Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend Food Tripping at: Hanobe

Happy Sunday everyone!  I can't explain how busy my Saturday was but guess what?  Here I am surprisingly still alive and kicking to share a food post to make you...drool! :)

Whether holidays are over, our family love to bond with the presence of Food!  Each time I dined in a restaurant that gave me good experience, I can't wait to share it with the family and invite them for get together!

The get together happened at Hanobe Restaurant.  Surprisingly, the first and last time I dined in this restaurant was the year 2009 when it bears the same name but the restaurant ambiance looks super different!  (Read my post HERE.)

Here's how Hanobe Asian Food House looks at present....thank God for early arrival I was able to book the "private" room.

AMW very serious on preparing for the night's dishes

Same owners or not, I'm just glad the restaurant looks bright, ambiance is better and everything felt just right!  Wonderful glass window and clean utensils!

 Hanobe Global Fried Rice
Php688.00 (approx $16.00)
Yes dear, it's not a cake but fried rice!

This looks weird to most of you but one of the best tasting and unique fried rice I've tried.  The rice were wrapped inside egg with sauce that I can't seem  to pinpoint but it tastes very good!  Nothing weird and the sauce blends so well making the rice easy to chew and swallow!  I can even eat this on its own!

I have to report that this was a huge hit!  My family usually cannot finish a large order of Fried Rice but they finished this in an instant!  Will definitely order this again as this was my second time trying out this unique, super cute-looking rice!

Sweet and Sour Fish 
Medium for Php428.00 (approx $9.95)
I am very particular with the freshness of the fish and it did not fail!  
Crunchy fish coating blended with sweet and sour sauce!  Perfect with the Global fried rice rice!

Beef Tenderloin 
Large for Php748.00 (approx $17.40)
I am comfortable ordering beef tenderloin in this restaurant that's why I went for large right away!  I have tasted this and was impressed how tender and juicy the beef was!   The taste of the sauce was just right.  Nothing overpowers the other!

3 Kinds of Vegetable Dish
Medium for Php388.00 (approx $9.00)
I just wanted something healthy and green that I went for my gut feel for 3 Kinds of Vegetables.  It was a hit as the taste was unique!

Pork Spareribs
Medium for Php368.00 (approx $8.56)
Another hit!  Mixed with loads of garlic and the pork is quite meaty and not much fat!  The vinegar that comes with it is a match made in heaven!

Braised Stuffed Tofu
Medium for Php338.00 (approx $7.80)
Ahhh, tofu!  What more can I say?  In any Chinese Restaurant that I visit, a tofu dish is a must and this one is quite unique as the tofu was stuffed with meatball and the added slices of Asado (BBQ'd Pork) gives a different texture!  One piece is enough to keep you full! (Not true!  I had 2! hahaha)

Cha Misua
Sorry can't remember the price
I think we over-ordered as we didn't even get to the half of this dish!  I am not a fan of Cha Misua as I like my noodles to have more sauce! (Ex. Birthday Noodles).  I ordered this because I know my nephew and sister likes this!

Various Korean-made Ice Cream
Ahhhh after a full stomach, a light, not-too-sweet ice cream is the best way to finish off a good meal!  Melona has been around on most Korean restaurants and I'm glad they are making their way to Chinese restaurants!  I am not a fan of "anything too sweet" so I am loving Korean made ice cream!  They taste really good!

The restaurant serves their food quick and fresh!
Servers are very friendly and they attend to our needs in as quick as they can!
Restaurant accepts Cash and Credit Card Payments.

Hanobe Asian Food House
99 Maria Clara St. cor. Banawe, Brgy. Sto. Domingo

Quezon City, Metro Manila

(632) 731-4381

Last time I check, I can still fit in the clothes I own!  *whew*  Lucky you as you did not gain any pounds reading this post!  :)  

Where are you going for food tripping?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Everything looks yummy!

    hahah~ Korean icecream :) I love Melon one a lot :)

  2. making me hungry........
    hehe ur weekend is always so eventful...

    some times makes me feel like going to phil and visit you.. ^^

  3. @Anastacia I actually liked MELONA the brand but the strawberry flavored ice drop! :D Is it famous in korea?

  4. @purple snowflake Please, drop me an email and I'll tour you around! Come and visit me! even for 3 days ! You'll gain at least 5 lbs! hahahhaa

  5. Achi
    Next time try the Premium Ice Cream brand EXCELLENT vanilla flavor! Super sarap! You can look into my blog to know what it looks like ; )


  6. happy new year, pretty nikki!!!

    this post makes me want to go to banawe! binondo pa lang ang naaachieve ko na foodtrip kasi! nomnomnom!

    - iya

  7. Must try eating here! That Hanobe rice looks appetizing! I was wondering at first what that weird looking glob was. When I saw the next photo, I was amazed. Creative! :)


  8. OMG The Fried Rice just totally blew me away haha. I've never seen anything like it. It looks sooo delicious.


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