Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Haul Swatches!!!

These are all swatched 2 x , no base!

I'm glad that eventhough I chose everything online,
(which online buyers know how difficult it is)
I was able to make the right decision,
I love them all!!!
I want more ...more... more!!! LOL

and before I's something I just want to share, A lot of MAC Amber Lights user and Milani Sun Goddess user may have found this out But I just found out myself recently....

Milani Sun Goddess is a dupe of MAC Aber Lights.
Milani Sun Goddess is a bit lighter, but I found that when you pack on the color,
it'll get the same color payoff as the famous MAC Amber Lights!

I am so sorry for my Philippine readers, I'm not doing this on purpose to make us feel bad that these products aren't available to us. Just in case you've got friends/families who live in the US or who will be bringing back home some stuffs and you were asked what you wanted to buy, these are great products and won't make you work overtime just to pay them back! LOL


  1. nice haul, and great swatches! i really love the ulta eyeshadows. i want to get more myself!

  2. oooh.. someone has been doing a lot of shopping lately. :-)

  3. I love the Milani Sun Goddess. I need to find a store that sells this!

  4. Beautiful colors, great choices! And I love the HIP products, loose powder and the paint.

  5. Tracy, get some! i think they were on Buy 1 take 1 for $6.50 at Ulta..but a lot of those lovely colors are out of stock! darnnnn... But the shadows are HUGE and it's worth it! ;0

    Lizzz, oh, this is my last make-up haul..for now! hahhaha I'm really just completing whatever I don't far..I've got the basic colors needed :) I'm ready to get gigs!!! I hope i get more! hahhaa

    Alyssa, I asked my friend to take on any colors Milani has except Storm and Shock, and she only got 2, that just meant it's hard to find and they don't have a lot available in stores! :) goodluck searching!

  6. yes, i'm feeling better. enough to the point where i can cam whore again. you got that right! lol

  7. You remind me to play with my goodies while sticking to my no buy. I haven't touched em in ages.

  8. I remember, about a year ago, I bought hip eyeshadow, and I didn't know how to do eye makeup very well. I used to just put one eyeshadow all over my eyes. Anyway, I tried HIP eyeshadow and didn't like it at all because I looked like a robot, and I just gave it away. Now I think about freaking hilarious lol, I wanna see HIP eyeshadow on your eyes :D Pretty, please ?

  9. Spankedelic, I'm so happy you're feeling better to the point of camwhoring again! Lol

    Jiejie, yeah, I do the same, no buy....? just stare at your makeup and play with it!

    Nabi sis, sure! I'll do my best to do it asap! been super busy the past few days :)

  10. wow! nice haul! i love them all esp sun goddess. i just got the shock milani from chloe and its gorgeous! and small too. can fit the MAC palette i believe. :)

    if there's a will, there's a way!! :) i mean, if there's relative abroadm there's a way. loL!

  11. Nice Haul Nikki. Thanks for dropping by my blog even if I'm MIA for so so long! I promise I'll post something in the next few days or weeks.. I'm super busy right now and I never knew that I would lost interest in make up. TEMPORARILY! hahahaha!

    Take care sweetie. =)

  12. Nice haul, the colors are beautiful!

  13. nice hauls and pretty swatches :) they should make L'oreal Hip and Milani more available nationwide! lol.

  14. i used to work at ULTA! I'm haunted by those eyeshadows- I used to have to stock the shelves with them every morning. i think i memorized all the colors LOL! that turqouise one is great!

  15. i think NYX Orange can be MAC Amber Lights dupe too, well that's just my observation lol. fab haul! :)

  16. I must say L'oreal Hip are pretty decent. It was sold out at my local drugstore and walmart. Can't wait to see the colors on you.

  17. Shen! Yay, another Milani Lover, I love love love Milani as much as I love NYX! And yes, it can fit our MAC pro palette (so it's something to YAY about). You are lucky you have relatives in the states, whether you believe it or not, I don't have any relatives in the US, my aunts and uncles are in I really don't have people to help me buy stuffs unless friends from highschool would come here, (which they seldom do) :( :( :( so...there's a way..a hard way for me!

    Mafie, welcome back! I know ! You've been MIA for so long! But understandable though..see you around!

    Thanks Irene, any hauls lately? LOL

    Gio, :( I know, all the colors are wonderful..and the bad thing is..i want more :( :( :(

    NicNic, darn NYX and Milani for not being available nationwide. Would you believe I've written an email asking them if they do plan to come down here? Of course I didn't receive any reply from them! LOL

    Yellow Fever, what??? You used to work at ULTA??? I would be smiling ALL DAY if i work there!!!! Do you have discounts if you buy stuffs from there???

    Mhean, hmm..NYX orange, I don't have that! thanks for adding up the DUPE list! That is super helpful!

    ebeautyblog, L'oreal hip indeed, after several uses, I can say is Decent, but to be honest, I find their colors a bit boring, they are pigmented, they are really nice and they stay, but...I just can't use it to anybody, as some does not look good on their colors...well my opinion :) Thanks, i'll try to play around with it and show you guys how it came out!

  18. The Ulta shadows are so pretty. I've never tried them, I should sometime.


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