Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Food Tripping at: FlapJacks + Php1,000 GC for 1 AMW Reader! --- Closed!

When I was invited to dine at FlapJacks because of the FlapJacks' Back...Better...Best! menu, I immediately said "yes"!  What's not to like?  I looked back on my first FlapJacks experience which was 3 years ago!  Imagine, 3 long years!  Thanks to my "Food and Drinks" tag I was able to look back on the restaurants I've tried. 

By smiling and clicking HERE, you'll see that I had a grand time at the FlapJacks Restaurant several years ago with my family.  If you wonder why I haven't been back to this restaurant even when I sing nothing but praises for them?  I try to dine as much restaurants I can because I want to try new dishes!  

And the new menu of FlapJacks definitely makes it worth re-visiting!

Clam Chowder
Php145.00 (approx $3.40)
Creamy clam and vegetable soup

It is very difficult to appreciate creamy based soup as it usually tastes overwhelming when you're not even halfway there!  With the FlapJacks' version of clam chowder, I had to say, this is the BEST Clam Chowder soup I've tried.  They obviously used fresh clams that are chopped in medium size, not too big and not too small!  The texture is just right mixed with various vegetables.  I consider this a very healthy meal!

Awesome Trio
Php395.00 (approx $9.20)
A platter of traditional Buffalo Wings, Fried Calamari and Zesty Nachos
The Buffalo Wings are spicy and I can taste Tabasco sauce? (not sure if I'm right).  I think my tongue is used to the taste of Chicken Charlie, Bon Chon etc... that's why I don't crave for this as much.  
The calamari is perfectly cooked! Crunchy on the outside and it was soft and chewy inside.  
The nachos?  The name says zesty but the chips itself is light to taste, best partnered with sour cream and salsa!

 Lemon Pepper Pan Seared White Fish
Php295.00 (approx $6.85)
Mildly seasoned white fish with fresh squeezed lemon and pepper, 
pan fried in olive oil. Served with herb rice and chef's veggies.
I feel the dish is good but it lacks something, probably sauce?  I'm a sauce eater!  *lol* Fret no more, remember the Clam Chowder that I ordered?  It actually works pairing it with this fish!!!! It actually tastes perfect!

Mexi-Burrito Wrap
Php265.00 (approx $6.16)
Grilled chicken strips, vegetables and 
Mexican rice in soft tortilla wrap
I'm not a fan of anything with beans except, maybe..pork n' beans in can?  *laughs* Good thing I raised my concern to the order taker and I was told I can request to remove the beans, which they did and I LOVE this Mexi-Burrita Wrap sans beans!  The tortilla wrap is soft and easy to chew at the same time, the chicken strips are flavorful.

Closer look on the flavorful rice, chicken strips and vegetables

The Original Hashbrown Burger
Php350.00 (approx $8.30)
Mouthwatering pan seared all beef patty with fresh tomatoes and lettuce.
Topped with golden fried hashbrown & American cheese
Hashbrown, oh how I love thee!  It actually tastes good to have a piece of hashbrown in between the melted cheese and beef pattie.  I was told by the server that this was requested by a lot of customers when they took this out on the menu.  So now, they put it back due to customers demand!

For the drinks, I've decided to be adventurous and tried the unthinkable (in my dictionary).  I'm a fan of vegetables but there are certain vegetables I just can't put near my mouth!  Celery!  I hope you guys are proud of me!  I mustered the courage to try....

Jack and the Beanstalk
Php125.00 (approx $3.00)
Combination of celery, apple and pineapple
Surpisingly, the tiny hint of taste of the celery complemented the taste of apples and pineapples!  I even challenged the server that I'll give this back if I don't like it!  Of course, they won!!!  This drink is surprisingly good!  With everything that I tasted above?  Adding a bit of celery will burn "a tiny bit" of calories!  (wishful thinking) :P

Of course, Mr. AMW had his favorite Coca cola!

I am very happy that after years, the restaurant still has one of the best service I've tried!  Smiling servers, a manager that goes up to you and ask how you liked your meal (they did that even years ago).  The restaurant was packed and ambiance was definitely a great place to hang out not only with friends, but with the family!

Visit Flapjacks restaurants in Greenbelt 2, Ayala Center; Theater Mall, Greenhills; Al Fresco, Midtown; and UP Ayala Technohub. 
Restaurant accepts cash and credit card, service charge will be added to your total bill.

To receive special news and deals from Flapjacks, feel free to sign up at or visit their website

Here's a great news for dear AMW readers who got hungry after reading THIS post, they are giving away 2 x Php500.00 worth GC which I will be giving away to ONE lucky AMW reader!
Reader must be from Metro Manila to be able to enjoy this deal!

How to join:
  • Comment "I'm Joining!" in this blog post together with your name and email address.
  • Let me know which among the dishes I tried you think you would want to try yourself and why.
  • SMILE because all you need is positivity and luck! :D  A big one ok? 
  • Contest starts today until October 8, 2011.  
  • One winner will be picked via Fruit Machine.
Thank you for more than 2,000 readers and almost 3million page views.  I will cook up with more contests to show my appreciation to YOU, YOU and YES... YOU!

Keep smilin'
Stay "burp"-y


  1. I'm joining! :) I really want to try the hashbrown burger cause omg im so addicted to jollibee's . im sure their's is better! Kumiko Mae (

  2. I'm joining..
    Mary Dianne M. Cruz

    I want to try the Original Hashbrown Burger coz seems like this is the latest rave in town.. Most fastfood chains are having this on their menu


  3. joining c:
    charmaigne grace gepana

    i want to try their Mexi-Burrito Wrap coz i'm loving mexican food right now :) super yummy Grilled chicken strips, vegetables and
    Mexican rice in soft tortilla wrap!

  4. I'm joining!
    Bec San Diego

    The Original Hashbrown Burger looks extremely enticing and delicious! I would love to try it out!

  5. I'M JOINING! :)))

    I wanna try Lemon Pepper Pan Seared White Fish. :) I love fishyyy :)

    Cecile Angulo


  6. I'm joining! :D
    Myrted Joyce Caldona

    I would like to try their Mexi-burrito Wrap! I have never tasted a good burrito wrap.. I have been disappointed with this particular burrito wrap I have tried and I would really like to taste Flapjack's version of it. Looking at your pic, it seems that it's soo uber delicious!!! *Really drooling over here* :}~~

    Good luck to all participants! :D

    Have a nice day Ms. Nikki.

  7. i'm joining!
    anya mendoza

    i want to try the clam chowder and the hash brown burger. these are 2 of my favorite things. :)

  8. I'm Joining! salmoncat, salmoncat2010(at)yahoo(dot)com

    I want to try the clam chowder 'coz you've proclaimed it as the best clam chowder you've ever tried. Intrigued much.

  9. I'm joining!!! Pictures look delish! Yum, yum, yum!

    Regina Blanco

  10. I'm Joining! :D

    Sugar Lagamayo

    Nothing keeps me away from food. LOL! x) I want to try the The Original Hashbrown Burger! I can imagine what it tastes like and my mind tells me it's good!

  11. The hashbrown burger looks yummy as well as the buffalo wings! ::P

    Very generous of them to give 1k worth of GC. :)

  12. I'm joining~!
    Chezka Mariz Guevarra

    I wanna try Original Hashbrown Burger because it seems to be the latest rave in town as well as the Awesome Trio because I am in love with nachos and salsa~

  13. I'm joining! :D
    Bea Labilles

    I want to try the Clam chowder soup! :) I love love love cream based soups.. When I was in San Francisco a few years ago, I got to try clam chowder soup in a bread bowl.. It was perfect and I fell in love. <3 I want to have that same feeling again. :>

  14. I'm joining.. =)

    I would love to try the Lemon Pepper Pan Seared White Fish..looks yummy! =)


  15. I'm joining! I'd love to try the hash brown burger. It looks interesting!


  16. i'm joining!

    would love to try the mexi-buritto wrap!


  17. I'm joining, Ms. Nikki!!

    I definitely wanna try The Original Hashbrown Burger because I've read about it several times online that it is an absolute delight and an absolute winner! So I can hardly wait to give it a try myself and see what the rave is all about.

    Kate Gienelyn Sinaon

  18. I'm joining
    Michelle Ame
    Because I have a big appetite I want to try a platter of traditional Buffalo Wings, Fried Calamari and Zesty Nachos.burp! hihihi

  19. I'm Joining!
    Kris Bernadette Sta, Maria; :)

    Nothing will keep me away from that Amazing Trio Buffalo Wings. I'm now in the search of the best buffalo wings and is now hoping to taste this one and compare with Buffalo's Wings N' Things, Don Henrico's, Flaming Wing's etc. :)

    Hope to win... garhhh. Now i'm hungry!

  20. I'm joining! The original hashbrown burger! It looks yummy!


  21. Im joining! the mexi burrito wrap! as soon as I read the word "flavorful" in your post, I want it already!


  22. I'm j-o-i-n-i-n-g! I want the Lemon Pepper Pan Seared White Fish..looks very filling!

    Mary Grace

  23. I'm joining! :)
    Steph Rodriguez

    I've been a fan of Flapjacks but I've only tried their pancakes and frenchtoast. I'd love to try the Lemon Pepper Pan Seared White Fish. :)

  24. I am joining!
    Camille Marie P. Lorenzo

    Honestly I want to try all of them! hahaha :D I've never been to Flapjacks before but seeing your blog makes me crave for it!

    Thanks :)

  25. Thank you for my weekend food injection!

  26. I'm Joining!
    Kei San Pablo

    I want to try the The Original Hashbrown Burger!!!

  27. I like your blog,and also like the article,and thank you for provide me so much information :))

  28. I'm Joining!
    Thea Tesoro

    The Awesome Trio is the one that looks appetizing to me the most. I'm a huge fan of Buffalo Wings!

  29. I'm joining too! Denise Go,

    I'd love to try their clam chowder. I love, love, love soup, and I'd like to see if theirs isn't fishy. Ah, if only I can survive on a liquid only diet, I'd do so for my love of soup!

  30. I'm joining!

    Katherine Rose Rivera

    I would like to try the Lemon Pepper Pan Seared White Fish. I'm a fan of anything that comes with lemon and i think this dish is delicious. Even though it's fried, i think this is ok for my diet since it's fish.

  31. I'm joining!

    Lanie Intalan

    I want to try the lemon peppered pan-seared white fish (coz I try to eat healthy, all the time) and I'd love to try the drink you had- Jack and the Beanstalk!

  32. I am joining!!! Leilani Sonza

    I'd love to try their Mexi-Burrito Wrap..]I love Mexican food!!!

    :) :) :)

    Thanks Nikki!

  33. I'm Joining!
    Myra Villanueva

    I'd like to try the Lemon Pepper Pan Seared White Fish... It looks delicious. :)

  34. I'm joining! I'd love to try the Original Hashbrown burger because I love hashbrown alone so I'm sure this would really taste good with that patty! Besides, it looks like this is their bestseller....

    Name: Norissa Chavez

  35. I'm Joining! Janet Lao

    I can't just choose one because I'd love to try all those yummy dishes! ~(^_^)~

  36. I'm joining! :)
    Katherine Manaog

    I wanna try the mexi-burrito wrap coz it looks so delish and like you i don't like beans too so I'll probably ask them to take it out also. But i love wraps so I'll definitely try this one! :) :) :)

  37. I'm joining!

    I would love to try the hashbrown burger it looks so delicious! :)

    name: Alice Mate

    great post miss nikki! :)

  38. I want to join!
    Mariel Abrantes

    i want to try their Mexi-Burrito Wrap coz I want to try Mexican foods. I am not a big fan of Mexican foods but maybe after tasting the Mexi-Burrito Wrap, my insights might change! :)

  39. joining!
    Rachael A. Uson

    I want try the Lemon Pepper Pan Seared White Fish cause I'm really into white fish lately. looks delish to me! :D

  40. I'm joining! I would love to try the Awesome Trio! I think its value for your money.


  41. I'm joining too! Susie

    I would love to try the mexi-burrito wrap, haven't eaten mexican food for a long time, i'm salivating just looking at your photos. Reasonably priced too.

  42. I'm Joining!
    Marydel Santiago

    Clam Chowder!! i love chowders or soups. It is a comfort food for me. It makes me feel at home because my mom usually prepares soups whenever i am sick or on a stormy weather right now. :)

  43. I'm joining
    Jhoanne Luna

    I would love to try Mexi-Burrito Wrap because I love Burritos. Its a nice alternative for my everyday lunch rice meal :)

  44. I'm joining :D
    Berylle hong

    Would love to try the lemon pepper pan seared white fish! :D