Wednesday, January 18, 2012

AMW Makeover: Gotta Wake Up Early For This!

Good Happy Humpy Wednesday dear readers!  Did you have a wonderful sleep?  
Today is AMW Makeover day!  I am so lucky to have the chance to prettify the gorgeous people as I get to talk to them and know them too!

This, I have to say, is the earliest, non-bridal makeup gig I've done so far!  The call time was at 4:00am so I had to be awake by 2:45am to at least prepare the stuff and put them inside the car, get ready and of course, at least prepare MidFast (midnight snack+breakfast).  *hahaha*  In unforgiving hours like these, coffee are definitely my bestest of all best friend! 

Joey is my old client, I did her makeup around 2 years ago and it was great to see her again!  

Skin Condition: Normal to Dry
Request: Natural Makeup that's kid friendly
She is a gorgeous mom and I need to do makeup on her that lasts!  She wouldn't have time for touch-ups so I prepared her skin by moisturizing the dry areas and primed the rest with an oil-free foundation primer from Laura Mercier.  I applied HD Foundation on her care of Graftobian and applied cheek tint so whatever that will be removed from powder blush, there will be a "backup plan" underneath!

I went for more eye makeup application as compared to the first time I did her makeup as she's more used to having her face done by other people and she's very comfortable having slightly more makeup to show up on photos! 

I finished the look with pink blush and pink lips, she can definitely sport this as she looks young and sweet even with kids! :)


Skin Condition: Combination
Request: Nothing much, just to look good
Client B has combination skin (combination normal and oily) and she does suffer from acidic skin condition, meaning, foundation darken on her after application.  I prepped her skin prior to foundation application by applying primer.  I used MAC's Studio Fix liquid foundation in a shade lighter to even out the color of her face and neck!  The rest was pretty easy after foundation application as her features are very easy to work with.  I did a semi-smokey eye makeup look to focus her eyes a bit as I contoured the rest of her face and showed her cheekbones even more!  

A peach colored blush was used at the same time, a deep coral lipstick to complement her skin tone.

Skin Condition: Normal
Request: Very natural, no white cast makeup!
I understood Client C right away when she held my hand and requested for a makeup that doesn't look like a clown!  I told her not to worry as I don't like her to look like a clown either!  For someone who's already a grandma, Client C has wonderful skin as she takes care of it by using moisturizer and probably smiling at all times!  (Told ya!  Smiling is the secret to fountain of youth)

I used GSL Tri-Aktiline Total Face on her but making sure she does not suffer from any allergic reactions to skincare ingredients.  After making sure the moisturizer gets absorbed into the skin, I picked out a moisturizing foundation from I'Nuovi and applied it all over her face with a patting motion to "maintain moisture".  

After the "base" was complete, the rest was easy as I applied a neutral colored eyeshadow and applied a natural pinkish shade for blush applied on the apples of her cheeks going upwards which gives an illusion of a higher cheekbones.  

Skin Condition: Very Oily
Request: to make her look young
I do apologize as it was a super busy morning we forget to take a photo of Client D's Before photo.  Most mature skin individuals suffer from dry skin but not Client D.  Client D has a skin of a teenager and suffers from very oily skin!  I had to prep her skin carefully not to make her skin dry after oil-control primer application.  I pat everything gently and checking on areas that may have dried up.  Giving time for the primer to sit in, I chose an oil-free foundation from her which was MAC Studio Fix.  I carefully waited to see if the foundation turns dark on her then adjusted a bit with powder foundation.

She had her eyebrows tattooed and I'm so glad to have bought the K-Palette Eyebrow Liner to fill in the rest of the gaps and I am positive it'll stay the whole day!

Client D is very comfortable with parties and makeup and she advised me to go dark on  her makeup and I obliged but still making sure to make her look like herself still, and not somebody else.

It doesn't hurt that these wonderful clients put up an extra accessory --- SMILE.
They all look gorgeous even without makeup as their personalities shine through!  Such a heart-warming family!

**hair by: Kim

Thanks for the trust!
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. nice work! =) i see you're a very versatile make up artist, you can work in all age groups! =)

    1. awww,thank you for saying so, i try my best at all times :D

  2. fabulous work...u r an amazing artist

  3. nice one Nikkers!! keep it up, grabe pagaling ka nang pagaling ha!!!ikaw na!

    1. Magsy, it means so much to me, coming from you ha?? hahahahah ang taong may nakikitang nega lagi! I labyooo

  4. They all look beautiful! You are so talented!

  5. i love their makeup, simple pero ang ganda :) I hope you will be my MUA sa wedding ko :)

    1. awww that is one of the best thing a bride-to-be can tell me! thank you! You made my day!

  6. i love your work! they had always been neat and not too much but pretty nevertheless..

  7. Very nice work as usual! Galing! :)

  8. i love how you made them look extra pretty! :) and you're right client c does have nice skin for her age! i want to age beautifully too! :)


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