Monday, January 9, 2012

Nail Art Tutorial: Ode to my Dogs..Arf! Arf!

Happy Start of the week!  I will be starting the 2nd week of the year with a Nail Art Tutorial!  It won't be related to new year or even anything too fancy as I would like to make this special post for my dogs!

Yes, to some who don't know, I am proud momma to my Pomeranian dogs!  A brief background on my love affair with the furry friends.

I used to be scared of dogs, we may have a fair share of taking care of Chicken, Duck, Rabbits, Turtles and Fishes but never in our wildest dream to own a dog!  Which is understandable as my brother used to suffer from asthma.

When I was working as a teacher in China, one of my Dutch colleague asked me for a favor, a favor I nearly "accidentally peed on my pants".  He will be traveling with his girlfriend to Netherlands for a month and asked me to help take care of their 12-year old Shih Tzu.  He was with "Di Di", the Shih Tzu, when he asked for a favor and I tried to be friendly with this dog and reached out to pat his head and he want "Grrrrr" and nearly bit me!  *shudders*  Great!  I told myself I'll be losing one finger in a month but I said "yes" anyway as I want my colleague to enjoy his much awaited vacation!

To cut the long story, the first few days was the most challenging days but the days passed by with me walking to the mark, crossing the street (without leash), eating meatballs from 7-11 every night and jog with "Di Di".  I got sick and had "di di" watch me while I sleep and he would wiggle his tail each time I wake up for the much awaited "morning bonding".  He got sick and I remembered rushing him to the vet with my bike as it was snowing as I covered him and put him in front of the bike basket as I whispered to him "Everything's going to be alright"

Can you imagine how hard was it was to say goodbye to "Di Di" when the owners returned?  I gave my mom a call and I was in tears and my mom (who dislikes having dogs around the home) said: "Don't worry, we'll buy a dog when you return."

And it happened, when I returned to Manila for good....the rest was history!  I may not be with Di Di but I have my own babies!

So to kick off Nail Art Tutorial for the year 2012, this post is dedicated to my dogs....

"Ode to my Dogs --- Arf! Arf!"

The drawing isn't as cute as the "real thing", but who could draw nail art as cute as one of my Pom... Char Char? 

To start off the nail art design, I used a bright yellow base coat that I got from Revlon.   The new Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Enamel in Electric.  Keep in mind I applied base coat to protect my nails.

For Paw Prints
With a nail art dotting tool or any round shaped object, draw random dots that are medium sized as shown on photos below.  Imagine "Dominos".

With a smaller dotting tool, create 3 dots on top of the medium sized dots for toes.

For the Bone
With the same matte black polish, create a thick straight line about 2 cm as shown on photo below.

With the same medium-sized dotting tool, create 2 dots on the tip to make the shape of a bone. 

For the Face of the Dog
With a gray polish from Essie, I created a pear shape with the use of the polish brush.  This does not have to be perfect.

While waiting for the pear-shaped dog's face to dry, with a dotting tool or nail art brush, create the dog's ears.

Once the base of the dog's face is completely dry, create triangular 3 dots for the eyes and nose.

With a thin nail art brush or a brush from L.A. Art Deco polish in matte black, draw the mouth.

It doesn't hurt to add up a bit of freckles!

Once the nail art designs are completely dry, top your design with a sparkly top coat or plain top coat.

Voila!  If this nail art design is too much for you, you can always start by drawing paw prints as it's easier :)

Do you own a dog?
What breed and how old is he/she?

I own 3 Pomeranians and they look like puppies but all of them are at least 4 years old!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I love it! Yes, we also have dogs! We have a labrador, labrador-dalmatian and a Chow-chow. =) Thanks for the tips!


  2. SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna draw it too!!!!! :D :D :D :D shall be my manicure tonight! we have a jack russell at home and also a pekingese, but sadly i am really not a very animal person :(

  3. So creative! Your dog is so cute! ♥

  4. Aww the nails are adorable and so is your dog!

  5. @Krystal Pearl Ooohh CHOW CHOW! I find them soo cute! i want to cuddle them!

  6. @xin Yay! can't wait to see your version of your cute ARF! ARF! I can be your pet then ...WOOF! WOOF! *begging for human food* hehehe

  7. @Sophie hihihi siya lang may photo coz siya lang ang kayang umupo ng maayos at hindi malikot!

  8. @Tina Marie Yes he is, can't get over his cute-ness :D

  9. @gio Char Char says thanks for the compliment :D

  10. Achi Shitzu are really nice dogs but Poms are the best!
    arf! arf! from Precious!


  11. @Jamilla Camel Thanks! I know I love them and use to draw them on paper! :D

  12. @*MrsMartinez* Biased tayo! hahaha well I have tried taking care of Shih Tzu and they are really , super nice too!!! All dogs shall I say are super adorable!


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