Saturday, January 21, 2012

AMW Reviews: Etude House Wannabe Color Lips in #2 So Hot Pink

I am actually MORE excited with Chinese New Years than regular January 1st New Years.  The reason is, my brother (who's working overseas) usually comes home for a short vacation and it felt so good to spend quality time with complete family members! :)

To jumpstart the lucky Year of the Dragon, I will be reviewing something "Supah Bright"!  A lipstick that can make my teeth look whiter! :)  My mom and dad may have the shock of their lives seeing their "bunso" (youngest child) sporting a bright red lips which they don't see much but...I'm old now!!!! *laughs*

Etude House So Hot Pink
is So Hot and Cute!

A closer look on #2 So Hot Pink
on tube
Etude House says ---
Smooth textured lipstick supplies vivid color and moist shine.

Available in: 3 Shades - So Trendy Red, So Hot Pink and So Chic Beige (Check out their cute packaging!)

Illustration by: Annika Wester

Net wt.: 3.5g (0.12oz.)

AMW says ---
  • Very cute, stylish matte black packaging with girly design.
  • The lipstick is very pigmented.
  • The lip color adheres into the lips quite well and stays longer than regular lipstick.
  • Has a very faint scent that's not overwhelming.
  • Non-drying as compared to other matte lipsticks.
  • Good price point for something as pigmented as this.
  • Though matte, it doesn't look dry on lips.
  • For those who love to read ingredients, can't find it in box.
  • Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is a limited edition? (I hope not)
  • May still be drying as compared to moisturizing lipstick.  Only drier lips individuals may feel this.
At first glance, I thought this lipstick is similar to those "kiddie lipsticks" that has the fruity scent that looks so great on packaging but would fail on application!  This is not the case!  The Etude house Wannabe Color Lips has everything both kids and adults may want!  (though I highly recommend kids to stay away from such color..hehehe).  The lipstick is exactly what we, as young girls, would want to put inside our tiny purses at the same time, the quality is really good even professionals like us would love this too!

  • Always prep your lips with lip balm prior to lipstick application.
  • After lip balm application, wait for a couple of minutes and do makeup on the rest of your face, blot with tissue paper then proceed with lipstick application.
  • For the color the pop out even better, use lip erase or conceal your original lip color prior to lipstick application.
  • For a glossy finish, top with your favorite lip gloss.
  • Feel free to change a bit of the lipstick shade by topping with a colored gloss.
  • Use lip brush if you plan to use this for clients.
  • If possible, wipe off the tip of the lipstick after application or wipe your lips prior to lipstick application.
  • If you find this lip color to be too much on you or overwhelming, apply with a patting motion OR mix with a beige colored lipstick.
Will I repurchase?
Yes! Looking at So Chic Beige!

To whom do I recommend this to?
So Hot Pink is perfect for anyone who would like to look great minus the eye makeup.  This lipstick color may be super bright but it suits most skin color.

Where to purchase and how much?
At Etude House stores for Php478.00 (approx $11.12).

So Hot Pink 
Close up on Tube

Applied on lips without base nor lip gloss

Did you know that?
Annika Wester, the Artist for Wannabe Collection for Etude House is originally from Sweden.  She made a name for herself in Paris for her fashionable, lovely and detailed drawings.  She has exhibited her works in Paris, New York, L.A., Stockholm and Tokyo and collaborated with fashion and beauty brands such as Anna Sui, Reneevon, Lacoste, MAC among others.

Do you think you would go for So Hot Pink?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. The packaging is so cute! :3 Fabulous color too~

    1. Agree on the packaging comment and it really helps to have a nice packaging on our cosmetics

  2. Love love the packaging. Its too adorable.:)

  3. Replies
    1. That's nice to know! funny how there are different views on the packaging

  4. WoW!! I love the color on you Nikki! I will definitely grab one of that...but I think that's LE coz of the packaging hehe..thanks for the heads up on this! ^_^

    1. OO nga eh! Na confirmed nga it's LE! But the color is super nice no? Surprisingly nice!

  5. very cute packaging!!! the shade reminds me of the Revlon Super Lustrous in Love That Pink. ^_^

    1. Ahh I haven't tried Love That Pink! So it's almost the same? At least if this is LE I can look into the Revlon one! thanks

  6. yes, etude house told me this is a limited ed :-( glad to get this in their press kit! winner sya.

    1. agree! This is really a nice addition to LE but I hope they make this for good! ang ganda lang ng color!

  7. You've got to try the Nude one :D it's really popular too ♥ Lovin it :D Thanks for the review and yes, I feel it's a bit drying too considering I have dry lips >.< Yes, this is limited edition >.< So if you love this particular line, you need to get backups, but I think EH has other regular ones that are close to this shade ^^

    1. Really? Wow I think the nude one would be great too but I look sick in nude lippie as my lips are naturally very pigmented! So I guess you're right, MORE BACKUPS! I actually bought another one for my train case :D

  8. This colour looks amazing on you! Perfect for Lunar New Year!

  9. the packaging itself would make me want to buy this! :P

    1. oooohhh it's not just the packaging! the quality is quite nice :D

  10. for lipsticks that dry my lips, i use lip balm first...

  11. o would definitely go for this shade! :)

  12. cute packaging and love the color of the shade. thanks for the review..

  13. the color really looks good on you :)


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