Monday, August 15, 2011

Tip for the Day: Packing for a Trip AMW style!

I got an email last week from a reader who asked me if I carry a lot of stuff when I travel, my answer? ---- NOPE!  

When I travel, I don't bring so many stuff because I don't want to end up paying for excess baggage, plus I want to have a space for my "pasalubongs" (gifts) to my loved ones every time I travel!  Here's how I packed for my most recent travel!  It was a "6-Days" trip in Shanghai.  First thing you want to check ---
  • The weather of the place you're visiting.
  • Any formal events you need to attend?
  • Check your hotel if they have blow dryer (if you need one), slippers, towels and other toiletries! 
Shanghai weather is hot and humid, it was a business trip (slash) leisure trip, I counted the days I needed to wear something nice for "office work" and the days I can just look like trash (just joking), I mean on days I can wear really casual clothes.

I brought along dresses for the "more formal days" and the rest?  I carried shorts as they are space saving as compared to jeans!  It helps to bring clothing that has light fabric and doesn't get wrinkled right away.  For foot wear, I brought one super comfortable flats and another one more formal but I wore it to the airport so it doesn't take much space inside my luggage as well! 
I love rolling my clothes, aside from it being a space saver, it doesn't wrinkle the clothes easily! 

See? I still have half of the luggage space!  I also brought along some local goodies to share to my friends in Shanghai!  Dried mangoes, nuts, and tiny keychain souvenirs!  I also gave dried mangoes to the sweet driver who helped carry my luggage! :)  It's nice to share to them our local delicacies!

For my toiletries, I put it in one pouch and will include it inside my checked-in luggage as most of them are in liquid/cream forms!  This is the best time to pull out your sample sized facial wash, moisturizer, cleansing oil, body lotion, BB cream etc... I carried along Face and Body sunblock as it saves space for 2-in-1 products!  I knew the hotel I am staying will supply toothpaste and toothbrush but I usually find them too harsh for my gums so I bring my own instead!

I have to admit, I do keep shower caps, cotton buds, cotton balls and comb from previous hotels I've stayed.  It's time to pull them out and carry them with me just in case I ran out of them!  I know, I'm a cheapo but you have to admit its smart too right? :P

I feel they're not safe just thrown inside my pouch, I used a clear plastic to store them, just in case it broke inside my luggage, I won't have them ruin my clothing too!  That would be a traveler's nightmare to have whatever liquid or cream explosion!

They all fit snugly inside my pouch!

Now on to my hand carry, I used my Beabi bag organizer as I can't seem to live without one nowadays!  There's the travel documents of course, I also brought along a copy of my passport and birth certificate.  Wallet that would fit the local currently I will be traveling to (Chinese Yuan is quite huge!).  Philippine peso, as I still need to pay for travel tax  and terminal fees!  Sunglasses, pens, alcohol housed in a tiny spritz container, lip balm (as I can't live without one) and an umbrella!  I took with me the shortest umbrella I own! :)

Ah let's not forget how I plan to food-trip!  
I need medicines!  Especially anti-histamines!

For make-up!  I usually don't carry much when I travel as I don't plan to put on a lot of make-up during my trip especially on a country that's on its "humid" state!  I took with me my new Charm TravelPro V3!!!  My Victoria Jackson Survival Kit (which includes blushes, lipstick, various eyeshadow shades), eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, liquid liner, mascara and lash curler!  To clean my brushes, I took with me wipes!  There's no reason not to clean your brushes when you're traveling!  Not on photo, I have my Majolica Majorca Powder Foundation inside my bag for easy retouch!

This is how I pack for a short trip!
How about you? Any other tips that I missed?

Have a great week ahead!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. great tips! i also roll my clothes like you did in the photos :)

  2. Hi! I thought they don't allow umbrellas in carry-on luggage... do they allow it now? :)

  3. nice and neat! :D I use double protection for the liquid stuff I bring in luggage too, can't imagine if they decide to burst and ruin all my clothes =/ i have a really slim and tiny umbrella that i bought for traveling, only for mild sun and rain, the bones are really flimsy due to the size

  4. You pack neatly and everything's so organized. :)

  5. true i agree ^_^ i brought mostly samples that way tapon na lang ng tapon & not have to carry stuff back. and zip lock bags as per airport requirement for fluids.
    true that victoria jackson survival kit is a great help if one is not planning to shop for makeup at one's destination ☺♥

  6. aaawwwww, i am guilty of packing a lot of stuff during travel especially when I am with my son!!!! duuuhhh! nakakainggit ka, you're so organized, hihihi :)

  7. @Anonymous I do remember hindi pero I put it inside my carry-on pa din and so far, di naman umangal? I was ready to explain though that its raining in Shanghai! I want to make sure I'm ready with an umbrella once I leave airport :P

  8. @xin I know! I can't imagine if they burst all over my clothing, the whole trip will be ruined! OR NOT? Maybe its the best time to buy new clothes? LOL

  9. @Pammy ehehehh :) You haven't seen the final look pa! as in well stacked on top yung mga chichirya and dried mangoes :D

  10. @Marge TRUE! I like throwing sample packets out after para wala nang hassle to carry them back home!

  11. @Issa Sure ka gamit ng son mo? Baka sayo ha? Excuses ka! hahahah :)

  12. Great tips, everything is so organized. Thanks for sharing.

  13. you are so organized sis! i admire how you can keep yourself from bringing so much clothes, i always worry about excess baggage! totally love the idea of putting liquids/creams in a zipbag, i do that too.

  14. Lol - just like me! More toiletries than clothes!

  15. @Askmewhats hahaha, oo nga! excuses! huling huli mo ko ha....

  16. @gio Glad to share and I'm glad I took the shot :)

  17. @MereMakeupManiac Hahah I'm more scared of excess baggage! hahahah I used to work abroad right? And I usually visit here once or twice a year, so I kinda mastered the art of packing :)

  18. @Issa OO noh kahit once pa lang kita na meet, kilala na kita! HHHAHAHAHHAHAH


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