Tuesday, December 13, 2011

AMW Reviews: Visa Debit Card

Remember my post re: Pay Now: Debit Cards?

Well, a couple of months after, Mr. AMW applied his own UnionBank Debit Card.  It was perfect timing as the Christmas season is here....of course, he shopped using his Debit Card with yours truly!  *laughs*  What's the point of shopping without the wonderful shopping companion? :P *pointing myself*

I love to use my credit cards and like I said, the only issue I have on using a credit card is hassle of long lines to withdraw cash and long queues on credit card payments on both the banks or malls!  Let's not forget the money that I separate and keep inside an envelope just to pay for credit cards on a monthly basis.

Note: You may think this is totally not related to beauty but I believe it is because I used this to purchase dresses, makeup and oh!  I dined using Mr. AMW's  this card a lot of times! 

Visa Debit Card says ---
Using your EON Visa Electron card is quicker than making a visit to the bank, more convenient than writing checks, and safer than carrying cash. And shopping at home or at locations around the world has never been easier. Using a Visa Electron card helps simplify your life. With a EON Visa Electron card purchase, the payment is automatically debited directly from your bank account. Your online banking statement then provides you with a record of all your EON Visa Electron card purchases, making it easier for you to manage your expenses.

Use your EON Visa Electron card instead of cash or checks to pay for purchases worldwide. So the next time you shop at the grocery store, dine at a restaurant, or fill your car with petrol, use your EON Visa Electron card. Visa debit makes shopping fast, convenient and safe. Visa debit cards are accepted at up to 27 million locations worldwide, giving you purchasing power whether you are at home or traveling.

Don't forget. You may also use your EON Visa Electron card to pay for many of the purchases you make while shopping on the Internet. And you can use your EON Visa Electron card to get cash at more than 1 Million PLUS /ATMs worldwide.

AMW says ---
  • No need to separate cash payment and wait for monthly bills.
  • No need to line up on ATM to withdraw cash.
  • Safe to use, as signature is needed and some merchants would ask for ID.
  • VISA card, so it's acceptable on most merchants that accepts credit card payments.
  • Can be used even during travel.  Immediate deduction, no need to wait for the day the bill arrived and wonder how much the exchange rate would be.
  • You can check your balance online.
  • UnionBank Visa Debit Card also gives out freebies per usage (the last time I checked their online site).
  • For online shopper like myself, I can use this to pay via Paypal and I don't need to calculate conversion rates twice! (via Paypal and via Credit Card companies).
  • There are some freebies just by using the said card, you just have to keep yourself informed by checking out the websites of the banks who carry this debit card. 
  • There's no "time frame" when it comes to payment, there were times I didn't get my credit card bill and I was charged with "late payment fees".  Huge hassle to give them a call.

  • No credit card points! (I wish they would do that and I'll throw all my credit cards away!)
I am very happy with this, several merchants I've tried using this Visa Debit Card.

Food and drinks- Wee Nam Kee, Emerald Garden, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Clothing: - SM Department Store, Karimadon, Rustan's
Daily needs - Grocery shopping at Puregold and SM Grocery.
Toys - Toys R Us
Medicines: Mercury Drugstore

I'm quite impressed there weren't any issues using the card on several merchants and it was quick and easy!  I only need to keep my receipts for my own reference then I don't need to worry about anything else but earn more money!  *laughs*

  • A minimal fee of Php350.00 (for Unionbank) to get your own Debit card.
  • Always keep the receipts to double check the amount deducted.
  • To keep yourself from overspending, it helps to keep track the amount on a monthly basis that you need to spend.  Once you go overboard, you can keep the card at home.
  • Keep bank numbers just in case your card gets lost or stolen.
Will I deposit more in this card?
Yes, but I will still keep my other credit cards (seriously, just for the points!)

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who hates to withdraw cash, who doesn't need the points.

Where to apply?
Visit BDO, Chinatrust Commercial Bank, Equicom Savings Bank, Inc., HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Sterling Bank of Asia and Unionbank.

Would you go for a debit card?
Why or why not?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. have been using debit card for maybe a few years? it's very convenient as you don't need to bring so much cash around!

    only trouble is, you might overspend unless you can remember the amount left in your bank account. I keep track so till now everything's ok :P

    not sure if debit card can be used during oversea travels?

  2. also been using this one for a year now. it's really very convenient. you can even check your balance online and on your mobile phone. :D

  3. hehehe pamasahe, membership cards, 1valid id, and 1 credit card lang laman ng wallet ko. i always pay naman on time so i'm not afraid of the finance charges.
    i dislike bringing cash, i end up spending it LOL.
    sana pinaghalo na nila yang debit card with their paypal service if UnionBank still has that LOL.
    true dapat may points chorva din yan, if other cards debit or otherwise can do it di ba? para may extra incentive LOL


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