Saturday, November 12, 2011

AMW Reports: The Clinique Real Women Campaign Party!

One word that I could think off when you mention the brand Clinique --- REAL

Clinique wanted to celebrate the real beauty of women via a campaign called The Clinique Chronicles!  I am very happy to be part of this as you all know, when I started blogging, one of the few brands that was mentioned on the first month of blogging was Clinique (then Paul & Joe then Shu Uemura and the list goes on...).  But it was Clinique who jump started my love for skincare and the brand will always be close to my heart.

I want to thank AMW readers who joined the online contest to be my date last November 5th at Clinique Rockwell Branch.

It was a very full day for me as it was an early Saturday call time for a Prenup Shoot with 3 different locations and 3 different makeup looks to be done.  I actually left the "scene" 4:30pm and got to Rockwell on time, stopping by at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for my coffee fix to keep myself awake.

Then I was greeted with this....


It was a "natural high" I tell you!  I went on and greeted the people I get to meet through blogging!

L-R Paolo Maranan - Makeup Consultant of Clinique
Mirabelle Villanueva - Marketing Manager of Clinique

Kate Reye - Brand Coordinator of Clinique

And here are the gorgeous ladies I spent the party with!

Liz and her date Mina

Shen and her Date Pinky together with Lloyda

Sophie and her date Esquire

Friends from Havoc Digital
L-R Maui, Mina and Bryce

My date came!
Gorgeous girl isn't she?

Here's the gist of what happened, our "dates" were given the chance to experience the famous Clinique Assessment (being done worldwide) and there were given the answer to what type of skin they have.

Jenn, my date whispered to me how she was advised by her dermatologist to purchase Clinique as the brand is dermatology-tested and is good for sensitive skin.  It was difficult for her at the start as she was just starting out on a job and spending quite a lot on skincare is such a pain (I'm sure a lot of you can relate to that), the moral of the story is...All of us will get there!  I used to think like Jenny and I always have an automatic "NO" when I get close to a pricey skincare counter.  Things have changed and things WILL change, let us just focus on what we need and start saving up!  At the end of the day, our skin will thank us for using the right products and we will definitely see the difference! (this pertains to any skincare regimen/brand that works for you, not just Clinique.)

Afterwards, each ladies were given the makeover they deserve!

Shen's Date
The Sylvanian Families Collector

Sophie's Date
The Caruso Steam Roller Enthusiast! *lol*

Liz's Date
The Lady with a Cute smile
Lloyda's Date
The skincare Enthusiast and 
the one with the glowing skin

My date
The Poised :)

I had fun chatting with blogger friends at the same time meeting fellow Clinique Fans!  It wasn't hard to bond right away as we all came from the same background --- Our Love for Clinique.

Jenn after the makeover, doesn't she look gorgeous?

Whether you like it or not, I'm sharing you my proud pose at the Clinique Counter :)

Thanks Clinique Philippines Team for the warm welcome and for opening up your counter for us to get to know more about the brand and the people working behind it!

Thanks to the gorgeous ladies who made this event such an inspiration, as they are all gorgeous in and out!

Non-watermarked photos came from Clinique.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Looks like you guys had so much fun at the event. :D All of you looked great in each photos. :)

  2. I agree your guest is gorgeous:)and so are you! I love the color of your outfit. It radiates happiness :)
    I am actually scared to visit clinique's counter because I might love their products and splurge! I'm on a shopping diet haha. :D I am actually happy with my current skin care products (zen organics and human nature and korean bb creams)It works minus the hole in my pocket. But who knows, the counter might magnet me one of these days specially I'm living a few steps away from shang mall :D. I'm tempted to try their eye creams since I haven't found my HG eye cream.

  3. nikki you look supppppeeerr pretty in your outfit! :)

  4. Haha, I'm more the 'challenged-carusso-steam roller owner-who-can't-make-those-darned-curls-last". Will try your tips soon. It was fun a night :) You girls were great company.

  5. you and your date looks gorgeous! ;) you seem to really have fun, very nice for all of you, thanks to Clinique. hehe. :D

  6. ang gaganda! swerte Clinique Philippines to have you gorgeous people grace their evening!

    And you, my dear Askmewhats, look fresh and fun as always! I bet sawang sawa ka na to hear you look pretty kaya fresh and fun ang gimmick ko :P

    (I hope to see you soon too Nikki! Sana, sana... one of these days)

  7. You look so lovely Nikki! Ang saya saya naman nitong event! And your date is super pretty too! :)

  8. @Myrted Thanks dear, we definitely had fun!!! :)

  9. @Ria Ria, thank you for the compliment! You know what? I feel the same, i actually try to walk away from Clinique but I have this trick of going to the counter ONLY If I needed to buy something and so far it works! :)

  10. @esquire Hahahah Nice to meet you Esquire, ang haba naman ng title mo! nabulol ako! :)))) Hope it won't be the last meetup!

  11. @Charlene B. Super fun! Considering I had a full day and I was supposed to be tired and sleepy but it was a fun event I didn't even get the chance to be tired!

  12. @herroyalbleakness Ang cute mo! Si Clinique pa ang swerte to have us! It's actually the other way around too! :)

    Thanks dear, hahaha FRESH naman! I like it! Dinaan ko sa colorful outfit kasi I do feel like super "baho" and "ngarag" :) Na keri naman ng colors! I was out the whole day running around with a bride-to-be for her trial makeup, you can ask them, I look like crap prior to styling my hair and putting on a bit makeup :D

    Yup! Hope to see you soon din! KELAN KAYA??? The last event at Basement Salon I was looking for you! :) You can ask Krissy! :P

  13. wow, bonggang party ito! :D tama iyon sis, using the right products do make a huge difference. be it cheap or expensive, if it's good for your skin, go for it!

  14. Finally got a break from work! Ayan, nakita ko rin tong post. Thank you Nikki! I never win/get picked in blog contests so this is a first! Haha. Took me quite a while to warm up. I'm socially awkward kaya dinadaan na lang sa pa-poise. I could be a bit loud with friends though.

    Si Mia yung friend kong nagpa-hello kay Shen. :)

  15. hi ms.nikki I have been lurking in your blog and I think we share the same love for Clinique products. I especially love Clinique liquid soap and clarifying lotion (samples that were given to me upon purchase of Clinique Happy) and I am now seriously considering to make the 3 step my new regimen.But I am having 2nd thoughts due to parabens and sulfates that Clinique might have. Please advise me on this one. Thanks

  16. @MereMakeupManiac Thanks to Mr. AMW, siya ang unang bumili ng set ng Clinique kc nga bagay sa akin yet ayaw kong gumastos dati! :)

  17. @Jenn Hindi pwedeng socially awkward , dapat WA POISE! ikaw lang ang poised kaya! hahhaha take care!

  18. @Shiela Hi Shiela! :) Nice to hear from you. Thanks for sharing your love for CLinique and your concerns.

    Here's my advise..most cosmetics/skincare have a certain amount of Parabens/sulfates but I believe it was tested to include only the right amount that is safe enough! The only products that wouldn't include those ingredients you mention are the natural ones but again, not all people would go well with natural products.

    It all boils down to your skin, the environment you live in and your sensitivity to certain ingredients. Only YOU can tell if a product will work for you, so far, I have very sensitive skin and it was healed naman when I used Clinique kaya I am free to use different brands now. There are products kasi on a first use pa lang, as in KATI na skin ko so I the patch test, since the tester is ok for you, maybe you an try another set of testers? tapos from there, you can gauge if you need to purchase full sized ones! or you can try purchase cleanser muna, then slowly inject the rest :)


  19. thank you ms. nikki! ive already started trying samples from The Face Shop but they make my face too oily and there's no glow. Clinique gave me a glow that is evident only after the 2nd use. i had my skin assessed at Clinique counter and they gave me 2 sample sachets (3 step) to try. they assessed me as skin type 3 and the first samples that I have used before were also for skin type 3, they also gave me skin type 3 samples this time and I think if these prods will perform like how they performed the very first time I used them, then I will go ahead and buy the full size. Thank you so much Ms. Nikki for solving my dilemma. More power to your blog.


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