Friday, January 6, 2012

AMW Reviews: Etude House Party Queen

My 2012 New Year Nails are simple and sparkly!  Like I said, it goes with my favorite sparkly gold shoes which I recently bought!  

Enjoy my simple EH Party Queen Sparkly Nails as you won't see much simple looking nails from me in the coming Nail Art Posts!  *laughs*

Christmas Bling Nails

To those who wonder, this is how the Etude House Party Queen Gradation Nails set look like!  I'm ready to review this after having this on my nails for almost 2 weeks!

 Christmas Bling Nails
EH Party Queen is mostly "GOLD".  The base coat is a light peachy pink polish with sparkly gold sheen.  The second polish is a simple glittery polish with finer specks of gold as opposed to the regular gold polishes we can find in other drugstore brands.  The third and the last polish to finish the gradient nails is the most unique of all!  Reminded me so much of a Deborah Lippman chunky polish that blogger friend Mhean gave me during my visit in Singapore!

Etude House Party Queen Gradation Nails says ---

AMW says ---
  • Cute packaging.  Both the carton and the bottle!  The bottles reminded me so much of Anna Sui.
  • Though  mostly written in Korean, the picture instructions are clear enough!
  • All 3 shades are consistently good.  
  • All of them pigmented enough.
  • The polish set can last IF set with a good top coat.  
  • Simple gradient nail art that looks like you had it done in a professional salon.
  • The glitters are super shiny!  Even after more than a week!
  • Inexpensive.
  • Nail polish application newbies will still find this difficult to use.
  • The third polish (with chunky glitters) can be rough to touch even when set with a clear top coat.  It takes time to get used to it.
  • Super difficult to remove!
This set reminded me so much of the BW gradation polish set my best friend bought for me in Hong Kong.  Both have the same polish base and glitters BUT the Etude House Party Queen is unique because of it's round, chunky glitters that shines even after you had the polish on for almost 2 weeks!

  • Always use a protective base coat of your choice to protect your nails from yellowing.  My favorite is the ZOYA base coat.
  • Always top your nail art designs or plain nail polish with a top coat to keep it shiny and protect from chipping.
  • Wait for each polish to completely dry before you top the next one.
  • Nail polish application (especially on gradient nails) doesn't have to be perfect!  So give yourself a break if you think the polish application isn't perfect! :)
  • Feel free to use the glitters on top of a different polish shade which you currently own to have variety!
  • To remove the chunky glitter, you can leave a cotton pad with nail polish remover on top of the chunky glitter and gently push with a nail stick.
  • Nail polish shades doesn't have to adapt your age!  Just work it out girl! :)
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
All the Nail Art Tutorial commenters who said they can't paint their nails!  hehehe

Where to purchase and how much?
At Etude House stores for less than Php348.00 (approx $8.00).

  • 2 Coats application of the base color
 Nail Art Tutorial Christmas Bling Nails

  • Once the base color is COMPLETELY dry, starting at the middle portion of your nails, apply the 2nd glittery gold color with a light, feather-like stroke.
Nail Art Tutorial Christmas Bling Nails
Nail Art Tutorial Christmas Bling Nails
  • Feel free to add more if you like.  Once you're done, make sure the second polish is completely dry and proceed with the chunky glitters.  A bit tricky to apply at first but I like applying it with a "patting" motion.  Try to concentrate more gold glitters on the tip of your nails.
Stop, look and re-apply more if needed!

Voila! Sparkly gold gradient nails you don't need any extra sponge or makeup sponge applicator during application!  The easiest gradient nails I've done!  

Are you willing to try Etude House's Party Queen polish set?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. That is super sparkly nails!! Lovely! I saw this set at Etude House store but didn't bought, I knew it'll be hard to remove lol~

  2. hehehe got this set as a gift from eh last xmas. mischievous has put up a video to remove glitter polish quickly and easily

  3. i love!!! :) sakto for the new year! :)

  4. ganda! simple and yet elegant ang dating! :)

  5. Sooooo pretty!!! I like that peachy-pink shade on its own and when topped with gold, it just shines! Must go check out Etude House soon ;-)

  6. @Anastacia Oh girl! I know there's an easier way but think about how difficult it is as compared to regular polish! hahahha

  7. @Marge Yeah! I saw it, pero sis, still!! mas mahirap siya than others! hahahhah :) Thanks for sharing!

  8. @Angela Ang ganda niya! I don't usually leave my gradient nails as is, I'm usually inclined to do kahit simple nail art, with this, I'm ok na!

  9. @Issa Like me? *bats eyelash* hahahahha bonggang Happy new Year!

  10. @lyn I wonder how much it is there? I hope not too pricey? :D

  11. Achie
    I love your nails!!! Sana kapitbahay lang kita para sa iyo na ako magpapa nail polish kasi back breaking na pag ako nag nail polish sa sarili ko... ooops! *halatang tanda na lol


  12. naku super ikli ng nails ko now kaya hindi na ko makapag nail art

    sorry if im not able to comment,sis
    so busy!

    now lang ako nakahinga ng maluwag from the holiday rush

    how was your holiday?

  13. Looks great, but I know what you mean you mean about removal!

  14. I dunno if I'd ever get used to having chunks of glitters on my nails. I once used 3D nail stickers but I just ended up wanting to scratch and peel 'em off not because I was irritated but because I just can't help it... LOL

  15. i love EH's gradient nail sets so I will definitely be purchasing this one. problem is lagi sila out of stock!!!

  16. Geez. So pretty *u* Love the gradient effect and the glitter thing for the tip of the nail. :>


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