Tuesday, August 16, 2011

AMW Reviews: RMK Creamy Foundation

Note: The product I will be reviewing is not available locally but I think it deserves a space on my blog because......*shouts* I can't believe I'm loving this and it's NOT available here!!!!!!!!

Ok calming down....

Yes, I'm a bit calmer now!  First of all, I want to thank my dearest friend Connie for sending me a sample of the RMK Creamy Foundation in shade 102 (perfect for me!) and it was only recent that I gave this a try because, ahmm..because...I am too lazy to use cream/liquid foundation for the past months!  

The sample size is just a tiny 1x1 (squarish)  tiny packet but I use only a few each  time and I was able to maximize its usage to at least 4 applications!

**photo taken from Sasa Website

RMK Creamy Foundation says ---
With its water holding oil formula, RMK Creamy Foundation has a great moisture retaining quality, this luxurious, creamy type foundation replenishes the skin for a radiant and lustrous finish. You will experience an exquisite balance between coverage and lucidity. Further more, the stretch powder fits your skin surface perfectly, and just-applied finish lasts for hours.

Origin: Japan
Suitable for: All Skin Types

AMW says ---
  • Build-able coverage, can create light, medium or heavy coverage without the white cast. (as long as you get the right shade).
  • Feels very light on skin.
  • No weird scent.
  • Lasts the whole day with only one or two retouches.
  • Can create dewy finish without setting powder.
  • Texture applies smoothly and blends evenly.
  • Can double up as concealer especially on the under eye area.
  • Does not settle in fine lines or cake up.
  • Keeps my face matte (which I prefer in liquid/cream foundation) and at the same time, this creates a nice glow (hard to find).
  • Does not oxidize on me.
  • May oil up to oily-skinned individuals.
  • Shade choices are quite light.  (problem of most Asian made cosmetics)
  • Packaging, I know they include a spatula when you purchase it but still, I like squeeze-y tube packaging :)  Just like toothpaste! :P
  • Not readily available locally and even international sites! I've checked various sites and they're mostly sold out :(
People notice my skin each time I use this foundation, I may not have acne but I do have allergic reactions on days so my skin tends to look dull aside from my usual "dryness" concern!  I actually wore this on the GlamBox Airbrush Workshop and I was even asked if I use airbrush foundation on myself! *giddy*

Aside from what other people see, I personally feel good using this foundation, feels so light on skin at the same time, gives the coverage I want minus the dryness, plus the natural glow! :)

  • To save more of this foundation (as this doesn't come cheap), use a foundation brush or stippling brush to apply and spot conceal areas that needed more coverage!  I used this method that's why my sample lasted long enough for me to create this review.
  • Apply from the center of the face brushing the foundation outward!  This way, the coverage is concentrated more at the "center" - the area that needed the most coverage.
  • Wash your tools after every use!
  • If you have oily skin and still want to try this, use an oil-control primer prior to foundation application.
  • Same for dry-skinned individuals, though this cream foundation is non-drying, it helps to moisturize your skin prior to foundation application.
  • If you plan to purchase this, I strongly suggest to try their samples first or some websites sell trial packs!  It's heartbreaking to spend such a huge amount of money for products that does not work or worst, not the same shade as your skin!  
  • Store in cool, dry place and never dip your fingers or brush directly, use a spatula.
  • Prefer lighter coverage?  You can go for the RMK Liquid Foundation.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone into cream foundation as this does not settle into fine lines!  Perfect for Normal/Dry skin.

Where to purchase and how much?
I've checked the amount online for you to have an idea, costs $52.40 (approx Php2,200) at Sasa.

 Sorry I wasn't able to swatch shade 102 on my hand as I originally thought I won't be able to review this product!  Didn't know a little goes a long way so I was able to use this a couple of times!

As applied on face without primer, moisturizer or even setting powder!  I just used eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and lipstick!  Opted for a very simple look for dinner.

Close up on the nose area, drying foundation would definitely show up as close as this, considering that I did not use any moisturizer prior to foundation application, this isn't bad!  No flaking!

Full face without blush.  I felt my skin does look like in the early 20s? *chokes*
Sorry, I meant late teens! *bwahaha*

RMK or  Rumiko cosmetics, show your butt here in our country!
I'd love to have you here! :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. OMG!
    *zooms the pic*
    this is indeed an awesome foundation!

    i have read & heard of tons of raves about this product & it is indeed true!

    such a shame it's not available here,ne?

  2. wow, ganda ng coverage! you look so gorgeous on that last photo! you do look younger :)

  3. ooohhhh i've been salivating over rmk since fuzkittie LOL aaah maybe when i get to hk LOL

  4. i was just thinking of when will i be getting this as i saw this on a recent issue of Elle magazine. i think this brand rocks, same as my like for Lunasol, which is also asian brand. you look pretty sis, as always. ;)

  5. RMK! Ang ganda nga. I don't want to be tempted with this brand but your review is tempting me. :)

  6. your skin does look like you're only 20! :) i was thinking that RMK is more expensive hehehe. :] this post has actually made me feel better. i have heard so many good things about this brand. ;)

  7. @~tHiAmErE~ OO! I actually heard raves about their Powder Foundation as a lot of our local actresses uses this brand, didn't know even their creamy foundation is good! Yup wala dito :(

  8. @Issa Sabi mo yan ha? walang bawaian :) Labyoo!

  9. @Marge Yup, I think its the best thing to do, buy this in HK! :D I think this is as good as Lunasol daw though I personally haven't tried the Lunasol Foundie

  10. @MereMakeupManiac Ahhh have you used Lunasol? ganda ba??? :D

  11. @Pammy Well sino bang hindi matempt, everytime I use this I was asked why my skin looks nice! LOL! Nabola ako! baka taga RMK mga nag cocompliment? LOL!!!!

  12. @sugar sugar Aaww thanks girl I think I love you more *winks* You said the magic word, i mean Sentence! hahahaha :)Come to think of it, almost the same price as my loved Paul & Joe :)

  13. RMK foundations are FANTASTIC and worth the money. There is also a powder version which is gorgeous for oilier skins. Suqqu foundations are incredible also, but pricier.

  14. aw too bad RMK is not available in phils :S it's a sign for u to visit here!!!!

  15. Aweeeee! Such flawless skin!!

    I finally can comment here on other blogs too :) Yay! :)

  16. Want! This is why I miss travelling to China and HK :) By the way, I think wehaveit43 sells RMK products, but as pre-order.

  17. @Jamilla Camel You are making me crave for the powder foundation version! OH dear, I heard and read so much about Suqqu! I know you love it!

  18. @xin I know! KL and Singapore. when I visit you, I'll visit RMK!

  19. @Hollie ayayay! You agreed pa, so I want this more!!!

  20. @Anastacia Great news, glad you can comment now :) Thanks dear

  21. @Krys Yes, I saw it! :) It is preorder :)

  22. very nice review. i would love to try this sana nga meron na lang dito sa Pinas para pwede magswatch to check which shade suits me :)

  23. @Anne Agree, but let's just wait! Since Benefit arrived, I am staying positive RMK will! :) Who knows? :D


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