Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Eureka Moment: Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner Wipe

I used to dislike the existence of Brush Cleaner Wipes!  Why?  Well, I just think having a brush cleaner spray is always better in terms of earth saving and brush cleansing!  

I got 2 foil sachets of  Parian Spirit Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner Wipes together with my Parian Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner as a sample.  I've used up a 60ml and 475ml bottles and I was left with these 2 wipes!  I thought I'm never going to use this!

"Do not judge the cleaner wipes by its foil sachet!"

Eureka Moment!
The tiny 2.7 grams of  Parian Spirit Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner Wipe works wonder on things we do not notice! 

As a make-up artist, I created my own brush/tool belt (as seen in this post).  I have always tried to clean this with alcohol and it never gets the "clean" that I would like it to be!  Well, it was a "lighting of the bulb" moment when I realized that the dirt comes from make-up build-up (duh, earth to Nikki!). What's the best way to remove make-up?  Make-up removers?  Nah...may be too oily!  Brush cleaner of course!

Spritzing your brush belt or any other tools can get expensive!  So I'm glad to discover this one tiny packet of cleaner wipe can clean these....

The dirt that cannot be removed by alcohol

Voila!  Looks as good as new!

There's my Charm PRO
If you're wondering where the rest of the brushes are, they just took a bath :P
All Clear!

Because I still want to save the environment, I can spritz a tiny bit of brush cleaner and continue with the "joy of wiping" :P  The cloth does not tear so you can use this again and again until the whole sheet is covered with makeup dirt!

Saves the environment --- CHECK!
Clean make-up tools --- CHECK!

Happy Nikki --- CHECK!

For reference, the Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner Wipe costs Php40.00(approx $0.90)/foil sachet.  You can purchase them at Suesh.  Pricey but with the multiple use, I used it to its final breathe! *laughs* 
But feel free to use other brush cleaner wipes! :)

Do you clean the "house" of your tools?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Ha ha.. "used to its final breathe" you always make me laugh ms. nikki.
    Glad to see u have another eureka moment.
    I always clean my makeup pouches with wet wipes. Maybe not as great as the Parian, but it does the job for me at least. :)

  2. I have these moments too.

    The common sense-is-not-very-common moment

  3. that is a neat tip! although when i first looked at the post title i thought it was about shoes because of "Parisian" hehe!

    "Happy Nikki" is funny! :P

  4. Nice thinking Ms. Nikki :) I like the scent of Parian Spirit too. :) Citrusy that makes you want to rub more and more! :)

  5. i have Parian Spirit as my brush cleanser when I'm in a hurry and I love it! you reminded me, it's about time to buy another bottle... i have never tried their wipes though..

  6. These wipes are such a great and handy idea! I wish they were available here too eheh.

  7. I bought Sephora brush wipes, will try it when I start at HD Studio. At least there's this alternative when mine runs out. :D

  8. This is what I need! haha. Thank you Nikki. :) I've been cleaning my brush roll with alcohol too. but it doesnt go away. And it makes me frustrated. So glad that we have you! *hugs* gonna buy a Parian brush cleaner soon. Thank you again.

  9. @Belle Hi belle! Wet wipes are good enough na! yun nga lang, there are some hard to remove makeup like gel liners and some foundation na matigas ang ulo! :) I'm glad I made you laugh :D Great day to you belle!

  10. @Rae I think because of the busy life and with the upgraded technology, we tend to leave our senses behind :D

  11. @MereMakeupManiac Hahahah hindi ka naman addict sa sapatos? hahahha

  12. @ChinaDoll Style One of the best scented brush cleaner out there :D

  13. @Issa Try to buy the biggest bottle para refill lang ng refill, costs cheaper in a long run!

  14. @gio Nah, no worries, get whatever makeup wipes you have there! :) it'll work!

  15. @Rowena Wendy Lei Yup :) Glad to be of help! :) I like the fact that these sheets are smaller so we don't "diry-up" the environment much :D

  16. @Care GUMIN Hay, understand your situation, I used to clean it with regular baby wipes too pero may naiiwan talaga! :)

    *hugs*back, glad to share this information, I'm quite wary pa at first kasi batukan ako ng readers..parang "HELLO NIKKI? WE know that na!" :D


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