Saturday, June 21, 2008

My "Gig" Traincase

I love putting make-up on others,
but of course, I need to bring my stuffs for most times...
Before I seriously considered to be a make-up artist,
I got so scared to buy a TRAINCASE...
because I know I have to fill them up...
filling them up would only mean one thing...
But because of my passion for make-up, I've slowly purchased some products,
and because of blogging, it really does help to read fellow bloggers' product reviews, feedbacks, and a whole lot of tips tips tips!

Now, I am ready to show to the world "What's in my Traincase". Again, this was purchased not so long ago, it's not a lot, but I think I am happy enough to be able to survive any make-up session with my collection... I believe in having the basics, and be creative enough to work your way to different looks. Enjoy!!!

My pride, my baby!

Here's what you will see when you first open the traincase

Here's what's on the LEFT side of the case

1. All single eyeshadows
2. Eyeshadow palettes
3. Extra mascara, concealers, spatulas, brow shaver, pencil sharpener, brow scissors, etc...

And here's on my Right side

1. Brow pencils, eye pencils, mascaras, eyeshadow primers, eyeliners, liquid liners etc...
2. Chrome Shadows, blush powders
3. All lippy products (plus 2 adopted Body Shop e/s LOL needed more space!)

In the middle are my foundations, falsies, powders, palettes, etc...
Whatever big enough that won't fit, it's all in there baby!

And yes, I am so organized that I can close it without problems


And of course, I won't forget my traincase "belt" to protect all my babies!

I've bared my heart and soul... (LOL)
Hope you guys enjoyed it!
Want to see where I get the traincase belt?
Just smile and say Traincase Belt!


  1. I like your train case! :) If that's all your makeup, you don't have much but you do have good choices.

  2. dang, that's a huge traincase!!! you have such a nice collection! ^^

  3. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing that- I actually went shopping today for a traincase, but I didn't find one, so I bought more makeup instead lol!!

  4. Hi Alyssa, well you're right! It's not a lot, it's not all, but so far, I've made this my all, I've removed those that I know I won't use so that I can have space to add more! lol I want more more more that's why I'm getting ready for my HK trip this September! LOL wanna help ? lol

    Nic Nic, oohhh Nic it's not huge, trust me...that's quite compact and "just right" I am honestly planning to buy a bigger one...BUT..I have to wait for more gigs before I spend more! :P

    Yellow Fever, wow, I love traincase shopping, I've checked out some from Enkore and he was able to buy good and affordable traincases!!! So I hope you find yours sooN!!! I know...traincases are quite expensive and you would just want to buy more make-up and put them all in plastic bags! LOL <-- of course I'm just joking! hehehe

  5. wow... san mo nabili yung belt? and how muchie? me naman hirap ako ayusin traincase ko... nagbawas na nga ako still magulo parin tignan =(

  6. Oh gosh! You're able to put that much in your traincase ha ha ha! I try not to put my make up on top of each other and this is because when I do my make up, I'd like to see straight away what I wanted to use... but then again, sometimes it's just can't be help. My make up collection is growing whilst my traincase is not getting any bigger ha ha ha! Infact, I've already put all of my E.L.F. and NYX make up in separate box. I don't take my make up outside my house so most of my pencils, all of my foundations, tools (brushes and others), cleansers, some of my lipsticks and lipglosses are on my dressing table. I'd like to get the professional make up traincase with lighted mirror (I've got a Revlon lighted make up mirror at the moment)I saw on Givenchy make up counter in Debenhams but might cost a little fortune ha ha ha! Hey! It's like having your own beauty salon in your own home ;)

  7. Very nice and well organized. Wish I could be as organized as you =(

  8. you got a fab collection Nikki. mine's only for personal use lang pero i feel its too much na rin to use up but i still want to keep in buying lol. i don't even know how to accomodate additional makeup na nga. :-/ anyhoo, i love how you organize 'em. mine's a bit organized i guess but not as compact as yours, mine's have a li'l space here and there.. :-/

  9. cool! I like your blog. Its so kikay!
    Nice to choice of make-ups.

  10. I like your traincase. You have a great collection!

  11. Whoa, that's quite a collection you have there Nikki! I like how your train cases has 'stairs' on both sides. Mine extends from one side only so it tips over when I pull it open fully. :/

    You keep everything so neatly in the train case!!

  12. wow! i also can't help but notice a bit of OC-ness there. i love it! it's so organized and neat!

  13. Hi Nica, i bought the traincase belt at ACE hardware, it's actually not a traincase belt but it's a velcro belt that you can use for other stuffs, in my case, it's for my traincase! LOL

    Gracie, I know! I've put so much but I'm very organized, no matter how crowded they look, I know exactly where the stuffs are. And everytime I use it, I know which products to be pulled out and where to put them...yup I have my own make-up table "blue print" hehehe I am sure you can't fit your make-up in ANY traincase at all! LOL I can imagine all your hauls! You need to "house" them :) lol..

    ebeautyblog, hehehe everyone kept on telling me that I'm so organized! I'm glad I am, coz that won't look good when you open up your traincase and your clients will see them in a mess! :D

    Mhean, I'm sure you have bigger collection! I know a lot of people who are collecting makeup for personal use and they're bigger than mine!!! Oooohh..I am more of a "thinker" kc when I purchase stuffs, I make sure that I will be using it for long term and I know that it will be very useful before I purchase anything! hehehe

    Hi Thoughtskoto!!! Nice to see you here, welcome! and thanks for visiting my blog! I hope to see you around more often! :) Are you a kikay yourself?

    Gio, thanks , my traincase is simple, yet it is very special to me! My pride...really! lol

    Liz, I know the traincase you're referring to, I have one smaller and it tips all over, that's why what I do is everytime I open it, I will put my "brush holder with brushes" on the other side so it won't tip over! :) It works, you may do the same! :) Happy weekend girl!

  14. SAB!!!! Girl!!! LOL I can't believe it!!! You're the nth person who called me OC! hahahh well at least you said "a li'l bit of OCness" not too much is still ok right? lol

  15. hey nikki. i think i know who that person is who texted me. this guy used to like me A LOT. i didn't give him my number. he got it from someone else and he'd text me every now and then, but he always told me he respected my relationship. he would flirt with me but it was never anything like this. i don't know if it's him, but he's the only one i know that lives in houston. other than that, no guys have my phone number except my siblings and my fiance. this guy got a new phone, so i don't have his new number on hand to know if this is really him. i don't want to reply to this person or it won't stop. so i'm gonna ignore it! about my pic being stolen, this guy broke into my fiance's work locker and stole the pic and took it for himself. and the thing is, he KNEW i was joey's fiance and that was joey's pic. it's not like he found it! that guy got fired from his job at the plant and my best friend's bf just so happened to be cleaning out that guy's locker and took the pic back for me! it's just weird.

  16. wow i like how the train case stretches out so long!

  17. Come here sis, This time, I'm going to make you become CLOWN ! Are you ready ? :D Let me use that train case, Come on over !

  18. Spankedelic, I messaged you back on your blog!

    Lily, it does stretches out long but I think I need more space still LOL *uh oh*

    Nabi..:P :P :P you come down here! Why would I waste my money to go there just for you to make me into a clowN? :P :P :P Catch me if you can !

  19. yes nikki! a lil bit of OCness is okay, acceptable even. :) i'm a bit OC too. haha! *high five*

  20. *high five* OC-ness RULES! LOL
    yup, i'm taking a rest and I'm taking medication! YUP, I can't stand up without medication, so good thing "it" arrived during weekend!

  21. Are you currently a freelance makeup artist?

  22. ebeautyblog, yes I'm a freelance make-up artist hoping to be a well known "bobbi brown" someday! LOL that is a joke..but dreams are for free! LOL what about you?

  23. OMG, pretty so pretty .... *drool*. I've wanted a train case in AGES but still too stingy to go buy one. But not stingy enough to splurge on makeup.

    DOH! *ala Homer* :p

  24. wish i could steal it from u :P

  25. Tine, I know! You told me before that you wanted a traincase...I felt the same as well, instead of spending too much on traincases, buying make-up is better..BUT that I'm taking my make-up around, it really helps and I am literally SMILING everytime I see my traincase! :)

    Prettybeautiful...please don't steal it from me! it's my baby :( :( :( And my OC-ness is also in there! LOL I can lend it to you...LOL


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