Monday, April 16, 2012

Eureka Moment: Keeping it Together (KIT)

Good Morning Monday!
This will be a straightforward Eureka Moment post!  Before I left for Japan, I was sent a KIT by Mich (thanks Mich!) and I love it already just because of its brand name "KIT" (sounds like Keith) hahaha  *cheesy*  

So, it is a perfect timing because I took this out for a road test, not just any road but Tokyo Roads!  (from cheesy turns corny!)

KIT- organizers and containers that help you keep things together for a more organized and easier life!!!

Together let's check the content :)
I will also include what I used it for during my Japan Trip

  • Soap case - Dove soap
  • Spray bottle (Php59.00) - I put alcohol here
  • Silver colored atomizer (Php149.00) - I transferred some of of the Parian Brush Cleaner here so I can still clean my makeup brushes when I travel.  This is actually best for Fragrances but I brought with me tiny perfume bottles during travel.
  • Oil Bottle - I put my Neutrogena Body Oil
  • Gel Pumps in 2 sizes (around Php49.00) - I left it as I have a sample size of Kiehl's Body Lotion.
  • Clear square case - where I put my Papaw treatment.
  • Not so clear tub - I put my hair pins, rubber bands and small earrings here
  • Powder Case (Php49.00) - I put some of the loose setting powder from Shu Uemura here for touch ups
  • Acrylic Jar (lower right of photo) (Php40.00) - I put my anti-histamine tablets here!  This can also be used to store eye cream but I have a sample sized eye cream from Clinique.
  • Funnel (Php49.00 comes with spatula and dropper) - super cute way of transferring products!
Oh something on the photo (above) is missing, Mr. AMW grabbed it right away and announced to be his...well I'm just a good wife who agreed! *hahaha*  Yeah yeah, conjugal property, I know!

Mini Pouch
Php195.00 (approx $4.50)

NERD Keith Holding KIT :P
He likes to store his gazillion sets of batteries here!
Girls can't have enough makeup, boys can't have enough batteries!  *laughs*

Overall, it was a perfect kit for me!  
Thanks Mich for this and feel free to add them up on Facebook to know more about the other products they offer!  They have a whole lot I'm in Heaven!
You can purchase KIT at Theater Mall Greenhills (Across Mix Gems, before food court)

Do you transfer big packaged product to a smaller one like me when you travel?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Product received as gift.)


  1. Yes, I too transfer my skincare products in small containers when I travel, it's more convenient! And that's a very useful set!

    1. nice to know we are the same! :) Thanks for sharing GIo!

  2. "Girls can't have enough makeup. Boys can't have enough batteries!" hahahaha. So true! I couldn't agree more! :)

    Very cute kit. I think I need one of these :)

    1. hahahah So I assume si Hubby mo din? hahaha :)

  3. This is just a brilliant kit for travelling!

  4. mebbe i should buy a pouch for my hubby too, he is crazy about batteries, bought a loot of eneloop when he went japan, and recently hauled god knows how many pcs of eneloop recently. and also a battery charger with complex digital display -_-

    1. yes you should! Mr. AMW has been really into keeping his batteries tidy!

      Mr. AMW and Mr. Prettybeautiful should meet up! hehehehe


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