Monday, July 25, 2011

AMW Reviews: Pure Beauty Treatment Haircare Oil

The first haircare oil I own was from St. Ives and I was only 15-years old then! It costs around Php375.00 (approx $8.70) and it was a huge amount of cash to shell out during that time.  I actually saved up the money (from the red envelopes) given to me by my relatives during birthdays or new years.  

When I finally purchased my "expensive" hair care oil, I used it approximately 3-5 times and never finish it up and actually ended up throwing it away.  :(  Typical sad story that I would like to share to you.  Moral lesson?  Purchase products ONLY if you know how to use them and if you really need them!

Because of that experience, I did not give oil-based haircare products the second look until I started blogging.  Blogging changed me!  I turned into a more adventurous consumer and I wouldn't mind testing on different products because I know I can relay my experiences to YOU! :)

I've tried Tsubaki, Kerastase, The Face Shop, etc.. oil-based hair care products gained positive reviews from yours truly.  But not everyone can shell out that much amount for a hair care product so today, I am happy to share a review on Pure Beauty Treatment Haircare Oil....promise, it's inexpensive!

Pure Beauty Treatment Hair Care Oil says ---

All products from the Haircare Treatment range are enriched with an advance formula that targts dry and damaged hair.  Using high quality Japanese Camellia Seed Oil, a well-known natural source of powerful anti-oxidants and rich in Vitamin E, the formula is nourishing and intensely moisturizing.  The oil effectively penetrates each strang of hair resulting in stronger and sleeker hair.  The formula is also blended with luscious hair conditioners such as Panthenol (Vitamin B) that helps smoothen and soften hair.  Not only nourishing and moisturizing, the range helps to repair and strengthen damaged hair with an improved elasticity that makes hair manageable everyday and on the go.

Restores moisture and sheen, leaving hair ultra smooth and shiny.
Size: 60ml

AMW says ---
  • Simple packaging that's easy to use and easy to take along due to its size.
  • You can see how much product is left.
  • Very inexpensive for a hair care product that can last a long time!
  • A little goes a long way.  Pea size amount for medium-length hair like yours truly.  
  • Smells really good! 
  • Once applied correctly, the product does not weigh down my hair and does not feel oily!
  • The product gets absorbed into the hair strands as quickly as 5 minutes!
  • Reduce frizzy hair!
  • Hair looks healthy and shine level did increase a bit (but not too obvious).
  • Extra pro: My hands felt softer and more conditioned.  I don't mind leaving the product on my hand and wash 10-15 minutes after.
  • Not everyone feels comfortable to put "oil" on a hot and humid country like ours.  
  • May weigh down hair IF you put on the root area or if you put too much! (Time to practice on how much your hair needs).
Inexpensive yet good product!  I like how my hair feels soft, light, easy to comb/brush and frizziness does decrease around 5-10%.

  • I personally like applying this on dry hair after blow dry or air-dry.
  • Start by using a tiny amount and add more if needed.
  • Apply starting from the mid-section of your hair going down to the ends.
  • Feel free to blow dry or air-dry your hair after.
  • Spread the product between the palms of your hands to "warm up" the product plus spread it evenly so you don't apply a "blob" of product on one section of your hair. (Major No-No)
  • Use this as often as you can to see if the treatment does improve your hair's texture and condition.
  • If you have fine, limp hair, go for the Pure Beauty Treatment Haircare Water instead.  The extra oil (no matter how light) can still weigh down your hair.
  • I did say NOT to apply at the root area BUT, after you applied the product all over the hair, even if you think there's not much product left on your hands, you can still press your hand at the top portion of your head just to tame down those tiny hairs. (This really works!)

Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?

If you have frizzy-hair.  People who also likes the extra smooth texture and moisture of the hair even after conditioning.

Where to purchase and how much?
Exclusively available in all Watsons Your Personal Care Stores and SM Department (Beauty Section) nationwide for Php229.00 (approx $5.30).
Application techniques:
Feel free to massage your hair with Pure Beauty Treatment Haircare Oil
Keep in mind to start from the mid-section of your hair going down.
After application, you can gently press the top portion of your head with the remaining product
to tame down tiny hairs!

Are you comfortable using Oil-based hair treatment?
What brand are you using and how much?

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. it's super affordable compared to most oils out there! i am now using l'oreal anti frizz serum, and a bottle lasts almost a year for me!

  2. i love this too!

    my hair can't live without it & i am glad that i was able to purchase this at the time of their SM advantage promo...hehehe

  3. i've tried a few of oil-based serums and while i agree they make the hair look supple and shiny, i always get to use them for a while and find myself not using them at all after sometime. i used to use l'oreal anti-frizz serum then switched to TBS grapeseed glossing serum, which is now still sitting at the far corner of my vanity bin. :D

    i admire how you're so masipag with using yours though! and that is indeed cheap!

  4. I love oils and currently, I am using my own DIY hair oil and base oil is camelia too. It's easy to do and cheap too. Agree that it does wonders to your hair! Anyway, love your blog!

  5. I haven't used mine kasi i'm sooo tamad using after shower hair treatments! nyakkk!!

  6. heheehe off topic but your hands look so cute rubbing the oil sis :)

    So here's a case where I will not be able to purchase this product around here since it's only available where you live? HEHE...I guess we can now call it even :))

  7. Hmmmm... I don't use oils but I might consider. Ayoko kasi yung feeling sa hands after application. Arte much. :P

  8. OMG... it's like god is answering to my prayer, thanks for sharing and now I really need this badly.. Had a bad hairdo last week, did digital perm and the whole hair now badly damage, dry and frizzy :((. Hope that this will at least calm the frizz.

    Love & enjoy reading all your reviews.. keep it up Nikki! Hv a good week ahead.

  9. @xin I wonder if you have that at Watson's too? It is pretty affordable and it does the job well :) But I agree with you on the L'Oreal serum, they're good too!

  10. @~tHiAmErE~ Swerte! :) That's nice that you were able to get a better deal pa!

  11. @MereMakeupManiac Ay oo, masipag ako because I want to review it! Reviewing products actually is good for my "health" *ahem* :P

  12. @My Organic Journey11 Nice! DIY???? How??? thanks for visiting my blog!

  13. @Shen Dear Shenny, I actually alternate my hair treatment and on days I do not use my hair treatment, I apply a bit more of this :)

  14. @Cinthia Truong LOL Twin! I kinda realized that my hands look so funny! I was seriously rubbing "that way" :P Yes girl! WE ARE EVEN!

  15. @Janinay No, you're not maarte, same as you, I hate the feeling of oil especially since I need to do other stuff after fixing my hair! For this product, it gets absorbed into your hands though and it gets "completely" dry and makes my hands moisturized pa :D

  16. @Amy Aawww, glad to review this at a right time. I am so sorry you had a bad hair treatment last week! I hope it gets better! Yup, treat your hair for the coming weeks so you can revive it :D

  17. You can buy a good camelia oil from DIY webs, I buy from Garden of Wisdom and mix with my fav Lavender Essential Oil.:)

  18. this is my favorite. actually no matter how much oil I apply it doensn't feel oily.


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