Saturday, November 19, 2011

AMW Reports: Kate Winslet's "Golden Hat Foundation" and Visionnaire

What are these gorgeous girls concentrating on? ....

I'd love to say THESE......

But, it wasn't!  I think I was the only one who stared at the wonderful food at the Lancome Greenbelt 5 boutique late this week!  We were invited to grace the Blogger Event for the Launch of Lancome Visionnaire.

The Visionnaire Routine
Milky Lotion Php2,295.00 (approx $52.00)
Emulsion  Php3,995.00 (approx $90.80)
Serum Php4,950.00 (approx $112.50)

I was stuck in traffic for almost 2 hours (and it wasn't the worst stuck in traffic experience I tell you!) so I wasn't able to see the "demo" done by Cary Co.

She was nice enough to explain after the event on the functions of Visionnaire. Cary explained that much more than being a wrinkle-corrector, Visionnaire can re-create more beautiful skin by propelling through skin layers as other skincare products can't get through the first layer of our skin.  

She took out a glass of water mixed with oil, she dropped the serum and I was told by the attendees that it did went to the bottom of the water passing through water and oil! 

*slaps forehead* Darn traffic I wasn't able to see it in my own "tiny" eyes!  

I was able to catch up lucky model Shen having a facial with the use of none other than, the star of the night, Lancome Visionnaire!


After the quick facial, a makeover was done on Shen and we all had a crush on the foundation used on Shen's lovely skin --- Lancome Teint Miracle.

After watching a quick makeover done by Lancome's makeup artist, we were asked to grab something to eat as we get to understand the huge poster right in front of the boutique.

Lancome supports their Brand Ambassadress for 4 years Ms. Kate Winslet on her "Golden Hat Foundation".  To celebrate such partnership, a make-up collection has been created.

"Golden Hat Foundation" 
Non-profit foundation aims to better the lives of autistic children by removing or limiting the barriers they face.  Its mission is to teach autistic children how to communicate more clearly, as well as offer them education, job training, recreating activities adapted to their disability.  

How can Lancome help support Kate Winslet with this project?  With the limited edition make-up collection created which will be available at the end of this year, Lancome promises to donate at least 150,000 euros of its sales profits to the "Golden Hat Foundation".  

I love it!

Wonderful for someone as successful and gorgeous as Kate Winslet to spearhead the said foundation and "hats off" to the people from L'Oreal group for giving back!

Oh, if you're wondering what you can find in this collection ---
L'Absolu Rouge Lipstick 
Php1,495.00 (approx $34.00)
(the exact lipstick Kate Winslet wore on TV) as seen on photo above.
Le Vernis Divine Lasting
Php995.00 (approx $23.00)

The Golden Hat
Php2,295.00 (approx $52.00)

Group shot 
Happy, knowledgeable and
FULL bloggers!

Thanks to the girls for the invite!
L-R Alexis, Sheena and Cary
I haven't taken a shot but thanks to the wonderful boys and girls at the Lancome Boutique.

Have you heard about the "Golden Hat Foundation" of Kate Winslet?  To be honest, I didn't even know she has a foundation and I'm glad to know that celebrities like her to give back after receiving all the success in her career.  I hope everyone will be this way! :) We may not be celebrities and we could be nobody to establish our own foundation, but as I always say, in our own unique ways, we can make a difference.

Let's start by smiling today! :D

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. LOL Nikki at the first two pics! Haha, lakas ng tawa ko dun :D

    whoa, 150k€ is huge. I heart LAncome for doing this and for Kate Winslet going for this cause. Thanks for sharing kulit girl!

  2. Another fab event! Thanks for sharing!

  3. the event looks like fun! :)would love to try these products.

  4. @herroyalbleakness LOL glad to make you laugh! :)

    About the donation, OO! I am glad Giant companies like L'Oreal group are willing to help out and give back! sana lahat ng companies ganyan!

  5. @sugar sugar I think its a pain to use these products no? So pretty kasi!

  6. nice event! and with a good cause! :)

  7. Nikki! :) It was so nice to meet you! :) Thank you for this lovely review! :)


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