Friday, November 11, 2011

AMW Reviews: Clinique Lid Smoothie Antioxidant 8-hour Eye Color

Clinique Lid Smoothie Antioxidant 8-hour Eye Colour --- I've seen this in various international blog sites a month ago and I stalked on Sephora site waiting for family members or friends arriving from the States.  Now, isn't it good news to know that this will be available locally?

Yes!  This month!

Clinique Lid Smoothie says ---
Creamy, crease-resistant eye color wears for 8 hours. Instantly cools thanks to a unique applicator. Nourishing ingredients coax fine lid lines into a blanket of smoothness. Antioxidants help protect eye-area skin. 

 L-R Currant Affair, Cute-Cumber, Pinko Biloba
 L-R Bit O' Honey, Born Freesia, Cashew Later
 Net wt. 0.24 oz. 

AMW says ---
  • The shade names are unique and fun!
  • Hygienic packaging as you can get a bit of the product and apply with brush if you plan to use this on other people. 
  • If applied alone gives a nice shimmer on lids minus the overly glittery effect.
  • For personal use, apply directly gives a "cooling" effect due to its' unique metal applicator.  This applicator does not irritate my eyes.
  • Using the metal applicator alone can blend the product with less tugging.  If you're uncomfortable, you can freely use your clean fingers in blending the rest.  No brush or special tools needed.
  • A little goes a super long way so one tube can last for a long time.
  • Though the product comes off sheer and has a slight shimmer to it, it can "liven" up any eyeshadow I own.
  • No weird scent.
  • Allergy tested, ophthalmologist tested and 100% fragrance free.
  • To those who plan to wear this alone, the color comes off very sheer.
  • Can crease on oily to very oily lids!  On myself, it creases a bit after 5-6 hours.
  • The subtle shimmer may still not get the thumbs up mark for those who prefer matte shadows.
  • A bit pricey at one look especially if you don't maximize the usage.
These reminded me so much of Coffret D'or Fluffy Shine Eyes or the Elianto Aqua Shadows 

I like the fact that this stayed on my lids for the whole day without creasing (please consider that my lids aren't that oily to start with).  I like using this on its own and pat with a very sheer powder eye shadow.  It can brighten up my eyes instantly!

  • Perfect if used as base for smokey eye makeup as it gives a nice contrast against the matte shadow.
  • Since I do not have super oily lids and I haven't tried this on clients with oily lids I suggest to use an eyeshadow primer.
  • To make this product work, apply a good amount all over lids, do not use tiny amount as it won't do anything! (Tried and tested.  Kindly check photo below to see the right amount needed on each lid)]
  • Wipe the applicator with a towel after every use.
  • For this particular shade, you can feel free to use this to highlight the brow bone area and inner corner of the eyes.
  •  You can wear it on its own if you feel like you don't need to put on much eye makeup and finish with an eyeliner.
  • Combine this with different shades of eye shadow and create better looking eye shadow shades.
Will I repurchase?
Yes, but in other shades.

To whom do I recommend this to?
Subtle eye shadow wearers who are stuck in a rut and wants a different look without using loud colors!  Bright colored eye shadow wearers would enjoy different shades from same eye shadows they've been using.

Where to purchase and how much?
Available at Clinique Counters for Php1,550.00 (approx $35.00)

07 Pinko Biloba
Gives out a nice pink shimmer

Blended on lid
The Lid Smoothie almost went invisible leaving a nice sheen

Light colored eyeshadow
Above: Majolica Majorca BR742 Light Champaigne shade alone
Below: Same shade with 07 Pinko Biloba underneath

Dark Colored Eyeshadow
Above: Bobbi Brown Pretty Palette Chocolate Caviar alone
Below: Same with with 07 Pinko Biloba underneath

Huge difference can be seen for a product that may look a bit boring on its' own.

Do you use any cream shadows underneath your powdered eye shadows?
Share to us which brand and tell us if it lasts the whole day!

Keep smilin' 
Stay happy


  1. Hey!

    I just found your blog and I like your posts, they're very complete and informative!

    I also do reviews on mine, and I just did an everyday cat-eye tutorial if you're interested:

    Have a great day!



  2. Thanks for the review! These are a bit too sheer for my taste!

  3. nothing really mind blowing about the colors, but the applicator is cute!! like the garnier eye roller, but this one for the lid!

  4. I always use creamy eye shadow bases to stick on actual eye shadow :)
    This is very unique product and the metallic applicator is very interesting! Lovely color range...

  5. I don't use this kind of make up, i apply eye sadow straightly on my eyes, I think this once good for someone like me who didn't wear make up at all times. and its a bit pricey though..... nice review btw.

  6. These are too sheer for me, but thanks for the review.

  7. wow, the color was even better with those cream eyeshadows as base! thanks for the review!

  8. Wow this is a great powder shaddow popper! I'm currently using the MUFE Aqua Cream shadow in 13 as a base, and it tends to get super shimmery. Its lasting power is great, but I hate using it whenever I do a matte eye look. Will definitely try this out! Hope this is cheaper than the MUFE Aqua Cream too. I'll run out of allowance if I get another pot! Haha!

    Great review, Ms. Nikki! :)


  9. This didn't work on me :-( It was cakey and creased and I've tried all sorts of ways to use it. Guess it suits non-oily lids more. It does look lovely on you though.

  10. @ninamademoiselle Thanks for the message and thanks for sharing your link

  11. @xin Sister, the applicator gives a cooling effect, I like it!

  12. @Anastacia Agree! I love using base too to create a 3-dimentional eyeshadow look! :)

  13. @Analyn Alonsagay Ah lucky you, does your e/s stay the whole day? :D

  14. @Issa Sis, BLAH when worn alone no? But if worn underneath an eyeshadow, ang ganda!

  15. @lyn Really??? I'm glad it worked on me! Thanks for your feedback

  16. i stay away from creamy shadows 'cause my lids are oily. still, this looks neat. but expensive ha! :D


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