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Tip for the Day: Foundation

I have been asked by many...through Cbox, email, twitter, or even in person on what's the best foundation for them.  I am very honest when I say..."It Depends..."

It depends on your skin type, skin condition and it really depends on YOU.  So what's the point of making my top picks?  To serve as a basis, but of course, this post will always be open for further comments and suggestions!  I am just a beauty blogger and a makeup artist, I am in no way an expert in guessing the best foundation for each individual so please try on testers, ask a favor from a friend who owns ton of makeup then try the products before you start spending your hard earn money on them!  

Keep in mind that I haven't tried all foundation mentioned below, some are highly recommended by my makeup artist friends! :)  It doesn't hurt to share then you pay me back with cash. *winks* :P 

For Dry Skin
The best person to ask if you have dry skin aside from oldies?  ME!  *laughs*  Just joking, I'm sure a lot of youngsters (aside from myself hahaha) suffers from this skin condition either "They were born with it" or they were under skin treatment which led them to have dry, flaky skin!   Here are some of my best bet for dry skin individual after we *high five*! :)

Clinique Supermoisture Makeup
I have used this way back when I wasn't even blogging!  This gives out the "moisture" any person would want and I  have a couple of friends who have dry skin and swore by this. 

MAC Mineralize Satinfinish SPF15 Foundation
Thanks to Sis Gracie for sending me this so I was able to try this.  The good thing about MAC Mineralized Satinfinish foundation is the fact that it never feels heavy but it gives a nice, healthy sheen after every application!

Revlon Age Defying Makeup with DNA Advantage
I recently road tested this and it worked on my skin and never felt dry and it gives me the moisture I need for the whole day!

Cover Girl Advanced Radiance
One of the first few drugstore foundation I purchased when I told myself I need to stack up on makeup for school!  This one has the added moisturizer and the name says it all "Advanced Radiance".  Anything with Radiance would be great to create a fake, healthy looking skin.

Mary Kay Timewise Luminous Wear Foundation
I have tried this on both mature clients and myself.  Since my skin isn't that dry as compared to mature clients, I like the fact that this product never settled into fine lines.  The effect came out really well.

For Oily Skin
I am used to doing makeup for oily skin as most of my clients surprisingly suffers from oily skin!  Keep in mind that if you have very oily skin, on oil-control primer will still be needed prior to foundation application at the same time, a good oil-control setting powder would help prolong the "matte-looking" finish of your skin!  It doesn't hurt to carry oil-control blotter sheets with you at all times!
Make Up Forever Mat Velvet
I have once chatted with a fellow makeup artist and when I asked about her best bet foundation for Oily Skin, she blurted out Make Up For Ever's Mat Velvet.  I was told this foundation does not only give a matte-looking finish foundation but it does help control a bit of the oilies.  I will probably purchase this once I'm done with my current foundations.

MAC StudioFix Foundation (Liquid)
Ah, need I say more?  I've seen these Studio Fix Liquid foundation been used on various makeup artists and you have to agree when I say, most of our makeup-loving friends own at least one of these!  The downside though, not all skin would agree with the ingredients of MAC SF Foundation.  I have friends who love this product dearly but it causes their skin to break out the day after usage!  

OCC / Graftobian Airbrush Foundation
You don't need to go out and purchase an airbrush equipment but the tiny tube of airbrush foundation are great for oily skin!

MAC StudioFix Foundation (powder)
Since oily skin individuals are "in dire" need to set their foundation, a powder foundation with oil control is best and MAC SF Powder Foundation gives extra coverage and removes shine!

Revlon ColorStay Makeup with SoftFlex
This is the drugstore version of MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation (in my very humble opinion).  Even the scent is similar and it gives a good coverage and can hold up to humidity.

Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundation
Most inexpensive oil-control loose mineral foundation that works!

Mary Kay Timewise Matte Wear Foundation
I surprisingly reach out to this eventhough I have dry/combination skin.  I like the super matte finish it gives with an extra glow! 
For Normal Skin or
Combination Skin
Normal skin individuals are lucky as they get the liberty to try different brands and types of foundation as most of them would work for normal skin. I also included the list for combination skin as most the brands listed below can also be used for Combination skin.  It helps to use an oil-control primer applied only on areas that oil up and leave the rest as is.

RMK Creamy Foundation
Oh my! Need to say more?  Kindly read how I gush about the product HERE

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation
this also suits combination skin!  Perfect on photos!

Clinique Superbalanced Makeup
This make up is known to give moisture on areas that needed one and control oilies on areas that oils up!  Smart makeup I should say!

Avon Ideal Shade Foundation
Inexpensive and it works on all skin type!  I put this on Combination skin's Save portion because I can use this liquid foundation on both my dry-skinned days and the not-so-dry to normal skin days!

Graftobian Hi-Def Creme Foundation
Though this comes in tiny amount of product for the price, I still call this inexpensive as a little goes a long way with this cream foundation.  I have used this on both  normal and combination skin and the effect was consistently good!

Products listed above came out from the moment I've written this post.  The list is not complete and I'm opening the "comment section" for everyone to share their list base on their experience!  In that way, it will be helpful to everyone reading this entry!

Today, I am off for 2 makeup gigs and I have more faces to prettify and it helps to share what I learn as each experience go!  There's no 100% way to know which type or brand of foundation is right for you unless you went out there and give the product a test.  I am not requiring you to spend your money to buy different foundation from here and there, but, let us try on testers, borrow from friends, do some research!  At the end of the day, no one knows your skin better than yourself! :)

So, start sharing your favorite foundation brands and which skin type would it work best for!
Happy Hunting!

Keep smiln'
Stay happy!


  1. MUFE and RMK are my loves! BTW I just tried the Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Foundation SPF25 and I LOVE IT! Best dry skin foundation I've ever used - it's like putting on moisturizer, but with buildable coverage!

  2. Hi Nikki! This is such a thorough and informational post! I've tried MUFE HD and sadly it didn't impress me. From your list I'm thinking to get the Revlon Age Defying one. I don't think it's available yet in stores here, though :/

  3. Great tips! I like the RMK & MUFE HD foundation

  4. Revlon Color stay and Clinique Superfit are best for my oily skin!both have superb oil control and staying power even after several blotting

  5. Nice post! Nikki, what is your HG primer for oily skin that is also good for sensitive skin? Thank you! ^_^

  6. Nikki....for oily skin I'm liking MAC's pro longwear foundation so far :D

  7. i love revlon's colorstay foundation..affordable and great!

  8. Hi Nikki! Graftobian is definitely my favorite and is the best I have ever used on clients so far! The coverage is very good. Btw, I am a grad of HD Makeup Studio & Academy too. I told sir Jeave that I learned about their school through your blogs. :)

  9. Just bought the Clinique Superbalanced makeup foundation yesterday. It's so overpriced compared to buying it directly in the US, but it's so much worth it. Thanks!

  10. @Jamilla Camel OH WOW! Have to check that locally if we have it! Coming from you? I believe ya! I think we have almost the same skin type!

  11. @Fifi Thanks for letting me know your feedback on MUFE! I like using it for HD though! Not sure how good it stays for super oily skin! Thanks and goodluck with the Revlon one!

  12. @lavender Glad you feel the same! I am awed with the performance of ColorStay!

  13. @Crystal Gale Sige girl, I'll try to come up with a list for primers! pero I think you know my answer SMASHBOX PHOTOFINISH PRIMER LIGHT pa din! After all these years

  14. @Kim I recently purchased a MAC Pro Longwear and will test it! Thanks for your tip!

  15. @Pattita Aaww thanks! How was your experience studying at HD Makeup studio? I haven't seen Jeave and Steph for quite some time but I love Graftobian! OH MY! Super useful for shoots too as they don't come off white!

  16. i can imagine you giving the high 5 nikks lol! agree, trial and error tlg finding your own foundie! thanks for sharing!

    1. oo no! hilig kong mag HIGH FIVE! kinikilig pa hahahah :) Thanks dear

  17. awww the revlon colorstay is love it just keeps going and going. i think i'll try the MUFE HD for my next foundation LOL ;-)

    1. OO Revlon Colorstay is magic and a nice dube for MAC Studio Fix Liquid foundation! :) Goodluck with MUFE HD let me know how you like it

  18. I like the revlon colorstay but it look shorrible pag pinagpawisan!
    definitely not sweat-proof!
    i was horrified when i glanced upon the mirror & saw my nose!kasi pawisin ang top ng nose & sa upper lip ko... goodness!

    i'm saving up for graftobian. i have to buy their palettes na, especially the super palette in warm for my MUA kit...starting pa lang..hehe

    1. Thanks for your feedback! that's a nice addition to know that it's not sweat proof! I do not sweat as much kasi and its nice to hear it from someone who does! :)

      Ooohh you have to try Graftobian! the feeling is a dream! Applies so seamlessly :D

  19. I'd love to try the MUFE mat velvet. How much is it anyway? Thanks! :D

    1. Naku sis, I do not know the exact price but around the range of Php1,800-2,200 :)

  20. i love MakeUpForEver Mat Velvet+ - my HG liquid foundie!

    1. wow, it worked in Singapore weather? it must be really good!

  21. unfortunately revlon color stay did not work for me. it look disgusting after I oil up especially on the nose. 1 hour lang, oily na.
    if only we can return products that didn't work for us. super sayang ang P895, sapatos na din yun!

    1. So sorry to hear that, don't you wish it was like in the US where we can return products that doesn't work for us?

      You must be VERY oily, have you tried using a primer? :D Thanks for your feedback :)


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