Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Eureka Moment: My 2012 Planner

Today, I just realized how much information I've shared in this blog!  Even long time readers would know the organizers I've been using!  I actually blogged about my 

And of course, let's continue the "saga"...yup!  Just like Twilight! hahaha There's no Jacob Black nor Edward Cullen in any of the AMW Organizer Saga but you'll definitely find something cute to brighten up your day! 

Before I share to you my new 2012 Planner, let me share to you "the obligatory" old planner shot.   

Writing space is small but I managed to fill them all up using smaller handwriting!  Details blurred out as there's just so much information inside! :P

Let me share to you My 2012 Planner...I hope you can find it!

It's not a Kiddie book, it's --- "My New 2012 Planner!!!!"  
Okay, I let out too much "excitement" energy there! *lol*

Side by side with my 2011 Planner.  It's a tiny bit bigger and the size is better!  I chose the new one as it has so much more writing space!  

You do understand my woe..just see how much I love to talk, that's how much I would love to write too!  I tell you!  I can actually hear some of you say... "She should just bring a yellow pad with her!" <--- how could you say such thing?  *wails*

Okay, forget about me, on to the planner!  Front cover made of cardboard with plastic cover for protection.

The pages you can see inside...
Yearly Plan
I like putting on names of my friends on their birthdays!  
This way, I get to have an "overview" of the birthdays and special occasion at a glance!

Monthly Check Point
I'm still undecided on what to do with this.  Probably write my 2012 "Plans" or things that I would like to achieve! Like earning 1 million dollars by December of 2012!  Okay, you can shoot me now!  *hahaha*

On overview of Monthly Plan
In here, I like to jot down Pencil Bookings for makeup clients!
Pencil bookings for those clients who messaged to check on date availability without downpayment.  This is still a good way to track my availability without messing my notes!  I hate erasures!  I use pencils on PENCIL booking by the way! *duh*:P

An Overview of Weekly Plan
This is the most important feature of any planner I own!  I write the "confirmed" stuff I need to do.  From doctor's appointment to attending events, confirmed makeup gigs, parties, contest deadlines (for the blog) and a whole lot more!

Bigger space to write anything you want!  I usually  use this space for my "travel itineraries" or some important projects I need to do!  Oh, if I need to organize a party or anything!  (Note: I'm not a party planner but I always end up organizing one!)

Okay, the following paragraphs will be too childish for some of you but I need to share this!  The added "cute" factor of this planner is what made me drawn to buying one!  As you can see in my previous planners, they all have one thing in common ---- CUTE!

I get so happy easily looking at the tiny drawings that randomly pops on each pages!  The things the character (whoever she is) does in this planner reminds me so much of.... myself!

  1.  AMW loves chatting with the people she loves.
  2. AMW likes laying down like that when she's super tired!  Not on a chair though! :P
  3. AMW surprisingly loves to pack for travel.  I'm the official "pack-er" of the family!
  4. AMW likes to read the map with Mr. AMW the night before she goes anywhere as she's not good at directions.(Mr. AMW is the cat btw, he's the Kei-thy) :P

  1.  AMW loves to eat.
  2. AMW likes to read/watch YT videos during night time and get really sleepy.
  3. AMW likes to sleep!  She can sleep for 12 hours straight...or even more! :P                          (Can't do this often though due to busy schedule.)
  4. AMW loves COFFEE.  'nuff said!
 Oh, last but not the least, AMW loves her music!  She works with music at the background for the past decade!  I think I've changed a total of 3 mp3 players because of this habit!

Gosh!  The planner turned out to be random facts about ME!  The best part about this planner? 

The Positivity!

Here's to show everyone the size of the planner 
against an iPhone 3gs

Same length as the MAC 217 brush 

This Hana Planner can be purchased at HANA The Corner Shop

I was shopping with Mr. AMW yesterday after a full day work when I passed by this cute store!  The first thing that caught our attention was this ......

and this....
Why do I have this feeling Mr. AMW is holding MY FACE? 

Then finally realized there are so many cute random stuff I can see inside the booth!

Oh!  I almost forgot!  Before I end this post, this is the best thing about the Hana Planner. I purchased this right away when I saw the price!  It's only Php200.00 (approx $4.50)!


I only need a nice bookmark and stickers to personalize this planner!  Looking at the brown packaging, I just found out that they already have 2 stores.  One at Robinsons Mall Manila and Glorietta 3 Mall Level 3.

What's your planner for 2012???

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. oh this is just too cute. i might not be good on writing planners :) but ill surely grab this too if given a chance just for its cuteness. lol!

    :) yes, i've always loved your planners.. they would certainly never fail to bring out the cuteness and fun all throughout your year.

  2. Ahhh, Nicki! You are my type of woman :P I'm a huge planner/organizer user too! I love at the end of the year when I flip through my planner and everything is filled out, highlighted, etc.. Makes my heart smile :)

    And I TOTALLY look for cute planners too! Too bad here in Canada we only have generic boring ones.

  3. SO CUTE!!!!! totally AMW style :D
    my 'ambition' till year end is to get another 13 cuppa of starbucks so i could get a planner. LOL. love the planner! altho i havent even finished with 2011 planner but i just want the 2012!

  4. your planner is so cute like you!!! hihihi....

  5. Thanks for this! I actually feel giddy when I read your kawaii finds. And how cool is it that you find a planner with illustrations that are so you!

  6. Wow, I love your planner! It's a cute way to get organized. I've never thought of using a cute planner for myself. I use the typical and boring planner and looking at it always make me feel so stressed. Those random cute drawings could certainly brighten one's day! Thanks for the post.

  7. This is too cute for words! I'm also looking for a 2012 planner and I'm leaning towards getting Paulo Coelho's Moments 2012 planner :)

  8. the planner is sooo cute indeed! every year i also buy one but every end of the year i find that ive barely written on it.. without really deciding on it, ive become an electronic calendar dependent.. *gasp hehehe

  9. I think I will go for this planner this year instead of the usual Starbucks planner, thanks for the tip! :-D

  10. Your planner is so adorable! Me likes cute planners too. I recently bought one, the leaves are black with silver kawaii drawings. And of course, I bought metallic gel pens in different colors. Para maiba naman ako this year. =)

  11. your planner is sooooooo cute!!<3 it looks like the one I found in Funan IT Mall in SG. Sad lang kasi di kagad kami nakapagpapalit ng SGD. =(

    I was planning to get the SB planner but as soon as I read your post, I'll definitely drag my mahal and sister in one of their branches to go planner hunting. XD thanks thanks so much for your post!!

  12. that's so cute!! I'll definitely drop by their shop to get one...I haven't bought one yet. And like you, i love cute stuff and I hate erasures so I just use my Stabillo pencil (bec. it looks like ballpen hahA) in writing stuff on my planner unless they are 100% sure like birthdays etc :)

  13. @Belle aww so how do you keep track of your schedule? Digital? hehehe I like the old fashioned writing with colored pens and markers :D

  14. @Arezu Girl! I have 10 planners for the past years that I flip once in awhile and laugh how corny I get! There are times I put smiley face or frown face or crying face depends on how I feel for that day! It's so funny to look back! :) You're my kind of girl too!!!!

  15. @xin I usually take months to really look for organizers before I decide for THE ONE, but the drawings and the wordings too my heart away!

  16. @Issa Issa! ginawa mo pa akong cartoon! hahahahhaa

  17. @salmoncat And let's not forget the fact that it's super inexpensive

  18. @seriousnuts Exactly how I feel! Most of the schedules or things to do are stressful so I could at least look at cute, cheerful designs :) It'll help! go for cheerful planners next year :D

  19. @krissy ♥ Oh man! I also like Paulo Coelho's Moments 2012 planner, super colorful cover!

  20. @DaMnViXeN Hahahah I tried using the organizers on Iphones or iPad2 but I just can't! I like seeing my childish handwriting and drawings!

  21. @Julz Girl! I nearly bought the same black planners myself but it is a bit of hassle if I forgot my silver/gold colored pens! How in the world will I even write? hahaha It's just me, considering I'm a total klutz with my pens!

  22. @Marley Oh, I'm sure you'll find another one!!!! :)

  23. @Crystal Gale Hay sis, I feel so sad if I make mistakes, I seriously hate erasures! hahahha anobayan, ilang taon na ako? ahhahahahah :) Glad to know we have the same thoughts on PENCIL writing and BALLPEN writing! hahahah *apir*

  24. That's so cute! I'm also on the lookout for a new planner, will check this out too :)
    Btw, I love lurking around your blog. Its very informative :)

  25. Wow! We have the same planner Ate Nikki! :)) I bought it from that place din. I got the red and white one. Super cute niya tlga. :)) I bought colored ballpens nga at Saizen para colorful yung loob nung planner. :) COOL. Same name, same planner. :))

  26. What a lovely planner, Nikki! I'm a techy so all of my calendars and appointments toggle between my phone and computers. :)

  27. It's so cute and such a deal at 200! I love it when things are not as expensive as they seem :) I really enjoy your make-up tips.

  28. @beautyisbliss Glad to know you find my blog Informative :) thank you !

  29. @Nikki Alex So happy Nikki! Same name, same planner! that's soooo cute! hahaha mas cute ang name mo though mine is just plain Nikki, yours has Alex pa :)

  30. @B I'm quite techie in other stuff but I don't know why when it comes to planners, my heart goes to "old school" notebooks and pens!

  31. @Cheska I was surprised that it's priced good! I was expecting this to be a bit overpriced so this is a very good buy! Glad to know you enjoyed my makeup tips :D

  32. Hi! is dated 2012 dated or a general one?


  33. where do you buy your planner? so cute :)

  34. So cute... I'm eyeing Belle planner for 2012 'coz its cute and has lots of coupons but it cost more than this. I think this is a good alternative.

  35. OMG!! I love this planner! Can somebody buy this for me..I'll pay for the cost and the SF :( I live so far from civilization...haha! email me if someone can, pretty please!! rannmay@gmail.com

  36. I got my BDJ planner. At first I like like it because its so feminine and stylish. Cover palang, you'll want to buy it na. But I find it too heavy. And there are too many special pages na the same lang naman ang use nya and sometimes I don't like to fill up those pages. The space in weekly pages where I put my most important tasks/ events is too small because there are special boxes which you have to fill up every week. Maybe BDJ planner work for other girls, but for me, I would switch to another planner next year.

    What I actually do on my BDJ planner is I tear off the weekly page I will use for the week and the monthly page, the cash flow tracker, and menstrual tracker. That's my plan every week and every month: to bring only those important pages and leave my BDJ planner in my room. I was actually planning of buying a new planner but I told myself: sayang naman. Siguro, I loved the thought of those 20k worth of coupons thats why I bought the planner. Now I know, what I should buy now, just a small and simple planner maybe with a few special pages. I also like a cute planner like your planner now Ms. Nikki :)

  37. @Anonymous General one so you can use it any year :D

  38. @gelaA cute booth at Robinsons Mall Manila and Glorietta 3 Mall Level 3.

  39. @Krysta Rivera BDJ planner is definitely great but it depends what you're aiming for! The small planner is what I've been looking for each year :D

  40. @Anonymous I can't bear tear up the pages of my planner but it really depends on the users and how it suits you and your lifestyle! I have used the BDJ planner once and so far, I still keep it as a whole and look back and laugh at my crazy entries and drawings :D

  41. i just read about this planner, and im really really sad when i found out that its already not available =(

    1. I know, I heard from other readers that they are sold out na! I guess they do that on a yearly basis by November/December


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