Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blenz Coffee: Nail Artist Tried Latte Art

Blenz Coffee, you'd think this is a new coffee shop but it has been around for years!  The first time I had my fair share of Blenz Coffee experience was 8 years ago, I was working in Shenzhen, China then and meeting up with fellow teachers and students in a coffee shop was our past time!  There were only 2 international coffee shop brands then --- Starbucks Coffee and Blenz Coffee.  We would always choose for the latter because Starbucks is always packed!  It was a good decision though as the coffee served are always good and the spacious interior is an absolute PLUS!

When I learned from Trixie that Blenz Coffee is available in the Philippines, I am very happy and excited to give the shop a visit!

It wasn't a launch or opening at that time but Nuffnang Philippines was kind enough to invite a few bloggers just to chill on a Saturday afternoon.  I just came from a makeup gig so I'm in dire need of coffee!

Here's what Mr. AMW ordered, Iced Matcha Latte and a brownie

 Because I needed the caffeine fix, I went for regular brewed coffee!

As I said, it wasn't a formal thing but just meet up and chat with friends and getting to know other bloggers better.  Marcelle, to break the ice, showed us a "bending of the fork" trick! 

I am amazed!  I actually saw the fork bended in front of my eyes!  Anyone knows this trick?  Please!  Let me know the secret!  I am still  in awe and I want to know the secret!!!!

After some chit-chatting and laughs, we were introduced to Blenz' Manager Reg and he welcomed us by giving us a bit of Latte Art Lessons!

Ivan, one of the talented Barista, continued the Latte Art lesson by giving us the basics. 
He continued explaining to us how to "know" if the coffee that comes out is good!  Term of the day: "Spaghetti-like".

Reg proceeded by explaining how to maintain the right "Froth" for the milk and the right temperature.  I also learned why some coffee comes out tasting "burnt", most of the time, it's not from the coffee but from the milk!

Some Latte Art that was done by Ivan

Trixie tried Latte Art
She came up with Christmas tree!

I came up with a Pig :)

Noelle did a cute monkey!

We also learned why Blenz offers really unique and delicious Chocolate (hot or cold).  They use real chocolates!  Imagine this: 7 pcs of Chocolates for Small cup, 13 pcs for Regular, 19 pcs for Medium and 26 for Large!
Calories!!!!  But definitely worth to have it once in awhile!

 Matcha Latte, one of their bestselling drink, was also done right in front of us!  They make it from scratch!

I appreciate the blend of Matcha tea and milk minus the bitter taste!

Reg excitedly announced to us that they will be coming up with 1 gig memory card that is a size of a credit card!  You can store your memories inside your wallet minus the bulk!  All you need to do is purchase approximately 15 drinks and you'll get this for free! :) Let's watch out for this!

Group shot with Nuffnang Family at Blenz Coffee

Thank you so much Nuffnang Philippines for the wonderful experience!
To Blenz Coffee, thank you for taking the time to train us and to explain to us how your food and drinks are made with quality, passion and love!

I will definitely go back to try their pastries and other drinks!
Have you tried Blenz?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I love blend coffee :) super love their matcha :)

  2. What fun! Fancier than Starbucks, for sure!

  3. wow!
    i have to go there just for their matcha latte!
    i love matcha latte & the best one that i have tasted is the one from Bo's.

    Starbucks didn't even came close!
    what a disappointment!
    i hope that Blenz's matcha latte will be really good! have to put that on my shops to try na!

  4. @Kumiko Mae Di ba?? Th Matcha! OH MY! To die for!!!!

  5. @Lavender Indeed, I learned a lot! Have you tried Latte Art?

  6. @~tHiAmErE~ Sis, I've tried Bo's, so far, I like this more! So I will wait for your feedback! Pero pramis, super sarap!!!! Won't fail you (I believe)

  7. cute warning on the coffee lol.

    haha cute reaction on the fork bending. pag nalaman mo secret you'll think it's lame na! :D

    and you're pig is cute! haha

    maybe i'll try this when i returned to Manila! thanks for sharing sis!

    1. naku..when you visit manila, meet tayo dito! di pwedeng ikaw lang! hahaha I need to get back!

  8. wow! latte art in Blenz Coffee.. i tried doing latte art in TCB (The Coffee Beanery) one of their barista gave me a cup with a flower on it and I asked him if he could teach me how to do it, it was so nice of him to show me how it was done! TCB baristas are so kind! not to mention.. they do have great coffees too! They support Filipino coffee farmers.. Foreign taste with a filipino catch!


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