Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nail Art Tutorial: Year 2012 Nail Art

Nail Art Day today!  I haven't been creating much as I got into the "nail art bumming" stage plus I left my nails "nail polish free" for a couple of days before I went for brights again to jump start the Chinese New Year!

I do plan to create a "Water Dragon" inspired nails but checking out water dragon photos, they would either look weird on my nails as they may look cute as a cartoon but they may end up looking like a donkey on my nails!  *hahaha*  I do not plan to add up Donkey as part of the 12 animals! 

I planned to create something bright and Very Oriental instead....

Chinese Lantern 
with a Chinese Character "Fu" which means...
Luck or Blessing

Step 1:
Apply 2 coats of any bright colored polish of your choice.  Since everyone's been using red for CNY, I went for bright orange instead!  Thanks to dearest friend (#evurl girl) for this bright orange colored Color Combos polish which was very pigmented and dries up quickly!  

Keep in mind that I apply my choice of base coat on any polish application to protect my nails from yellowing.

Step 2:
With a bright colored RED polish from Paul & Joe, I created a spherical shape or you can just dot this with the nail polish brush.

It will come up like this?
You can do random dots making it not so "even"

Step 3:
With a thin brush or in my case, L.A. Art Deco Polish in Red, I draw strings for the lantern.
Optional: At the latter part, I've decided to use black for the strings to show up even better against the bright orange polish.

Adding a bit more lines at the bottom part to act as drapes

Step 4:
Since my 2 way nail art pen in yellow already dried up, I used a yellow acrylic and a brush and draw the outline of the lantern with bright yellow shade as shown on photo below.

Step 5:On my 2 thumbs, I created bigger lanterns.  Making sure the lanterns are completely dry, I used a black 2 way nail art pen and wrote a Chinese Character "FU" to bring in good luck and blessings.
Did you know that:  I originally wrote "Long" which means dragon but my nails are too small so the strokes got jumbled up a bit as my pen is a bit watery, I actually  had to remove everything and re-do one thumb nail :)

So instead, I wrote this...
Step 6:
Once the Chinese writing is completely dry, top the nail art with a glittery polish and top coat of choice.  This trick prolongs your nail art for at least a week or more!

Voila!  Chinese Lanterns on nails
For most Chinese, a lantern brings light and gives a cheerful environment.  
True or not it doesn't hurt as they look quite good as well!

Advance Happy Year of the Dragon!
  **photo taken from source

Do you celebrate Chinese New Year?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Looks awesome - love the colour.

    1. Thank you glad you liked the color combi, I wasn't really trilled with the combi at the start

  2. Ahhh! They're so cute! Happy New Year to you too :D

    1. Happy New Year too maggie dear thanks for the compliment

  3. Ang galing. Even though I'm not Chinese, I think I'd like to pull this off. The lanterns are so cute. :)


    1. Yes, you don't have to be Chinese to celebrate Chinese New Year right? :D

  4. Yes! We are celebrate Lunar New Year too but it's called SolNal here :)
    Really like the idea for the mani! So nice color combo!

    1. Nice to know! so Happy SolNal then! hehehe :D thank you! I love your nail art! Sooo pretty

  5. Replies
    1. Kung Hei Fat Choi to you and your family too!

  6. I'm impressed with your ability to write 'fu' on your right thumb nail with your left hand. I can't even do it on paper. Lol.

    1. ohh girl, it was super difficult I tell yoU! It is hard to paint designs using left hand but it is WORST to write! I had a super hard time and if you look closely, the left and right "fu" looks different! It took me a longer time to write using left hand :( I was so scared to mess up! hahaha

  7. this is so adorable and creative~! I remembered chinese tikoy while looking at

    1. Oh yeah, tama! Chinese Tikoy nga!!! :)

  8. Ang cuuute! Happy New Year sis! :)

  9. I was already celebrating after the traditional new year.... I wear read as always, even my bag is red.. I have a little dragon on my table.. so after tomorrow I will be busy as fruitful this year.

    1. wow! You know what? This year, we didn't go for reds like we always do when we were younger :) Happy new Year! :)

  10. That is one chic and timely idea! How cute!

  11. very impressed with the writing! :D hope you had an awesome CNY celebration Nikki! *mwaks*


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