Friday, April 6, 2012

Japan Report: Dormy Inn Hotel, Asakusa

Good morning everyone from Tokyo Japan!!! :)
Here I am, smiling as I'm enjoying the nice, cool weather!  Thank God our prayers were answered, the storm was over and flight was on time even if boarding was a bit delayed!  

As usual, I will be starting the report with the hotel we are staying at!  Dormy Inn Hotel in Asakusa!  In all humility *laughs*  I am proud of my researching skills and so far, we are always impressed with the hotels we booked online!  

To make this post short and enjoyable, I'll be sharing some photos!  

As we arrived Narita Airport, everything was in order, immigration process was a breeze and guess what?  We just went for a washroom break and once we went to the conveyor belt for our luggage, I saw our luggage right away and we were off for money exchange in no time!

Thanks to Mr. AMW's reserach skills as well as he got the right and best transportation to arrive Asakusa! We purchased Keisei Skyliner and Metro Pass Package with free 2-days Open Ticket to the Metro for JPY4,880 (approx Php2,400).  It is a great deal and we get to arrive in Ueno from Narita Airport in approximately 41 minutes, walk a bit to the Ginza Line then take a subway ride straight to Asakusa!  (Don't worry, I will tell you guys more about this in the future!)

Taking public transportation is difficult as we do not speak the language, but you know what?  My huge SMILE with the accompanying "Sumimasen" worked a bit as a kind lady helped us on how to use the ticket machine!  :)  I also used the same style in asking directions to the hotel!  

Conclusion: SMILING is definitely a Universal Language --- according to me anyways! :P

Imagine the glee when I saw this...

I've read gazillions of reviews on Dormy Inn Hotel and the reviews were spot on!  The receptionist guy is super friendly and can speak good English!  The checking in process was a breeze and we were offered free snacks!  

Rice crackers and bubble gum! :)

I'm glad my request was granted on the "not too high floor" and our room was on the 4th floor.  (I'm not being pessimistic, but just in case there's earthquake, at least I won't have the TOP FLOOR experience! hehehe) 

The room was indeed TINY, but as I read, most hotel room in Japan are quite small anyways.  There's the usual closet that includes fabric spray (to cleanse and freshen your clothing or shoes).  

A table with television (in Japanese language channels), a free LAN cable internet, a nice comfortable bed.  I love the fact that they have Japanese robe and slippers inside the hotel to use and...would you believe the tiny room even have a humidifier?  YES THEY DO!


The washroom by the way is quite small.  A tiny sink, a bath tub with shower, and of course, who can forget the high-tech toilet?

Yes, the high tech toilet deserves a special photo-op!  *hahaha*  It has seat warmer (which is super helpful during winter!  Trust me, your bottoms will thank you for it!) :P

Right beside the toilet, you'll find a separate washer that looks like a "kitchen".  A hand and face wash is there with simple amenities like hair dryer, toothbrushes and toothpaste plus combs and a shaver!  

One good reason to book this hotel?  FREE Hot Bowl of Noodles anytime between 9:00pm-11:00pm!

Since we arrived the hotel around 10:00pm, we gave the noodles a huge test right there and then!

 When I say: "OH MY GOOD LORD!"  I mean it!  These aren't instant and obviously made of quality!  I can't believe they are free!  I wouldn't mind paying for these!

I finished the Yonaki Soba in no time and tried my best to slurp with sounds to let them know how much I appreciate my meal!  

Reasons why I enjoyed the stay at Dormy Inn Hotel, Asakusa ---

  • Reception guy can speak good English and is very helpful!
  • We can't seem to configure the internet and a guy was on the phone helping Mr. AMW in trouble shooting (in English) at around 12:00mn!
  • Free Yonaki Soba at night, free Japanese or Western meal that comes from the booking, free coffee at the dining area and free use of internet!  (Wifi at the dining area, LAN cable inside the room).  If you do not  have a computer with you, you can use the 2 computers available at the reception area.
  • Would you believe I forgot my mouse and I can't seem to do anything without a mouse?  Mr. AMW tried asking if we can borrow one at the reception area, it was like throwing a stone in Pacific Ocean but guess what?  He came back with one!!!
  • Communal Bath and sauna on the 10th floor free to use!  (12:30-17:00 Women's Hour 17:30-10:00 Men's Hour)
I'm sure I'll add up more as I stay longer!  So far, we're very happy!

I'm signing off for now!
Thanks for reading!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. So glad to know ur trip is going so nice!

  2. woow! Japan!<3 *curious* TOTO ba yung high-tech na watercloset? :p

    1. Totoo!!! Super high tech even on public places! Very clean talaga!

  3. Sweet!! Enjoy your stay Nikki! I'm bookmarking this entry for my future travel plans to Japan.

  4. oooh you're so lucky and you're in japan! totally envy you right now!

    1. Don't worry, wish and wish and you'll get your chance soon! Di ba? Let's stay positive!

  5. what a great teaser! looking forward for your next japan posts :)

  6. love the hotel you stayed in, will have to remember this when I go! can't wait to see the rest of your pics! :D

    1. I love the hotel, it is very cozy, the staffs are super nice and helpful! I am missing them right now would you believe it? :D


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