Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another Important Event Makeover

My sister, Winnie, who always does MY hair and my make-up for special events, after several years, the wheel's has turned and she wants me to do her make-up on her brother-in-law's wedding day. It was such a busy day! A lot of people rushing around, but I was able to stay calm and I honestly enjoyed putting make-up on her! We didn't have the chance to bond so much since she had her kid, always busy and no time to prettify herself. So this was the chance, I made sure she enjoyed the makeover and I am glad she loved it and made me her official make-up artist on any important events...Yay!

Products Used ---
  • Paul & Joe Cream Foundation
  • Paul & Joe Face Powder
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Ulta Lilac Mist as base
  • Cover Girl eye enhancers in Mocha
  • MAC sushi flower
  • Kate eye enhancers in sparkly white
  • Stila Smudgepots in Black
  • In2It mascara in black
  • Paul & Joe blush
  • MAC lipliner in Ginger
Who does your make-up on special events?
Do you do your own?


  1. your sister looks amazing! i usually go to the nearest parlor for special occassions. in my case it's jessi mendez in park square. they're okay, a bit pricey tho. :)

  2. wow! you are really doing a great job. i wish i can do makeup too on other people that often...pag ikaw din sumikat, wag mo ko kakalimutan ha. hehehe

    i used to get my hair and makeup done by anybody. lol.that's how trusting i am. though i already know how to put makeup on myself, i still get other people to do it. because im so lazy and sometimes i get tensed and nervous during events that i can't think of what look i'd have. retard. lol

  3. Ok wanna come by some time and give me a touch of your makeover magic? ;)

  4. Very nice, once again! :)

    On really special events, I usually have someone else do my makeup, like a pro... I like watching them and always learn a lot!

    For other stuff, I try to do my own. It doesn't always come out well, hehe :)

  5. hey nikki,

    glad you got the chance to bond with your sister! that pros of makeup, haha!!

    Her makeup looks beautiful, great job!

  6. Your sister has very nice skin. I'm not too surprised on how you did on her makeup because I already know how good you are ;)

  7. kung saan ako abutan! :) loL!

    i got so many disasters but most of my salon experiences naman are happy times. but now that i know what to do, no need na for salon. Me na lang. :) just like you! :) but of course on on extra extra special occassion. :)

    super pretty ni sister!! hmmm... kaw na for sure ang official MUA ng family. :)

  8. Sab, wow Jesi Mendez? I only had my haircut there once, in Rob Galleria, how much is their hair and make-up services?

    Jheng, i would love to have you do my make-up then I do yours then we can have fun with it!!! dali!!!!

    Parisb, you bet! My hubby and I are planning for a malaysia trip probably next I'll be dropping you a note and we'll have fun chatting about make-up and we'll bore my husband to tears! lol

    Jennbee, me too! I LOVE to watch pros in action! I learned so much just by watching! I wish I could just attend all those fashion shows and I can just sit there and watch them do their job! Just thinking about it makes me smile! LOL

    Trangster, yes, we did finally bonded again after some time! and imagine..OVER MAKE UP? Lol she was so surprised with my make-up traincase, she was calculating how much I spent! LOL

    Nabi,'re my sis too! and you have great skin too! welcome to the family! LOL!!! Thanks for believing in me Nabi sis!

  9. I love reading and seeing your makeover posts. You should do this more often.

  10. hi nikki!
    you did great jobs on your friend bea and your sis! they looked amazing..!
    and.. i'm sooo envy with your recent haul. haha.. i wish we had loreal hip here in malaysia.. and milani too!!

  11. Great job on your sister, you really did her proud ;)

  12. ebeautyblog, thanks! I will try to do this more often too! I am enjoying doing makeovers for others :)

    Veren, thanks so much for reading and thanks for leaving a comment, I do appreciate it. LOL don't be envious with my hauls, I spent too much! That's a big NO NO hehehe Well..I hope L'oreal Asia will hear us out on bringing HIP in Asia :) And of course MILANI too!!!! Let's cross our fingers! See you soon! By the way, what's your favorite make-up brand?

  13. you did a great job! I love the eyeshadow :)

    I usually do my own makeup for special events. I did it myself even for prom, since I have asian eyes I don't really trust others to do my makeup

  14. I love these makeover posts, you're really good. Your sister looks amazing!

  15. The makeover looks so good! I wish you were here to do a makeover on me for fun... lol~ :X

  16. you did such a beautiful job! she looks gorgeous! i usually do my own make-up, since i've been doing it since i was 7. haha. i'm nowhere close to being an expert, but i'm learning a whole lot more from all you lovely bloggers. :)

  17. wow.. you're really good at this, Nikki. :-) your sister looks lovely.

  18. incandescent, ohhh, I know!!! I find it that when some people do my make-up, I look like a different person, you feel the same?

    Gio, thanks my dear!

    Alyssa, if I'm there, I'll spend more!!! And Yes, I'd love to do makeovers on everybody! I want more faces!!!! :D

    Tracy, you're doing your own make-up since 7? WOW!!!! What was I doing then? Lol i can't even remember! lol..

    Liz, thanks so much! I appreciate it coming from you :D

  19. Cute! Your sister looks exactly like you!

  20. I love how you did the brows!

  21. fabu-less, really? My sister looks like me? Not a lot of my relatives would agree! lol

    Emilee, thanks dear! :)

  22. i love how her eyes look very well rested -- great job! :) and her look is very polished and sophisticated. ;) am hearing PPP (pesos haha 'cause we don't use dollars) pouring in! am sure you will have lots and lots of satisfied clients in the future. :D

  23. Mhean! Such sweet sweet thing for you to say! I was smiling so big when you say that I'll have satisfied clients in the future. You know what? it honestly meant a lot to me, coming from you, thanks for saying that! Clients' satisfaction is really my number one concern when it comes to make-up! That's why I am so into putting make-up on others and listen to what they want and I'll be super surprised that not everyone really..have the same taste as I do..and as long as you listen to them? You know you'll be ok as these people knows what looks good on them! :) Thanks girl! *hugs* I'm still smiling!!! :D


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