigne grace No girl, I'm lucky I have a beautiful bride-to-be :D

  13. @xin Me too sis! i love the dress! I actually like all the dresses she used!

  14. @Kumiko Mae Naks sis! natuwa naman ako, may sealing of the deal pa! :) hehehee How are you???

  15. @yan Agree! nothing to hide ang skin niya!

  16. @MereMakeupManiac I feel bad we weren't able to take a close up shot of the 2nd look, I'll just wait for the shots from photographers :) Thanks sis! *hugs*!!!

  17. @*MrsMartinez* I knew it! hahahhaha ikaw pa? Gora sa bright lips!


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