Thursday, March 8, 2012

AMW Reports: Sperry Top-Sider Weekend Event

What does one need to do to lounge on a nice sunny Saturday afternoon with this view?  Well, I worked super hard for the whole week and finished a makeup gig that morning!

The Lord is good, he made sure to give me some time to relax and enjoy His creation!

And the Lord works his way via Sperry Top-Sider.  I was invited by the wonderful people from Sperry Top-Sider to celebrate with them their passion for the sea. It was held at 1Esplanade at the 2012 Sea Expo.  We were told an exclusive afternoon cruise was also set for us to enjoy!  We were also requested to wear our Nautical outfit, in which I happily obliged!

I was afraid I won't make it on time but it turned out, I was the earliest to arrive and it was nice to have the chance to relax and take a look at their Summer 2012 collection.

I've heard about Sperry Top-siders for the longest time, I used to wish my parents would buy me a pair but it was those days where money should be saved for education or other necessities! 

In this expo, I learned that the Sperry Top-Sider has been around for 75 years showcasing to the world their classic American style and now a symbol of seaside adventures.

I get to meet the Retail Division manager of Sperry Top-Sider Philippines, Karen Ong who excited shared to us the Summer 2012 collection and also gave us a preview of Advanced Water Technologies performance footwear designed especially for athletes and enthusiasts who require nothing less than top of class equipment for their sport.  

I was also told that there is a Team Sperry Top-sider, a global team of more than 30 Olympic class sailors who exhaustively tested the technology in a range of extreme conditions.  The line includes GripX3 for sailing, the ASV for boating and fiashing and the SON-R technology for  multi water sports.  Quite technical to read but I'm sure water enthusiasts would understand!

At around 5:15pm, we were asked to enjoy the cruise to enjoy the sunset!  In the event, I met the lovely Enciso sisters Vern and Verniece

Time to hop on board!

Earth was also there and we were telling each other how much we enjoyed the sun, the wind and the experience in general!

Earth with Sperry Top-Sider's PR Jay.  Thank you Jay for being super nice and for offering us drinks to keep us cool!

It was wonderful to meet Katrina Ong (sister of Karen Ong) once again after Nuffamily Day event!  The same old bubbly girl remembered me and we chatted like long lost friends! 

Everyone on board, I've met lovely people from Cosmopolitan Philippines, Candy Magazine, FHM as well!  Everyone had a great time at the cruise!  We had the boat to ourselves and the weather was perfect!

It's not everyday I can do this, so I may as well relax and enjoy the view!

Before we ended the night, a short presentation was made to showcase the Sperry Top-Sider March Summer 2012 Collection.
These caught my attention!  I checked the prices for you, they range around Php3,400-4,300+.
 And my ultimate favorite of them all!
Oh, before I end this post, I, together with Verniece and a girl from Cosmo won Best Nautical Outfit Award!  Thanks to Sperry Top-Sider for picking me, and best of all thank you for making me "stop working" even for a moment and enjoy life!  

Sperry Top-Sider is available in Trinoma Mal, Shoe Salon, HideOut in Greenbelt 5, Complex Lifestyle Stores in Eastwood Mall, Ayala Town Center, Ayala Center Cebu, Rustans and selected department stores.  Add them up on Facebook to know more about their new collections.

After busy day from work, have you finally relaxed even for an hour?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Wow! Sosyal! You deserve it! Love your outfit too! ganda ng shorts! :)
    Anyway, I am lucky that I spend my weekends at our farm in Batangas. That's the place where I can relax because the weather is perfect (not like here in Manila! ang init na!). We also have lots of trees (great view)! Best of all, my son and mom are with me! :)

  2. I know what you mean, weekend is best spent with the people you love and you enjoy to be with! I am glad to have the relaxation after super busy months na! Need a breather and this is a great one :)

    Thanks for liking the shorts :D

  3. totally loving your nautica outfit sis!!! for a moment i tot they sponsored your outfit too! horizontal lines are deadly for me =/

    1. Thanks sister,it was funny how we all dressed "almost" similary! hahahaha :) Well we were asked for Nautical outfit so I can't think of any better way to dress but this! :D


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