Monday, November 7, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Fireworks-looking Flowers

Happy Monday everyone!  Most of you are on a long holiday weekend but that doesn't stop me from creating a Nail Art Tutorial to start the weak bright and full of fireworks!

To be honest, it isn't even close to fireworks but the flowers I've created in this tutorial have more petals which look quite Katy Perry-ish "Fireworks".  Just my imagination...don't mind me!  :P

Here's my final nail art....

If you do wonder, I was inspired with the color combination from my own mobile phone!  My sister-in-law gifted me this neon orange casing and it came out pretty well!  Thanks Shobe! :)

Let's start the tutorial shall we?  First few photos were taken by yours truly but thankfully, Mr. AMW got home just when I was doing the complicated parts!  :D

Step 1:
Apply a layer of your preferred base coat to protect your nails.  Pick up an "almost" nude nail polish shade and apply just 1 coat and let dry.  In this tutorial, I used The Face Shop Nail Lacquer in BR802.

Step 2:
For the orange shade, I used Revlon's Nail Lacquer in Siren and applied 3/4 of your nail leaving a fourth of the nude polish shade as shown on photo below.  You can do this freehand and not worry about it being perfect!

Step 3:
With a matte black polish, I'm using the same one as I've been using for the past tutorials (The Face Shop) and applied less than half of the top part of the nails.  Nail art starters can do this and finish this up with a lovely glitter polish or top coat and you already have nice looking nails.

To those who plan to continue this nail art, it is best to let this dry completely before you proceed to the next steps.

Step 4: (Mr. AMW came back and I got a photographer! Yay!)
With any clear polish or base coat, apply a thick layer of it, make sure to work quickly on this part to create flowers that looks blended in together with the background....

Step 5:
While the clear polish is still wet, quickly drop white dots on top of it, the dots will spread a bit and goes "flat" as shown on photo below.

Step 6:
Quickly grab a needle and gently pull a part of each dot towards the center.  It is very important you do this step while the dots and the clear base is still wet.

Step 7:
Tt is optional but you can dot other areas for the design not to be too "bare" on one side.

Step 8:
With a glitter polish, gently dot the glitters at the center of the flower.

Step 9:
Once the flower design is completely dry, apply your chose of protective top coat to make this nail art last at least a week!  

Voila! :) Fireworks-looking flowers on your nails!
Background colors can be changed depending on your preference!

How's your weekend?
Mine was wonderful!!! So excited to finish this year with a bang!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. hehe~ what a cute nails! I thought those are flowers at first but the fireworks-flowers looks even more cute :)

    My weekend was not bad at all, it was raining aday long but we had a nice dinner with our friends :)

  2. This is lovely sis! I'm liking orange nowadays ya been? miss ya!

  3. very pretty as always! :) i had a nice weekend too! :)

  4. Nikki Unnie, cguro LSS mo while doing this is "Fireworks" ni Katy Perry... =D

    Super pretty!!! ^__^

  5. wow, looking good.
    How much is costing?
    i want this one

  6. @Anastacia Dear, you know they are just regular flowers, but the petals look kinda like gorgeous fireworks too! :) so yes for the fireworks looking flowers :D

  7. @Cinthia Truong I miss you too! things has been crazy busy but survivable! YOU????

  8. @Issa Buti ka pa! hahaha I didn't have long weekend but I had long weekend work which was all good! :) How's your son?

  9. @gio As always, you put a huge smile on my face Gio!

  10. @roarsin What do you mean how much? It doesn't cost a thing if you do it yourself :D


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