Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: Flapjacks

I celebrated Father's Day with my dad late...I've been busy on Father's day because of the make-up gigs. I was too tired to go out to have dinner with them. I told my dad it's better late than never, so me and my hubby decided to celebrated Father's day with my family this weekend. So it's another weekend food tripping!

I wanted to treat my dad somewhere special, somewhere we never tried before. So my hubby and I literally checked out all the "possible" restaurants at the mall and we finally gave in to a place called "FlapJacks". We heard so much about Flapjacks because of the morning radio show we love to listen to 89.9 and we heard how Mo Twister love this place so much because of their good customer service.

So, here we go! Here's how the lovely menu looks like....

The area isn't big but I love the ambience, the decors are lovely, they have one flat screen tv and the cartoon version of Mr. Bean was on! So we weren't bored while waiting for my family to arrive.

Can I say that they offer bottomless drinks for only Php75.00? (approx $1.75)
and look how cute the coke glass is!

So now, the FUN part...the food pix!!!

Here's what my dad and I ordered
The Chicken Fried Steak
Php 325.00 (approx $7.50)

My take on this is that, the potatoes are lovely, the scrambled eggs are lovely, but the chicken itself? I love how big the serving is and how crunchy it is, but it tastes....a bit bland. I think what they can do is add more spices on it. My dad ended up adding Tomato Ketchup on top of the gravy! LOL But overall, it's ok! nothing superb!

Next, my mom ordered
Beef Salpicao
Php425.00 (approx $10.00)

My mom's take on this? The rice is lovely, the scrambled eggs with tomatoes tastes heavenly, but the Beef Salpicao is too salty for her taste!

My hubby's order
Country Ham
Php390.00 (approx$9.00)

I think this is the best meal we ordered! My hubby ordered this and he loved the thickness of the ham yet it is soft enough to chew. It's sweet yet super tasty. It was cooked just right, doesn't taste like the normal ham you ordered out of the supermarket freezer! The salad tastes great as well! trust me, I've tasted it and I'm a salad eater! Thumbs up on this one!

My brother's order
Steak and Eggs
Php450.00 (approx $11.00)

My brother ordered this in medium rare, changed the potato order into garlic rice. Egg will be sunny side-up and the beef came with bacon topped on it. Overall, I gave this lovely a li'l taste myself and it is good! I am not an expert steak eater to be honest, but I like this! Not my kind of meal but I like it!

Now, I'm getting excited to talk about this....Flapjacks are famous for their pancakes and because of their promo flyer they give out, you get to have a free pancake of your choice for every Php 250.00 (approx $5.00) you ordered. One table can avail only 1 freebie, but the manager is super nice he offered us 2 orders of free pancakes of our choice! YAY!!!

The Triple Choco Chip Pancake
Php220.00 (approx $4.50)

I can taste Hershey chocolate syrup and the mini kisses are lovely!!!! Love love love this!!! Forget about my diet! lol (as if I'm dieting)

Double Blueberry Pancake
Php220.00 (approx $4.50)

I am not a fruit pancake eater...but I gotta try this when they told me this is their specialty! Boy!!! They're NOT joking!!! this tastes heavenly, the warmth of the pancake plus the sweetness of the blueberry? I am in heaven!!! We finished this up like there's no tomorrow! lol

Before I end this post, I have to say this...Flapjacks is famous not because of their food, in my opinion, they have the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE ever!!! We never had to raise our hands 2x or call their attention again and again as the waiter was always alert and always attend to our needs. We even felt embarrassed that he would change our plates or get us new plates even when we didn't even ask them to! They always serves with a smile and you really would feel like a VIP! We felt so good and we didn't even care that our food isn't perfect, we went out really happy!

Flapjacks Restaurant Midtown
Located at Robinson's Midtown Manila

Are you somewhere in Manila?
Give this restaurant a visit!
You can enjoy their ambiance, their pancakes or just their customer service!
Feel special! As we all deserve it!
Thanks Flapjacks for such a great customer service!
I'll definitely come back!


  1. After reading everything about the dishes, I want some pancakes with blueberries on top! :P The worst part is I'm not a pancake lover... lol~ :P

  2. you always manage to get me hungry although now I just had lunch. why, nikki? WHYYYYY???

  3. LOL alyssa! I know!!! I'm not a pancake lover myself but I was surprised I enjoyed this so much!

    Airinantha, how come when I clicked on your URL, I can't seem to see your site? Sorry girl! for making you hungry!!!!

  4. the pancake looks heavenly nikki! waaah! pano na diet ko?! haha. :)

  5. Ohhhhh that chicken fried steak looks yummy, Guess what ! I went to Korean buffet today, ate too much today, when I was about to leave, the owner lady asked me " why don't you eat some more ?" I said "My belly is about to explode!!" cuz I ate too much, and she asked me if I would like to have some dessert, I had to deny lol Sooooooo loving korean food. I'm glad you had fun with your family that's so sweet :X

  6. Thank for subscibing to my feed. I also subscribed to your feed via email. thanks again

  7. Nice food entry! Wow, that Triple Choco Chip Pancake looks like heaven =9

  8. oh my, I love food post!!! everything look so good, especially those pancakes. Boy, they look delicioussss. Maybe I should try that sometime. Topping pancakes with chocolate. WOW. yummmm

  9. Sab, forget the DIET! :) Weekend is weekend! Eat anything you want on a weekend! LOL

    Nabi, wow! you had korean food? Me..I didn't went out today, we had a very strong Signal no. 3 typhoon, so we're stuck at home! :( I missed eating Duri!! LOL

    DJ Yano, thanks !

    Trangster, oohh I'm still thinking about the pancakes! I can't go out to eat 'em!!! Rain rain go away! give them a try, maybe if you have the hershey squeeze chocolate? I don't know how they call it! LOL but I never thought I'll love them! I usually eat pancakes just the way they are !!! BUt since I tried pancake eating will never be the same again :)

  10. Yum! Looks absolutely fab! Take me there Nikki, sister! I love steak dinner... My bf prefers his stake medium rare but I love mine medium. I used to have it medium well until the chef cremated my steak and I moaned about my food all night ha ha ha! We had to wait for nearly an hour for our main course and I didn't fancy waiting for much longer that I had to force myself eat my meal. Not good!

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  12. Ohhh, it's just located at Robinson's Place, we can go there when you visit here! :)!!! lol I hate how food can make us all hungry! even while typing a reply, Looking at the pancakes makes me salivate! lol

    Nic Nic, you love to eat pancakes ?? Do you eat them with fruits as well?

  13. wow! sana may branch rin sa galleria!


  14. Iya, thanks for commenting :) I do wish din it will be available on all robinson's mall! But it won't be special if its readily available :)

  15. gush.......the food looks sooooooooo yummy and tempting... i love pancakes ans steaks :)

  16. Dana&debbie, i'm sure you have those readily available anytime!

  17. Yummy...The only thing I bought more often than random makeup is definitely food...


  18. Ok...I am back to this post again...I want everything with meat in...I just wonder how come the food in US suck so much...even the sushi place everybody was raving about definitely put more sauce/salt that they are supposed to.


  19. Citrine, really? I always thought in the US, you always have a lot food choices :) That's a good insight and good point to know :)

  20. we tried this before but we didn't like. food tasted ordinary and it's overpriced. i had the omelette while my family ordered burgers and fried chicken.

    i prefer pancake house.


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