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AMW Reviews: K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner Waterproof

Note: This is a Waterproof version with WP printed on the pen.  This is different with the regular version.

I've seen K-Palette brand from various YouTube Beauty gurus.  A lot of them said this is their HG (Holy Grail) liquid liner.

To be honest, I never get swayed with people saying this is the best product to date not unless I gave them a try!  As you know, each product works differently to each individual!  Let's also consider the fact that we live in different countries so we always have to consider these factors in any products we use!

Recently, I got the K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliners and Eyebrow Liners, I've tested both products in various weather conditions and I'm finally ready to give my thoughts on the "Japan's Bestselling Eyeliner"!

They are available in 2 shades 
and I get to try them both!

SB01 Super Black

Micro-fibre brush

Remains sharp and soft on any angle

DB01 Dark Brown

Same micro fibre brush as Super Black

Reminded me so much of the tiny brush
from my Chinese Calligraphy Class

K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner says ---
  •  Rated consistently as one of the top selling eyeliners in Japan, with 10 million pieces sold since its inception in the market a few years ago.
  • Able to withstand melting humidity and punishing dryness of air-conditioned interiors.
  • Patented soft-brush application ensures that it does not drip messily or draw heavily on eyelids.
  • Can be easily washed off with soap and water.  No eye make up remover needed!
    Has won best selling liquid eyeliner award every year since its launch in Singapore.
  • Lasts up to 4-6 months of daily use.
  • Available in Super Black and Deep Brown.

Ingredients (please click to enlarge)

Parts of K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner

AMW says ---
  • Has clear, English instructions.
  • Pen-like/marker-like packaging which is easy to take along during travel and does not spill.
  • Right pigmentation, not too "fake" black nor too light.
  • Build-able.
  • Fast drying.
  • No clicking or twisting for product to come out.  
  • Consistent amount of product comes out every time!
  • The brush is very soft and doesn't hurt the eye.
  • No allergic reactions nor eye irritations.
  • Easy to apply in between gaps.
  • For mistakes, easy to remove with q-tip.
  • Can create very fine, thin line to thick lines.  Can create sharp, winged-liner look effortlessly.
  • No smudging even when I was exposed under the humid, harsh weather!  I tried smudging the liners HARD and the worst that could happen is it "lightening" up and disappearing a bit.  You won't rub your eyes the way I did on my swatch.
**please do not mind the last 2 swatches below,
I've been rubbing both the eyeliner and eyebrow liners to test
  • Easy to remove with regular eye makeup remover or face cleanser.
  • Locally available!   YAY!
  • Since the brush is soft, it's tricky to apply for first-time eyeliner users.
  • People who likes super dramatic eyeliner, this may be called SUPER Black but the shade that comes out is just BLACK. (not a problem for me though)
  • Difficult for professionals to use this on makeup gigs as it's difficult to share the "same brush" tip on various clients. (If you think this is worth using for clients, kindly read tips below on how to maintain hygiene.)
This stays, doesn't smudge and easy to remove at the end of the day!

I may have to add that there will always be "exceptions to the rule",  there could be one or two individuals that have the oiliest of all oily lids that may find this product to still smudge on them, actually this won't smudge as badly as other gel liners, liquid liners or pencils, the worst that could happen is it could disappear a bit.  Read tips (below) on how to deal with it! :)

  • Always shake the pen before use.
  • Keep cap closed after every use.
  • For makeup artists who likes to use this on clients. spritz the brush with makeup cleaner after every use.  If you have the budget, go for makeup wipes (like this) and wipe immediately after one client to another.
  • If you have exceptionally oily lids, it is still my best suggestion to use an oil-control eye primer prior to eyeliner application.
  • If you have shaky hands, apply with tiny, short strokes.  Practice makes perfect.
  • If you must, apply this on the lower lash line (never the waterline).
  • If you like to create an "obvious" liner look, go for the Super Black, if you like to be subtle with eye-lining, go for Dark Brown. 
  • To those who cannot live without eyeliners (ME!) purchase both! 
Will I repurchase?
Yes!  I've been using this since the day I got this!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who's comfortable with liquid eyeliners that likes the tattoo-like properties minus the difficulty in removing at the end of the day.

Where to purchase and how much?
Retails for Php895.00 (approx $20.35) in Beauty Bar branches in Greenbelt 5, Rockwell, Mall Of Asia, Trinoma, Podium, Galleria, Shangri-La, Eastwood, Gateway, Alabang Town Center and Midtown.  

 Swatches on both Dark Brown and Super black
Thin lines and thick lines are created
To show to versatility of the brush.

SB01 applied without base

DB01 Applied without base
I applied more on the middle portion to make my eyes appear larger
DB01 always comes out natural

Another test on the liner under harsh weather condition, I applied this at 3am and did makeup on a client at 4:30am, we have to transfer from Makati to Bonifacio High Street when the sun is starting to come out and it was hot and humid that day, we followed the model around BHS and finished the shoot around 10am and I went back home, checked my eyeliner and it didn't budge! :)

**that's me on black top waiting for model's retouch 

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What's your favorite liquid liner to date?
Have you tried K-Palette or have you been lemming for one?

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!

(Product sent for review.  Reviews 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. I got this in Japan 2 years ago and wow. It's seriously the longest lasting eyeliner I've ever used. Doesn't smudge or budge AT ALL. The only problem I have with it is how it's so hard to remove completely! Ever after using eye makeup remover there's a grey aftermark left behind.

  2. i love this eyeliner! its great for making super sharp lines hehehe! :) have you tried clio's kill black nikki? i've been using that and this one nowadays.

  3. I think it's great for personal uses! Wanted to tr this eyeliner for a long time, looks very nice and sounds good too!

  4. this eyeliner looks really interesting!

  5. Hi shusheshe! I believe what you have is the regular version which leaves that gray mark even after using eye make up remover. what we have in the shelves of Beauty bar is the waterproof version which completley comes off with cleanser and water. from my own experience since i have both, the shade of the waterproof version is also more black. you will know if what you have is the waterproof version when you can see wp printed after real lasting eyeliner on the pen.

  6. Nikki!!! I am loving you for posting this! I was just going to ask you on a good liquid liner! I will definitely visit Beauty bar after work. eeekkk! Thank you! -- winnie (poohbear331@yahoo.com)

  7. hey thx for sharing with us........
    but wow really doesn't budge??
    need to get my hand on one.. I don't bother with eyeliners because they smudge so some times I just use eyeshadow and mascara and then out the door.

    happy holidays... ~~~~~

    so excited for christmas

  8. This is here already? Got this one a few years back. Ordered online. This does not work for me without an eye primer. Totally smudged under an hour of usage. Good thing is It ain't empty yet and hasn't dried out yet after almost 2 years na! I do have super oily lids so I've got to have primer first. :D

  9. @shusheshe Shusheshe, so far, I don't have problems with mine! could be true with the commenter below, this is probably in newer formulation! It's soooo easy to remove!

  10. @sugar sugar Oh I heard about Clio the brand but never tried their lines, really good?

  11. @Anastacia I agree, I've been using this on myself for days!

  12. @Anonymous Winnie!!! Yay, I'm glad to be of service, let me know how you like it, are you going for the black or brown?

  13. @purple snowflake Ah you must be one of those with SUPER OILY lids! :D

  14. @The Curious Zealot Yup! Here na! at the Beauty Bar! :) Glad there are so many stuff we wanted made available locally!

    I'm sorry this smudged on you, but probably this is a newer formulation? Give it a try na lang ulit probably kung may tester! :) I agree though, with super oily lids, it doesn't hurt to go with an extra step! Eye priming!

  15. Wow! It never smudged? I do have problems looking like a raccoon everytime I line my eyes with black haha...I haven't tried liquid liners after my Chanel one coz I can't make a straight line...But I will check this out ^_^

  16. @Crystal Gale Girl, I know how big your problems are with liners! I hope you can make a straight line with liquid liners as I believe its better than pencils when it comes to smudge-proof

  17. i super love this liner... i have oily lids and this helped me a lot.. it does not smudge easily...

    1. Glad to know this product also works for oily lids :D

  18. I have to try this eyeliner! Thanks for the review. Im almost running out of my black liner.


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