Friday, June 20, 2008

My Body Shop E/S Super Mini- Haul

Eye Shimmer in Violet and Emerald Available at The Body Shop

My first purchase from the Body Shop is their Mango Body Butter cream. Then I was introduced to the Body Shop Tea Tree oil, their pocket size mini brush set....and now..their e/s! I wouldn't think I would ever buy their e/s. Don't get me wrong, I know they have really good cosmetic lines but I just haven't heard much about their eye shadows.

They went on sale for last month and I can't help but take a look on where I can spend my moolah to! Cause I have a lot of cash LOL <--- guys, you do know that it's a joke right? Please believe me, it's a JOKE! lol Anyways, at first, I was looking through the neutrals and the regular colors. But something caught my eye, it's called the EYE SHIMMER. I checked on the tester, swabbed it once with my fingers and put it on my lids. VOILA! I was expecting my hubby to laugh, I was more surprised when he said "'s different, but it's very pretty!" WHOAH?!? SO I had to check my reflection and I was surprised coz I'm loving it!

I bought 2 shades right away, the super shimmery pink and super shimmery green. But since they are quite new, they are only on for 10%. While the rest are 20-30% off!

The Verdict? Read on ---

The Body Shop Says ---

Highly pearlescent shimmering powders, with a soft, smooth texture, that provides strong coverage. Light diffusing particles and pearl pigments add sparkle while helping to disguise fine lines on the eyelids. Perfect for any occasion, day or night.
Askmewhats Says ---

  • cute, tiny packaging
  • very pigmented
  • perfect to be used alone
  • easy to apply with fingers, without much effort needed
  • delivers the "Impact" especially the emerald!

  • pricey
  • it creases! with or without UDPP
  • the sparkle could get into your eyes (believe me, it got in mine in the middle of the day LOL)
  • if used all over the lid, your eyes will look puffy and people will believe there's Alien existing

Askmewhats Tips ---

  • IMO (in my opinion) I would use the Body Shop eye shimmers with my fingers, I tried using a brush and it doesn't look as good at swiping the color over your lids with your pinkie!
  • You can have your regular smokey look, and swab on once or twice on the lower lids (only) , you will create a very dramatic effect!
  • Use this alone with a black kohl pencil, vavavoom!
Will I repurchase?

No, as you don't use much of this tiny pot so this will last a long time..until expiration! lol

**note: applied no base, just the Body Shop e/s swiped 2x each eye

If you want a very dramatic shimmery look, this is the BEST
I have tried.
But if you want subtle shimmer, you won't like this much!
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Smile and say Tea Tree!


  1. I was about to say it's very shimmery and the name was Eye Shimmer ! I'm not sure if that type of eyeshadow is good for single lid eyes like me, maybe I could use them for eyeshadow base ;)

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  3. Nikki! I used to have both of these. Yes, I agree fingers are the best way to apply because it gets all over and they harden after a spell BUT try this over black pencil eye liner or black eyeshadow. I promise you the results will help you find a better use for them!:)

  4. It's funny, cuz when I read the title, I was thinking, The Body Shop, pfffft, the only makeup from them that's remotedly bearable is the Eye Shimmer. :P

    In general, I find TBS too pricey for their quality, and to be honest, I don't find their e/s to be pigmented enough. The Eye Shimmers are nice because they are shimmery, but like you said, they crease.

    I'm glad you like your purchases. But the only TBS products I purchase these days are the jojoba toner and body lotion/butter.

  5. i tried this in the shop too! i didn't buy it coz i tot i just have too many of eyeshadows already

  6. oohhh pretty colors! but yeah.. a bit pricey . :) i like their lip&cheek tint though and the brushes. :)

  7. I have never bought any makeup from The Body Shop, but I've always been curious about it. I can't wait to see it worn on you! :)

  8. I feel foolish! :X You already posted the eyeshadow on your eyes... lol~ I'm more tired than I thought! :X

  9. ohhh. i haven't tried their cosmetics except the lip and cheek tint. their liquid eyeliner looks promising when i swatched. But the e/s totally skipped me! the colors are too light for me.. i would have purchase their bright summer colors but is way too expensive. glad you are loving them. i might give them a shot too since you're loving them. naks! :)

  10. nikki, why not try a denser brush or synthetic brush. i think with natural hair brush, this will be everywhere. :) this shadows have kapow of shimmers in it. i think this really looks great on your pretty pretty chinita eyes sans the glitter in the eye ball! :)

  11. Nabi, LOL it is very shimmery as it is a SHIMMERY e/s! LOL you are not thinking straight girl! I guess that's one effect from Lack of sleep! *hint hint* Someone has to sleep early!

    Parisb, yup! definitely! thanks for letting me know and yes, I've used this with a black eyelining pencil and it's "VAVAVOOM" You said "used to" so that means you're not using them anymore? How come?

    Liz, hahahha Pfffftt for TBS huh? Lol I would say the same as well, I'm not a big fan coz it's so expensive down here and the colors are not too "interesting" when I first saw them :)

    Prettybeautiful! You're right, it's a type of e/s wherein you would want to give it a try!!! It can just catch anyone's attention!

    Sab, I've always tried their lip and cheek tint but NEVER bought it! LOL

    Alyssa, it's ok! Everyone's tired these days, me too! I'm sooo tired and it's Friday today! Can't wait for the weekend!

    Shen, thanks for the suggestion, I did try using the smallest synthetic brush and it's really "different" when you applied it with your finger! I think this e/s is meant to be applied with "Fingers" it should be named as "Finger E/S" lol

  12. oooh emerald is beautiful!! i wonder if it's anything like mac's warm chill? i really like how you can see the green shimmer. a lot of frosty eye shadows that i come across just come out frosty with not much pigment in them.

  13. I love anything with shimmer. :P Too bad they creased, though. Maybe try using it as a brow highlighter instead?

  14. I didn't like how they looked with a hardened top and I wasn't using them must so off they went from my collection. Emerald is the only one worth keeping to my mind.

  15. Lily, i am sorry, we don't have Mac Warm chill you know..all the collections of MAC will be arriving here like 2-3 months after or they don't even arrive here at all! LOL, but based on the swatches, I don't see any dupe for Mac Warm Chill at the Body Shop :) But you're right, the green shimmer is super nice and iridiscent.

    Emilee, ohh thanks, I may give it a try, brow highlighter? (noted)

  16. yeah too bad they crease, Nikki..they look really pretty on you..

  17. Nanzy my dear! thanks so much! I know!!! it does crease! even with UDPP! I guess it's because of the shimmer that scatters everywhere! lol

  18. They colors are so pretty! Too bad they crease, though

  19. Boooooooooooooooo I won't go to sleep early =/ I'm a little Rebel :D And, I got it from you !

  20. hey Gio, well, I'll be finding more ways to use them still as it made my eyes go "KAPOW!" lol

    Nabi..BOOoooooo yourself how can I be a rebel? I'm the nicest Ate in the whole wide world! You can ask my....hmm....well I'm the youngest int he this is my first time to be an "ate" lol Hey Nabi, be careful with what you're saying, i could just boot you out and you're not a sis no more! LOL

  21. i don't think i will ever be interested in TBS makeup line. i only like their body butter and even that i haven't repurchased yet 'cause it's too damn big to finish. i love their tea tree oil but i hate their tea tree oil facial wipes -- stinging!

  22. Mhean, do you know that I didn't even finish my TBS body butter? I gave it to my friend because I felt like choking with Mango Body Butter! LOL, but in fairness, their body butter is really good!!!

    I never used the tea tree oil facial wipe! I can imagine it stings as the scent is really strong. But thank god their Tea Tree Oil really works for me! :) Have you tried their quad e/s? The Cube one? It's really nice! I've tried using it as my friend owns it! I just don't know why I didn't purchase them..maybe..hmm..let me think, I think because they just have TOO MUCH eyeshadow in one cube and I don't want to waste it coz I know I won't use them all! LOL


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