Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekend Food Tripping at: Sentro and Figaro + Meetup with So Loverly "Girl"

I know I've said this a lot of times and I don't mind saying it over and over again....

I am really happy I started this blog because I have met so many wonderful friends!  I can't believe how many friends I got to meet Near or Far...*singing Titanic Song*  lol

A month ago, I was lucky enough to meet the wonderful bloggers in Singapore  (read post HERE and HERE).  It was a great year for me and it wasn't the end of meet-ups this year!

Another "cyber" friend of mine, one of the So Loverly girls Lisa messaged me to let me know she's coming for a very short vacation in Manila.  I think it was literally 3 days and I was really touched she chose to spend time with me!

She chose a location, it was Greenbelt and I picked the restaurant....


I can't remember when was the last time I dined in here but I was still single then!  Years for sure!  I won't forget the wonderful experience with the Corned Beef Sinigang, which by the way is the specialty of the said restaurant!

Mr. AMW and I were busy discussing about what we would like them to try and so far, we came up with this!  Lisa and her husband Alex are quite adventurous with food so we didn't have a hard time!

Sago't Gulaman
We actually requested for a sample of this before they went on and order for their own glass!  It was good drink to welcome them to such hot and humid country!

Sizzling Tofu
Php250.00 (approx $5.80)
Diced tofu in a special soy and little mayo dressing served on sizzling plate.
Funny it states in their menu: "Parang Sisig pero Tofu!"  So true!  I like this dish and wouldn't mind ordering this again.  Sue me, I'm a tofu lover!

 Home-Style Chicken Adobo
 Solo Php220.00 (approx $5.10)
Sharing Php420.00 (approx $9.80)
Chicken stewed in cane vinegar, soy sauce and native garlic
 Not bad, but it's not something I would like to order again and again!  I find the chicken to be a bit on a "diet" it isn't as meaty as I want my Adobo should be!  Oh, I wouldn't mind to have more sauce too!

 Adobong Kangkong
Php80.00 (approx $2.00)
 Water spinach braised and stewed in vinegar and soy sauce
 Approve!  Love the crunchy garlic bits added on top!

 Sinigang na Corned Beef
 Solo Php310.00 (approx $7.20)
Sharing Php595.00 (approx $13.90)
 Corned beef short ribs and boneless shanks in tamarind broth with native vegetables
Who doesn't eat Sinigang?  Definitely NOT ME!  I love Sinigang and I usually prefer them in Pork but I've tried the Corned Beef Sinigang from Sentro multiple times and it has always been a great experience.  My only complaint though is the pot they used in serving the dish is a bit too small!  I like the old version better as I had a hard time serving soup! 

The photo below is a "SHARING" size by the way!

We forgot to take photos but we devour on Garlic Rice and Plain Rice.  The best way to eat Filipino dish is with rice!  Am I right? RICE!  *laughs*

After our wonderful dinner at Sentro, the couple wanted us to talk further and we went to the nearby coffee shop Figaro!  

Fruit Cake

My Little Oscar
Which is another name for Sans Rival

 Cafe Latte or Cafe Au Lait
Sorry this wasn't my order! :) Alex's drink!

 White Chocolate Mocha
I love this! This never fails to boost up my cheefulness!

A shot of me and Lisa Gosh!
I love you girl! Thank you so much for the time and I had a great,
long-lost friend conversation with you! :)

Double Date :)

It was a wonderful weekend food tripping especially with good friends!
What's your weekend food tripping?
Who are you sharing it with?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. What a fun and delish evening! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm drooling over all these delicious food. Sinigang na Corned Beef and Sizzling Tofu? Are you serious? I want, I want! lol

    I hope to meet you one day too.


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