Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Food Tripping at: Hong Kong Chef Seafood Restaurant

Happy Sunday!  Today's weekend food tripping is one of the most clueless food posts I will be doing!  Why?  Well, the restaurant was suggested by my dad and I gave him the liberty to take charge on order taking!  That's why I apologize for my lack of knowledge of these dishes!  

It's fun to see my dad ordering what he wants because he usually says: "Your choice.  You guys do the ordering!"  I'm glad its his time to go for what he craves for.  Definitely Authentic Cantonese Food!

I was told by my dad that the restaurant's chef is from Hong Kong!

Steamed Live Shrimps
Super fresh, one of the best I've tried!

Their Combination Platter

Various Vegetables with Fresh Fish
I can't even tell what fish it is but it tastes good!

Garlic Broccoli
Another fresh serve! I don't mine eating Broccoli without any seafood or meat! 
I don't mind eating the whole plate!

Totally Clueless about this, I asked my dad about this and he answered in Cantonese and I can't even translate it into English!  *laughs* I am such a lousy translator!  Oh wait!  Translating is not a job of mine so I'm all good!

The restaurant accepts cash and credit card transactions.  Servers were attentive but the place is quite small for huge gatherings. A bit pricey but great for those once in a while family gathering.

Hong Kong Chef Seafood Restaurant
Unit 05-06 Hong Kong Sun Plaza,
Roxas Blvd. Pasay City
(632) 831-8308

This is one of the most authentic Chinese Restaurant I've tried in the Metro.  You can always go for the regular Chinese dishes served in other restaurants.  My dad was just a bit adventurous this time and I'm glad!

What's your weekend food craving?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I've been to HK Chef a few times. I like their beef fried rice and veggies. For me, it's much cheaper there compared to other restaurants in malls.:)

  2. @cheerfulnuts Really? Our bill came out around 5K plus, so I'm not sure if my dad ordered the "extraordinary" ones :)))

  3. Maybe the shrimps are expensive. We didn't order seafoods, so our bill was less than 1K and there were only four of us.:) We even had some leftovers LOL. In other Chinese restaurants, our bill is always 1,500+ :(.

  4. aww family dining bonding moment! napalaway ako sa veg with fish lol!


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