Tuesday, July 26, 2011

AMW Bulletin: Tech Lovers Watch Out for This!

Dear Philippine Readers:
Because Digital Walker wants to say "Thank You" to the customers, they are having a sale up to 90% off at Pod's Trinoma beginning July 27th through July 30th!  

The brands to watch out for!  Apple, Crumpler, Speck, Canon, Nikon, Belkin, Capdase, Griffin, Case Logic and Sumdex will be included!

Eeeeekkk!!! Gotta tel Mr. AMW!

The new Digital Walker store is located at Space 2077 - Level M2 Trinoma Mall (near Gadgets Plus).

Check out their Facebook page for future announcements!
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  1. why does it have to be at that part of the month that I don't have money T_T

  2. ey ma-re-tweet, baka pumunta kami, lol unless ma-stuck sa mega that sunday for the kpop fest LMAO thanks for the heads up, Nikki ♥

  3. @Photoescape hay ganyan talaga ang buhay minsan..UNFAIR! :D

  4. @Marge Aawww nice! you're off to Kpop festival? So cute! sana makapunta nga kayo Kami..medyo quota na kami sa gastos!!!!


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