Thursday, November 10, 2011

Eureka Moment: Yosi Samra

I used to own an "almost foldable" ballet flats that was ruined after constant walking during my Seoul, Korea trip.  I vouch to find another pair that's comfortable yet easy to put inside my bag especially when I go out for events.  

Given a choice, I would choose flats and sandals over high heels anytime of the day. Unfortunately, as a woman, there will always be those special events that needs me to dress up and I always have a spare sandals or flats inside my car.

Do I have to go all the way back to the parking lot every time I need to change for comfortable shoes?

Eureka Moment!

Thanks to Will and Charmaine of Monsters Centaur Production Inc. for introducing me to Yosi Samra!

I bet some of you have already chosen their favorite color at this point!  *evil laugh*

Tadah!  You're mine Navy Blue!

According to Yosi Samra ----
"Yosi Samra's years of experience within the footwear industry has allowed him to produce the highest quality ballet flats at the lowest price points.  The innovative split-sole structure is made of 1/8" durable rubber allowing the shoes to fold neatly yet also ensuring that they do not wear when worn.  The actual shoe are made from the best materials and are thick enough that you do not see the outlines of your feet. "

I am very "OC" when it comes to shoes or sandals and I would check on them closely and base on the stitching, thick patent leather and the elastic band that's snugly fit my feet minus the discomfort or pain.

A reminder why this got into my Eureka Moment post? It's foldable!  The Yosi Samra folds into a conveniently sized 4.5" x 3" package.  I can easily store this inside my bag without taking much of my bag space and getting my other stuff dirty!

Yay!  I can take this along with me all the time (just like my mini umbrella) for feet emergencies!

I'm obviously excited with this as it works on almost any outfit!  From dresses, skirts, leggings, jeans to shorts!

Other designs I'm eyeing for....

Burnished Rose
Php3,295 (approx $75.00)

 Classic Gold 
Php2,795.00 (approx $63.50)

 Perforated Teal
Php2,995.00 (approx $68.00)
 Two Toned Black and Nude
Php2,995.00 (approx $68.00)
 Limited Edition Tie Dye Multi Color
Php3,795.00 (approx $86.25)

You can find Yosi Samra at GAS, Greenbelt 3 and Trinoma Mall

Can you tell me how you deal with painful heels?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Ahhaha! Ang cute ng jump shot. And the navy flats look nice on you.

    But gosh... the prices are steep ha. Im a cheapskate when it comes to buying flats, haha. But they look really sturdy.

  2. i just don't wear heels, even for flats, i find them giving me blisters and such that i just wear slippers :P

    maybe i'm just not wearing them right eh?

  3. Hi! Ms. Nikki, have you heard about Footzyrolls Philippines, same kasi sila nun flats mo foldable and mas cheaper, sa trinoma and market market meron silang store, punta ka sa facebook fanpage nila. :-)

  4. wow, i want the one in Red. most days, i wear heels but yeah i sometimes end up with blisters most especially during meetings when i have to cross the street just to get to the other office. thanks for this post..will definitely check that out

  5. @herroyalbleakness I am hoping naman it'll last me long! we'll see, i'm very particular with "how long it'll last me" and I'll see if its worth the price :)

  6. @plue Nah, I understand, I still choose slippers over anything but right now, I'm glad I'm finding comfortable pairs!

  7. @vylettekaye DI PA! Thanks for letting me know, I'll have a look when i visit trinoma! :) Thanks for the reco!!!!

  8. @iamsutil Di ba sis? I had to go back to the car pa last time remember? To change my shoes! :)))))

  9. when i hit Watsons, i see foldable flats displayed although only in black. i think this is a neat idea, can conveniently put in a purse!

    1. wow Sosyal ang Watsons Singapore for selling foldable flats ha? :) Well, it's one of those MUST HAVES for woman! :) Alam mo yan! Especially in Singapore where people do a lot of walking!

  10. How is it walking on those for long periods of time? I'm considering buying a pair. Or is the Footzyrolls a good alternative? (since it's quite expensive) Thanks! :)

    1. i haven't tried Footzyrolls, but so far I've used this on Travels (and I walk a lot on travel) , so far so good, no blisters! But it is advised to try them before you buy, a tip: Purchase a size bigger than your regular size as these are garterized!


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