Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Food Tripping at: The Stock Market + 2nd Meetup with Lisa

I missed Lisa so much after our first ever meetup .  I was thinking our next meetup would probably me having to go to Kuala Lumpur to be able to see her again (together with the rest of the #evurl girls)

I got a lovely surprise when I saw an FB message from my FB message box with the first line: "Nikkiii! Guess what? *jeng jeng jeng*" (sorry Lisa, I had to share this one-liner of yours as I find it too cute and it made my heart jump!)

The meetup happened again and it was meant to be as our schedules suddenly cleared up and we met on a lovely Saturday evening at The Stock Market, Bonifacio High Street.  This meetup happened after my Blenz Coffee Experience by the way so you can just imagine how hyper I was considering it was a jampacked day for both me and Mr. AMW!

Here's what we had....

Celery and Pineapple Shake
It is indeed refreshing and a perfect drink for the health-conscious.

Chinois Chicken and Shrimp
Php395.00 (approx $9.00)
Succulent shrimp, grilled chicken bites over bed of mixed greens, 
fried wanton skin in sesame mango vinaigrette dressing
 Very unique textures in a salad! I like the crunchy fried wanton together with the succulent shrimp and the mix of sesame flavor with mangoes in a dressing bursts awesome, unique flavor inside my mouth.

 Home Specialty Carbonara
Php420.00 (approx $9.55)
Vegetable fettuccine in cream base,
with prosciutto, mushroom and fresh organic egg yolk
This comment is definitely base on our personal preference but in our taste buds, this is the BEST Carbonara we've tried to date!  It's not because of the fact that there's an egg yolk to it, but the creaminess is just right and it's not too thick or too watery!  Will definitely come back for this!

Texan Barbecue Chicken
Php575.00 (approx $13.00)
48 hour marinated chicken grilled to perfection.
Served with skewered vegetables and rose herbed rice.
The Texan Barbecue Chicken is definitely a unique dish.  It doesn't taste like the usual grilled chicken as the chicken is definitely marinated really well as I can taste the consistency of its flavors to the bones! :)

Cornmeal Bread Pudding 
with Whiskey Caramel Sauce+ Ice Cream
The Cornmeal bread pudding is nothing special, best eaten with ice cream!

Flaming Caramelized Pineapple 
Upside Down Cake
with Bananas
I can't seem to get the right name to this dessert as we were all surprised on how differently this looks as compared to the menu!  This order also took the longest time so I don't really know what happened but this is too sweet for our taste!

Even if the dessert portion was a FAIL, we didn't even notice it much as we spent it with great companions!  I enjoyed our Part 2 laughter and sharing of stories!  We had a wonderful time and I'm looking forward for Part 3! 

Thanks Alex and Lisa for dinner...thanks for the friendship!
After the super tummy-filling meal, we actually head off to Midnight Mercato just to have a look!  All of us wishes we weren't that full!  We went for "take outs" though! :D

The Stock Market
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Metro Manila
(632) 856-6301

Have you tried The Stock Market?
What's the "must try" dish?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. egg yolk in carbonara is new to me! am going to try that next time when I cook up carbonara :D

  2. What a fun dinner!! Thanks for the drool-worthy pics!

  3. love your blog I'm following now
    hope you follow me too :)

  4. you should've made room for the Midnight Mercato! it's amazing how you met up twice in a row... that's just fantastic! sarap maging blogger when it comes to gaining more friends noh? :)

  5. @xin oh darling! it gives a good texture to your Carbonara experience! Really good!

  6. @Bea Thanks for following :) I'll check out your blog, thanks dear

  7. @herroyalbleakness Actually, the Midnight mercato was just a sudden idea/thought! So our tummies aren't ready! But there's always going to be next time!

    Agree on gaining more friends! pati ikaw! I got to know you dahil sa blog :D

  8. sweet of her to meet with you again! and the tummies are fulfilled! hooraaah!

    i should try more eateries at The Fort, am close to this place eh! hay lagi na lang sa Malate lang haha


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